Educate yourself on politicians’ corporate ties before heading into the voting booth opinion la gasolina reggaeton explosion


ALEC is the acronym for American Legislative Exchange Council. It all started back in 1973 by two conservative activists and a Republican state representative. The whole premise of starting such an entity was to open the doors to present conservative economic policies to state and local levels of government. These policies affected all areas, such as education, health care and environmental issues to name a few.

ALEC has impacted education by taking public funding out of education and transferring it to for-profit education entities. It has taken power away from teachers such as their ability to negotiate class sizes. It has allowed for bigger tax breaks to its corporation memberships and to those entities who gain tax breaks to those who pay private school tuition. Check out the Virtual Public School Act, Parent Trigger Act and No Child Left Behind Act. It’s also supported the Common Sense in Medicating Students Act. Look these up and you will understand their negative impact on public education.

ALEC has affected our judicial systems including prisons by passing into law “true crime,” which automatically mandates offenders serve their minimum sentence instead of the previous law which allowed for early release for good behavior. The secret behind this law is that many corporations are behind it, including the Corrections Corporation of America. CCA is the administration that oversees the largest entity that owns private for-profit prisons and detention centers. You guessed it, that group is an ALEC member.

The more prisoners, the more the profit. It also hires companies to build new prisons. The more prisoners, the more their profit. CCA also has been linked with the incarceration of illegal immigrants. Since 1983, our prison population has risen 500 percent. Are our streets any safer? Ask a police officer.

Who makes up ALEC? Mostly Republican state representatives. As far as corporations? Pharma companies, tobacco companies, telecommunication giants, gas and insurance companies. State chair persons (over 50) are all Republicans. Ford Motor Co. withdrew its membership in 2016, as did 108 corporations and 19 non-profits, who have left ALEC since 2011, including Google, Microsoft, Shell, BP, American Electric Power, General Electric and eBay.

Politicians today are bought in the name of greed. They, for the most part, I am sure went into the public office field with good intentions, but sooner or later they sold out. That is why we have this huge economic mess in our hands, folks.

The truth behind that “act of kindness” is that for every dollar they give out, they will be making it back ten-fold through tax breaks they will receive. All the while, inflation will take care of that one-time bonus in no time. But, the little people will be happy with their one-time bonuses.

Have we gone completely dense? Are we so desperate to fix what ails our economy that we believe in anything a man with a corrupt way of fattening his own pockets says? Please read and educate yourself with entities such as ALEC. Corporate greed and political sellouts is what killed our economy.

Someone who is supportive of ALEC is not the one to make America great again. Trump’s administration has welcomed ALEC in the White House with open arms. As it stands, seven of the 15 nominated cabinet members are ALEC members. The billionaires in his administrations got their riches off the sweat of the little people with no mercy or regret.

By the way, I’m not a Hillary supporter. I did not vote for her. There was no one worth voting for in my opinion, but when I did vote, it was for neither of the nominated. I just want us to take our power back by educating ourselves before we vote and support those corporations and politicians whose hands are dirty from taking down the American dream.