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Thanks to Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC .. bkash (largest cashless bank) 1 .. and largest partnership NGO In the world: Bangladesh celebrates one of girls and sustainability world’s top 3 job creators – and so the benchmark s Asian and (fintech worldwide) model of economics designed to include the lives of the world’s 40% poorest (versus non-sustainable macroeconomics of globalization designed around the media etc of the 10 richest) …. #BR0 China, #BR2 S Asia, #BR1 Mynamar & Asean, #BR11 Arctic Circle, #BR9 Africa # BR8 med sea nations #BR7 Mid East # BR5 w.europe # BR10 LatinAM #BR6 N America #BR3 Russia #BR4 E.Europe BR12 =BRUN SIR FAZLE ABED BA University Glasgow Naval Architect; 2014 – Honorary Doctor of Laws, Princeton University, US .. 2012 – Doctor of Laws honori causa, University of Manchester, UK … 2010– Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, University of Bath, UK …2009 – Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University of Oxford, UK …2009 – Honorary Doctorate in Humane letters, Rikkyo University, Japan…2008 – Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Columbia University, US…2007 – Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Yale University, US…2003 – Honorary Doctorate of Education, University of Manchester, UK…1994 – Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Queen’s University, Canada other partnerships – with berkeley us’s first research of bangladeshi-american diaspora ….

Oral Rehydration ( Health) Crafts theatre university Best news we free scots have ever heard -48 hours just changed world April 2018 is sir fazle abed’s 82nd birthday and 1000 days to 2021 – the year china ends poverty, the last decade the UN values human sustainability as possible and how can your will peoples you trust celebrate 2021? China.Japan. Korea. electricity in water Asean. India. Arctic. Africa. America.. 1 2 3 4 5 If you can celebrate millennials linking together these 5 Bangladesh-born alumni networks, anything can be possible including economists celebrating how to end poverty,, here are some alumni testimonies brac2.ppt of BRAC @ Bangla – to add rsvp

Atlanta Nov 2015 will be our 8th year of linking volunteers around this search for Muhammad Yunus- will we make it ? Dunno – we could sure do with some help from educators who want their students to action yunus type dreams and be in the middle of serving post 2015 millennium goals washington DC 240 316 8157 – you can help us search for millennials job impact networks by hemisphere – eg here’s our asia pacific progress – where over half of all millennials live

Abed founded brac as ngo in 1972-went to live and learn from one rural region for about 7 years- initally he was continuing disaster relief he’s first delivered when caught up in 1970 cyclone that killed half a million people in one area; from his graduation as ship building engineer, qualifications in chartered accountancy that had made him shell’s national ceo in the counytry- sir fazle could bring global connections- brac started as workd’s first bottom-uo disaster relief agency-.unlike global agencies which served relief but didnt continue to build development capacity brac offered grassroots network never seen before- the start of bangaldesh as an "aid lab"

A…health oral rehydaration was first solution sir fazle could get guve diurectky funding (unicef james grant) on masive 200000 village scale- brac deisgned parallel parahealth micriofranchise- vilage woen could be trained to deliver 10 basic solutions of infat and maternal health and in each village generate positive income- brac microfinace was designed as system financing this and other parallel solutions- initially ones that chabged value chain orf rice and vegetable production so that women villagers brought food security to each vilage

M…jack’s first trip to usa (seattle 1994) happened because his english skills were now recognised as best in hangzhou and a chinese client wanted jack to negotiate for him in Seattle- there javk saw the ww fir the first time- a life chnaging moment- from then on jack’s number 1 question how can the www be brought to china to create livelihoods

A…BRAC did not rush to join mobile vilage experiemnts- instead it focus on extablish leadership of national markets of bamkoing and agriculture notable dairy and poultry- whilst already expereinced in vilagers markets, the sofread of tech in the vilages was seen as time to own nationwide market eladership- brac also started a university, and made its first plans to go interenational- it would selectively target one tech partner who already had matching interests in particular develoo=ping nations

Y..from 196-2003 yunus was fusrt to test mobhile with partenrs of quaditrs frokm mit the tech guys, telenor the infrastructiure, soros a major funder- grameen would be recognied as one third owner of the national company grammen phone- timing was all important- the partreship got the first mobilemlicence at ecnts in dollar to future licensees- Bangaldesh had an underdeveloped fixed telcome sector so it was assumed mobiles were a small market- instead grameen pgone became bangaldesh’s largest corporation and yunus specialised in his microlan project of one mobile phone lady per 60 grameen women.. gramen also started devloping volage micrsolar which had leaofrog synergy in recarging mobiles.

classroom education is making half of all youth unemployable – why have we lost LQ? In girl-centric economies -let alone DAMO – LoveQ (the Q of Love) compounds far more value and cultural trust-flows across generations than EQ let alone the IQ Empires raved over. Case Study British Empire’s Lost Half Millennium of dignity of girls and boys

In 1972 Sir Fazle first showed Muslim girls how to apply Franciscan POP Preferenetial-Option-Poorest ie tech and grassroot networking preferentially to extreme poorest born into least sustainable communities). circle k gas station locations Back in St Francis day the med sea had no refugees; all the golden rule religions hubbed out of med sea’s eastern end which was also the west Eurasia’s starting line for the greatest win-win overland trading Road "The Silk Road"). Just as the west end of this huge human relay between win-win trading places was full of spiritual joy, Marco Polo is pretty joyful about its East end : Jack Ma’s home town of Hangzhou, and home of the first G20 of the sustainabilitygoals era. Why wouldn’t ever continent celebrate Belt Road Imagineering ( 1 2 3) in all of its 21st C schools

Thank you Madame Director General and thank you for inviting me to this Conference. In an interview in 2009 in BBC Hard Talk I said that the purpose of … electricity kwh cost uk Hangzhou UNESCO 2013 = Conference theme: “that culture is the key to sustainable development”. I said that in the context of Afghanistan’s exclusion of girls from education, and I said that because I felt that one had to do something which is culturally appropriate in order to educate girls in Afghanistan. Now over these years I’ve set up 4.000 girls’ schools in Afghanistan, trained hundreds, in fact thousands of female teachers, engaged older women as chaperon to take girls from their homes to school and bring them back to their homes after class. As a result of which now 280 000 girls are being educated in Afghanistan. What is happening is that they are getting an opportunity to learn, they are being taught well. Hopefully this particular generation of girls will be well educated, and the next generation of children will not face the kind of exclusions this generation faced. And I hope that the Afghan women`s life and livelihood will probably change in the next generation and we hope that automatically the exclusion that girls face now in Afghanistan will not be faced by the next generation.

The good news from the east’s most remarkable developments in the quarter following the end of world war 2 was that the developements were organic, designed by the peoples of those economies. Oddly the bretton wood’s institutions – world bank, un, IMF did not learn this lesson. gas in oil briggs and stratton engine Instead they made up teories on how to pass aid from their world headquarters through governments. What’s miraculous is how Bangladesh and China avoided getting trapped in top-down aid systems, and took innovation of developing nations to arguably the two greatest examples ever seen.

Bnagladesh is particularly remarkable because a couple of the country’s most qualified people were prepared to go and live and lern in the middle of the most desparte poverty chalenges. grade 6 electricity project ideas Sir Fazle did tis in 1972 not just in the middle of poor vilages but in an area where million people had been killeed and infsratructure destroyed by an intense local cyclone. He started bootom-up disater relief and development – finding out who in the community knew how to reapir what, getting them fnds not just to do their jobs but peer to peer train up local capacity. BRAc continued to buold from the bottom up jigsaw pieces of 1 resilience 2 educatoion 3 helath service 4 food security 5 financing the smallest village enterprise roudn startups by vilage mothers. It desigend microfranchises open sourced amongst voilage motehrs so they maximised efficiency and efectveness and had a market that brac had designed. In other word brac chnaged charity to positive income geberating models that could be replicated across villages. In paralel, where serving children or others that could not be expoecetd to generate their own income, it guaranteed "conditional cash transfer" ie dontaions would be assigned directly to recipents and for a known activity. u gas station Nit living with the pooerst they could knw who was who. Indeed whilst well emaing their distribution of aid often failed to transfer skills to te community and even distoreted the market making people endlesly dependent on charity. All this happened in par due to serendipity; te new nation of bangaldesh started up so poor that the government taxation bariely raised funds to serve those in the cities. It had no reach to the vilagers without electricity or communications- and for at least the first 15 years of bangaldesh’s development was happy to leave vikage development to the bottom up ngos (brac ) one rural bank created by special national ordinance grameen in 1983.

China also developed agrarian keynsianism and cultural revolution in public service but in ways that are unqiue to that country. However everything that China uniquely knows about development today is worth every developing nation benchmarking as digital revolutions to linking in youth networks to be the sustainability generation have so much in common as transforntive innovations than