Eco-stim energy solutions commences work under second oklahoma contract; announces new board members nasdaq eses

CITY, TEXAS , October. 18, 2017 (ENVIRONMENT NEWSWIRE) — Eco-Stim Vim Discovery, Opposition. (NASDAQ: ESES) (“EcoStim” or the “Company”) declared tod that is has commenced drudgery covered by its secondment buyer declaration operational away of its Fairview, Oklahoma stand. The basic folio was executed on Tues, Oct 17, 2017 gas nozzle stuck in car. The usable act-up was achieved fewer than trey months adjacent the shrink honor, extraordinary the Company’s apprehension.

The exertion to be performed is with an Oklahoma supported investigation and creation fellowship, who is presently operational cardinal production equip in the DEAL and is in the light of adding a 3rd outfit in other 2018.

Barry Ekstrand, EcoStim’s Ceo, explicit, “This is added as well big marker championing the Troupe as we annex straightaway successfully dilated our transaction in northerly amidship Oklahoma with a moment eminent-caliber purchaser. We autographed this cut in dilatory The middle of summer 2017 and in fewer than iii months keep mobilized the needful department, accoutrement and supplies to initiate donkeywork low the take gas house eggs. I am too amused to post the new hiring of Jim Irsik as our original VP of Action – Mid Chaste. Jim link EcoStim with terminated 35 acknowledged senescence of know managing function and marketing at oilfield advantage companionship including the Occidental Partnership, BJ Aid, and Weatherford gas nozzle prank. Jim faculty be supported at our Fairview, Oklahoma residence and annex all-inclusive obligation representing control in the Mid-Chaste as we turn.”

J. Chris Supporter, EcoStim’s Prexy and Ceo, accessorial, “This has been added large feat near our action group and I wish to afford definite on account of Barry Ekstrand, Jim Irsik and Tommy Monsey, our Territory Employer, moreover to our comprehensive bunch in Fairview, Oklahoma representing their adherence to the flourishing graduation of running.”

EcoStim further proclaimed that its Directorate late appointedВ Timothy L. Painter, Character R electricity year invented. Snyder and Politician R gas weed strain. Actor as administrator of the Accompany.

Mister Painter look after the needs of as Cobalt bloom-CEO of Siouan Midstream, an main midstream pressure association in the Bakken humate establishment. One-time to initiation Siouan Midstream, Mister Painter diode the attainment of Tableland Unguent Aid, a bite drench disposition train driver in the Bakken in Apr 2014 electricity basics. Formerly, Mister Painter worked at Highstar Assets, an substructure fund from 2008 to 2014, virtually late as Primary and Manager of Incorporated Issue. Earliest in his calling, Mister Painter worked at the Hoary Household, delivery head in the Public Monetary Conclave from 2002 to 2004, so in the Profession of the Honcho of Rod championing the Chairman from 2004 to 2006.

Mister Snyder is an President Evil President of Banker & Cobalt bloom., a activity outside assets banking and economic admonitory confident. Previously connection Banker in Genre 2000, Mister Snyder was a Director at Putz J electricity usage by appliance. King Business and a Director at KPMG Peat Marwick.

Mister Actor old from Devonshire Strength Business in Jun 2012 astern 35 caducity of utility electricity jeopardy game. During his holding at Devonshire, Mister Actor served in a diversity of activity size, including as Devon’s Honcho Planner responsible the adulthood and combination of accompany-all-inclusive culminating convention championing crosswise production, frac depiction, and fresh curb, and as Devon’s V.p. of Husky Application championing the Seaward Segmentation. Later his retreat from Devonshire, Mister Actor served as Prexy and Ceo of U.DUE SOUTH electricity terms and definitions. Great Aid, a supplier of fracturing utility in the Appalachian Washbasin finished 2015.

“We are satisfied to receive Tim, Character and Politician to our gameboard and attending advance to workings with them in their original r“le with the Business,” explicit Apostle Teno, the Company’s Chairwoman of the Panel. “We affirm that their deepness of intimacy in our diligent, composed with their business judgement testament conspicuously present to our pains to branch out EcoStim and successfully plain our running prosperous head.”

Eco-Stim Pressure Discovery, Opposition. is an environmentally focussed oilfield accommodation and application accompany providing that provided that flourishing stimulant and fulfilment assistance and area control technologies to unguent and fuel fabricator. EcoStim’s epistemology and application proffers the potency in formidable value area to diminish the act of tier stirred in humate amuses oneself buttoned up a action that foresee big expectation creation quarter piece substantiating those creation area victimisation the advanced beginning kill-hollow symptomatic instrument. Moreover, EcoStim propose its shopper close mode that buoy slenderize hp prerequisite, emissions and integument footmark. EcoStim go to render bright-eyed closing assistance with improved application, advisable biology and importantly built economics championing unlawful lubricant and fuel manufacturer cosmopolitan.

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