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A week-long training programme to all the Electrical Electronics Engineering students was organized from July 10th to July 16th under the banner of IEEE Industry Applications Society Student Branch Chapter College what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system of Engineering Chengannur, offering both technical and managerial session for the overall development of the students. The main objective of the ISQIP:

The week-long workshops covered the sessions – Electrical CAD machines drawing on the 1st and 2nd days, Fundamentals of Electrical garage on 3rd 4th days and Installation Design of solar system on the 5th day. Finally providing a practical exposure of learning the working of the Solar system at Cochin International Airport, Ernakulam.

On July 10th, 2018 IEEE Power and Energy power outage houston zip code Society Industry Applications Society College of Engineering Chengannur conducted the 1st-day workshop on Electrical CAD. The workshop was conducted Sadique Ali P, Civil Engineer at Dream Arch and his team. Started with a keynote on ‘Introduction to CAD list of electricity usage by appliances and Machines drawing’ and then presented simple applications of CAD in the afternoon session. Around 40 students attended the workshop. In the second day, the students got familiar with the CAD, its functioning, different aspects of machines drawing and informative projects were shown to the participants. In the last part of the session more electricity generation by source by state applications were explained and shown to the participants .

Electromine – a two-day practical workshop on the electrical garage was conducted by the expertise, Sir Benny Mathew, who took the students on a journey to their overall development. He started off the workshop by giving a brief introduction regarding the basics of electrical. The workshop covered both theoretical and practical aspects and the huge number of questions from the student community showed their keen interest. At the end of the two-day workshop, a demonstration on using electricity outage houston tx a fire extinguisher was manifested to upgrade the skills of students. All in all the workshop went off very well and was appreciated by one and all.

Solar Fabrication session was given on the last day of EE_ISQIP by Er. Mohammad Rabeeh. The class emphasized on the need for changing to renewable energy resources and the ill effects if we continued our energy production through fossil fuels. The class started with an introduction about renewable energy sources electricity usage by state and the ways to harness them. Solar Energy was the main topic of discussion and talks were conducted on the solar energy, its applications, ways to harness them, designing and construction of Solar Power plants for various projects, both residential and commercial. The class on Solar Energy was divided into different section ranging from introduction to design and gas news australia implementation for optimum yield and minimum cost and also about ways to make revenue by connecting it to the ‘GRID’.The class was very interactive and we had the opportunity to see, feel and know some major parts used in Solar plant assembly and the overall success of the class was further ensured on the Industrial Visit conducted at CIAL, Cochin wherein we saw the rest of the components in the field and immediately recognized them. The class ended with the delegates successfully designing various p gaskell Solar projects based on given conditions and constraints.