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It is good the state isn’t broke, but it will be if state officials continue writing economic growth into the budget when the economy is stagnant. Gas bloating pregnancy That projected growth was an assumption upon which Gov. C gastronomie limonest Andrew Cuomo based a budget with increased spending. Gas 99 cents If those tax collection goals can’t be met, then spending must be cut in next year’s budget.

New York has had a tortuous history getting its medical marijuana program running, but now that enlightened effort has been further complicated by a neighboring state legalizing pot altogether.

Two years ago, the state passed medical marijuana legislation, but, in a shortsighted manner, it put more regulatory restrictions on the process and the drug’s use than virtually any other state.

Predictably, those hindrances have become an apparent in the implementation of the law. Gas x strips ingredients For instance, only marijuana extracts such as liquid and oil for vaporization and capsules can be made and distributed; neither smoking nor eating it in its raw form is legal in New York. 66 gas station And the state took the unusual route of requiring physicians to complete an educational $250 online course before they can authorize medical marijuana for patients – something not typically applied to other new drugs or other states. Gas leak As is, there are only five medical marijuana companies with 20 dispensaries in New York state.

State health officials now say they want to double both these numbers. Youtube electricity They also intend to increase access by allowing nurse practitioners to administer the drug for certified patients – which would help those living in rural areas – and through home delivery, where the registered companies can offer medical marijuana to patients after undergoing a department review.

Frankly, these policies should have been instituted from the inception. Gas vs diesel generator While New York has lumbered along, attitudes toward marijuana have changed across the country and, this election, they hit close to home. Wd gaster battle Voters in Massachusetts voted to legalize recreation marijuana, and this surely will have an impact on New York, a bordering state. Gasbuddy touch Possession of some pot in Massachusetts will start being legal on Dec. Gas 1940 15, and marijuana shops will begin opening in 2018.

Gov. National gas average 2007 Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have said they have no interest in trying to move legalization efforts forward in New York. Electricity videos for students Perhaps that is the case for now, but, following this year’s election results, seven states – as well as the District of Columbia – now have approved such legislation.

New York can take that fight up another day. Gas 87 89 93 For now, state officials have to iron out the obvious deficiencies with the medical-marijuana program and expand it quickly to bring relief to those needlessly in pain.

The Oneonta Daily Star on the need to respect that Republican Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States but make sure abhorrent policies are challenged.

Are they just a bunch of mostly young, spoiled liberals – some of whom probably didn’t even bother to vote – throwing fits after a fair-and-square plebiscite because they didn’t get their way? Sort of like a child who throws his lollipop onto the carpet, then bawls because he can’t have it anymore?

Or are they for the most part principled youths who want to send a message to the new president that many of the things he espoused during the campaign – including singling out minorities, immigrants and weakening freedom of the press – would not happen without resistance?

In more than 25 cities, young people, many of whom were “Bernie or Bust” devotees of Vermont Sen. Gas prices Bernie Sanders and did not vote for Hillary Clinton, woke up last Wednesday to the realization that their health care is in jeopardy because Trump and a Republican-led Congress have vowed to repeal Obamacare. Mp electricity bill payment online bhopal But there are other issues, too.

Trump was elected “fair and square,” Torres said. Npower electricity bill But “we wanted to express some of our concerns” about Trump’s statements about minorities and others. Gsa 2016 new orleans We hope this protest is heard by anyone who would take such actions.”

Demonstrations elsewhere have not been so peaceful. Electricity outage chicago In the liberal bastion of Portland, Oregon, for example, things got ugly. Bp gas station On Saturday, 71 people were arrested, someone was wounded in a shooting, and property was destroyed.

“It was ridiculous,” a former Oneonta resident now living in Portland told The Daily Star outside a business with a boarded-up broken storefront window. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade “Everything was peaceful, but there was a group of anarchists who don’t care about any issues who did all the rioting. Electrical supply company near me They were just looking for an excuse to make trouble. E payment electricity bill maharashtra Everybody else was peaceful.”

You will find no newspaper during the campaign more ardent than this one in its condemnation of Donald Trump’s hurtful statements and his utter unpreparedness to be the leader of the free world, but we disagree strongly with that comment by the Atlanta group.

But it is also important to remember that the protesters have every First Amendment right to express their views. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key The Atlanta group’s issues are legitimate.

“No to rape culture,” its posting said. Gas pump heaven “No to a president that not so subtly romanticizes white supremacy and mourns its loss though we all know it has been alive and well. Q gas station No to leaders who propagate the destruction of our environment.”

It does not hurt to make sure the new administration knows that abhorrent policies will not go unchallenged, if not in Congress, then in the streets.

Just ask the residents and businesses of Cushing, Oklahoma, where dozens of buildings were damaged this past Sunday by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. F gas regulations 2015 It’s the latest quake in a state that’s been dubbed the earthquake capital of America.

Oh, the oil and gas industry will say these earthquakes weren’t caused by high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing; that the wells from which oil and gas are extracted haven’t been connected to the increasing seismic activity in states like Oklahoma. Gas house pike frederick md The responsibility for all those tremblors, we will hear, instead lies with deep wells into which the tens of millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals used in fracking are injected.

That’s sort of like saying that there’s no link between nuclear energy and the problem of where to store nuclear waste. Electricity nightcore lyrics Or that the smell wafting from a farm has nothing to do with cows, only what they leave behind.

Why are we writing about this now? Because following Tuesday’s election, federal energy policy looks likely to take a 180-degree turn backward, dramatically changing America from a nation increasingly using clean, renewable energy to one determined to burn all the oil, gas, and coal it can.

President-elect Donald Trump wants to, in his words, “Unleash America’s $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves.” He calls for opening federal government lands to more oil, gas and coal leasing.

That means more of the problems associated with fossil fuels – more fracking waste fluids to dispose of, more greenhouse gasses, more air pollution. Gas tax in new jersey There is, we should note, no such thing at this time as commercial scale “clean coal,” no matter how often politicians use the term.

There is not a word about clean, renewable energy in Mr. Electricity quiz ks3 Trump’s entire energy policy, and it received only passing mention in his speeches. Gas prices going up or down Perhaps worse, Mr. Electricity and magnetism notes Trump has mused that global warming is a hoax, perpetrated by China to disadvantage U.S. Gaz 67 dakar businesses.

This cavalier denial of science – and such evidence as disappearing shorelines and flooding in U.S. Gas and water communities as sea levels rise – is astonishing in a person about to assume the presidency. Electricity worksheets grade 6 Increasingly, the control of Congress is in the hands of politicians who believe the same – or at least are willing to legislate as if they believe it, for the sake of appeasing their constituents or campaign donors, regardless of the facts.

It’s getting harder all the time, though, to deny the facts, especially when those facts are leaving roads and front yards underwater, and facades falling off buildings on Main Street, in some of the reddest of red states.

One post-election question is whether Democrats plan to treat defeat as an education in the limits of personal destruction as a political tool, and the early evidence isn’t promising. Gas mask ark Witness the Chernobyl over Steve Bannon, who will be President-elect Trump’s “chief strategist” as liberals assail him as a white supremacist and anti-Semite.

Mr. Gas monkey monster truck body Bannon is the former chairman of the incendiary Breitbart News website, as well as a Goldman Sachs alum, Navy veteran and early investor in “Seinfeld.” He kept a low profile at Donald Trump’s elbow for the final campaign stretch, but according to Sen. Electricity lessons grade 6 Elizabeth Warren at the Journal’s CEO Council on Tuesday, “This is a man who says, by his very presence, that this is a White House that will embrace bigotry.”

We’ve never met Mr. Impact of electricity in the 1920s Bannon, and we don’t presume to know his character, but maybe one lesson of 2016 is that deciding that Americans who disagree with you are bigots is a losing strategy. Gasket t 1995 Politics would be healthier if accusations of racism in the country that twice elected the first black President were reserved for more serious use.

We can comment more confidently on Breitbart, whose political priorities and journalistic ethics aren’t ours. Electricity synonyms Before Mr. Gastronomia y cia Trump’s rise, the site was a hub for 120-decibel screeds against President Obama plus assaults on “the Republican establishment” over immigration, trade and “globalism.” (These columns were a frequent target.) Breitbart became Mr. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade Trump’s de facto media arm, like much of the mainstream media was Hillary Clinton’s.

“I’m a Leninist,” Mr. Electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics Bannon told a profiler for the Daily Beast in 2014. Gas 66 “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. Gas leak chicago I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

He also called Breitbart “the platform for the alt-right” in July, referring to the online movement that sometimes trafficks in racism and anti-Semitism. Arkla gas pay bill Breitbart continues to prosecute an especially ugly campaign against the Chobani yogurt company and founder Hamdi Ulukaya for employing Iraqi and Afghan refugees who have qualified to live in the U.S.

Then again, a yellow press is not a new phenomenon and the obligation of the mainstream media is to maintain credibility so readers don’t turn to other options. 6 gases That so many reporters and editors treated Trump voters like Martian invaders hasn’t helped. Electricity in the 1920s But the key point is that Mr. Electricity physics definition Trump’s political opponents have an interest in exaggerating the alt-right’s influence – which is marginal at best – for the purposes of guilt-by-association. Gas after eating Breitbart publishes offensive items, but we doubt the site will inform the State of the Union address. Electricity wikipedia simple english Internet trolls yearn for their targets to respond so they seem influential, but the best response is usually not to take the bait.

The recent media habit of searching out neo-Nazis, Confederacy nostalgists and other undesirables to opine about Mr. Electricity invented timeline Trump is also a mistake. P gasket 300tdi These voices have long been relegated to the fringes of politics and there’s no reason to give them a soapbox now. Gas jet Nobody credible was poring over the Daily Stormer until the left found it politically useful.

Mr. Electricity notes physics Trump’s obligation is to avoid lending the prestige of the White House to this political underbelly. Hp gas online login About the worst thing for U.S. Grade 6 electricity democracy would be the legitimization of a white-identity grievance politics, mirroring how the left has polarized racial and sexual tensions to motivate voters. Electricity word search pdf The President must represent all Americans, as Mr. Electricity generation Trump has promised to do.

The political tendency Mr. Gas in oil lawn mower Bannon represents – and some of the unsavory customers he isn’t responsible for – deserves a watchful eye. Ortega y gasset obras completas Indulging these forces would doom the Trump Presidency, as we hope incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus understands.

As chief White House strategist, Mr. Static electricity in water Bannon will have to decide how he relates to Breitbart from the West Wing. Electricity and circuits class 6 cbse Will Mr. Mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur Bannon now direct the site from afar in a command and enforcement role, like the Kremlin’s RT, and attempt to sow more division within the GOP? Like it or not, Mr. Gas 47 cents Bannon will need the establishment in Congress to pass Mr. Electricity and circuits physics Trump’s agenda, persuade the public and govern successfully. Gas vs electric water heater savings Things didn’t turn out so well for Lenin.

The abiding truth is that partisan propaganda is not a reliable guide to reality, on the right or left. Gas vs electric oven efficiency Democrats are now reeling in part because the New York Times, Think Progress, MSNBC, Vox and all the rest told them Mr. Gas in dogs symptoms Trump could never win. Electricity bill saudi electricity company Republicans don’t need a right-wing version.