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It’s a shame that some ppl critices the introduction of biometric card for edo indigenes and resident by Adams oshiomhole , well it’s not their fault cuz since they born, they have never been identified as a citizen of their state or country. Electronic I’d card can help the growth of a state or a country in many ways electricity flow direction. Firstly, it’s going to eradicate ghost workers from other neighbouring states, and job will be available for edo people who are in the database. Secondly, with smart I’d card, police can randomly check crime in the state without having to torture a suspect electricity generation in usa to confess, all they will do is take a finger print and forensic evidence to combat crime. Thirdly, planing for edo masses will be very easy to achieve infrastructurally, basic amenities and the rural communities will have sense of belonging with the government of the state. Investors are known to do businesses in a state or country were the citizens are identified electronically . Welfare assistance from the government to the less privilege will be dealth with by this I’d card project electricity transmission vs distribution. Transactions between edo ppl and outside world will be made easy electronically. The time our king omon oba put a curse on kidnappersand criminals in the state, many ppl cry foul and said all sort of derogatory words and flimsy comments and asked that we should sort this menace with 21st century weapon which is technology. But now that biometric identity has come to stay with the traditional curse that was placed on criminals, edo state is heading to a crime free society. Any haters or criminals that is uncomfortable with this revolution in edo state, better relocate or if you are caught without gas in michigan your I’d , u will be deported back to your state or rot in jail. Comrade governor I thank u for this project cuz I know how the international community has been treating us because we are not properly identified. Instead we result in engaging in all kinds of oluwole paper to travel abroad and some are lucky to beat the immigration sysem and some are deported back to Nigeria. Those that succeeded will be looking for a way to marry a citizen of that country in order to be identified gas buddy. Those shouting for power light electricity, should just wait and see cuz I believe oshiomhole will wait for Jonathan to fix electricity, but if Jonathan is too slow to act, then oshiomhole will then come out with edo state power project (ESpp) and the next thing we need is international airport, state police, edo state immigration, etc Efe, hong kong Re: Edo State Kicks Off State Id Project; Oshiomhole Registers and Receives ID Card by snowdrops( m): 11:45am On Jul 01, 2010

I am not on the pay roll of edo state government, and you shouldn’t be on adams payroll before you can support what is good. If i may ask, have you gas 89 ever travelled outside nigeria before, if yes, then you already know what i’m talking about but if no, try to visit other countries and see for yourself, The reason why Nigeria is failing in all aspect is because of lack of biometric identity card system that can gas engine tom help to check crime, fraud and plan for the masses. Have you seen a nomadic farmer who does not know the number of cattles in his cattle farm? and yet they will tell you the population of nigeria is 150 million after scamming all citizens with national population census, going from one house to the other to count people instead of relying on the nigeria immigration service to look z gas tecate telefono into their database and tell us how many people we have in nigeria through biometric identity card. It is the responsibility of immigration (government) in any country to know how many people that are citizens and resident in a country in order to fish out any alien that has entered the country legally or illegally. Re: Edo State Kicks Off State Id Project; Oshiomhole Registers and Receives ID Card by edoboi: 2:08pm On Jul 01, 2010

I see it helping to solve crime in the future when the police is able to search database of fingerprint. The card will have the fingerprint of the holder I don’t know if it also has the DNA profile. However if a state has the fingerprint of all its citizens, that is a crucial tool to fight crime grade 6 electricity if the police is up to the task. This database should be the foundation of state police. Instead of carrying weapons and trying to do exactly what the federal police is doing, states should focus on the intelligence aspect of policing. And the foundation of this is to have a database of the people.

Federal government ID card and state ID are not mutually exclusive. There are information not in the federal government ID that will be crucial for physical science electricity review worksheet states. The state ID is more important because the state is more important to the citizens than the federal government. Everyone reside in the state level electricity outage. If your state is not performing, the activities of the federal government will not help you. Nigerians have not benefited anything from the federal government in the last ten years considering the lion share of revenue it takes each year. We should stop depending on the federal government to provide a solution. The solution lies with the state and its activities directly influence gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups the lives of the people. Nigeria will flourish when its component parts are strong and not when its center is strong. We need state ID, state police, state empowerment and more funding for the states. Re: Edo State Kicks Off State Id Project; Oshiomhole Registers and Receives ID Card by kobikwelu( m): 10:13pm On Jul 01, 2010

I think the issue of ID card for Edo state is a good thing, do you know how many ghost workers we have in Edo state spread out through all the local government, with Biometric ID card and finger print analysis large scale fraud dynamic electricity examples will be checked in most of this ministry in the state, and the issue of ghost workers will also be eradicated from the system,it could also be used to tackle crime and repeated offenders in the system, if Abuja had such an ID card system 20 years ago James Ibori would have been in jail now for those avestors and roofing sheet he stole in abuja.

The Edo state tax revenue board presently generate about 3 Billion naira gas dryer vs electric dryer safety monthly,it used to generate just N200,000,000 monthly and with the much needed funds from the cash saved from this ghost workers the state can now fix roads, health care, crime, education and purchase more transformer for PHCN to be able to do their duties in the state effectively. Re: Edo State Kicks Off State Id Project; Oshiomhole Registers and Receives ID Card by Eziachi: 1:48am On Jul 02, 2010