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The results of the election last Saturday sparked my interest. gas out game commercial The thing is, that I have previously thought about what leads to the populism that is on the rise in the US and in Europe. gas cap light The recent changes in the leadership of the Liberal Party have been, in part, due to a move on the part of the right of that party to capture some of the ‘populist’ vote by being ‘tough on immigration’ (Melbourne’s streets are clogged because there is too much immigration), ‘tough on crime’ (African Gangs) and ‘tough on the dole bludgers.’ (the ‘lifters and leaners’ slogan or the more current ‘Have a go and you’ll get a go!?)

Instead some socially progressive policies were proposed, which found a place in the hearts of the voters; The safe injecting room in Richmond was seen as a good thing, in general; People liked the removal of the level crossings, and the plan for a ‘ring rail’ in Melbourne which will connect up people across the city, and in public transport, but which will not be finished for a long time; people liked the attempt to do our share in the fight to ameliorate the worst effects of climate change due to our pollution, by the subsidies on solar panels and batteries.

It seems to me that much of the trouble we are in is the result of introducing the profit motive into activities that are not good at being subject to competition. gas definition wikipedia Instead we are gouged by companies that have a monopoly, confused by complicated plans and the long term planning that is needed for infrastructure and dealing with long term issues like climate change. e gaskell These issues look to be better dealt with out of the political cycle and away from the profit motive.

There is some grounds for thinking that the rise of Methodism in the 18 th Century helped to prevent a revolution in England as they had in France. electricity voltage in norway There is some grounds for thinking that a combination of Methodism and roman Catholic Social teaching gave us the regulation of unfettered capitalism which then meant that we could be entrepreneurs and ambitious and so on, but that the poor and weakest among us were not punished for it, and that a persons income was not solely determined by their economic value.

First, the letter of John says ‘Perfect love casts out fear.’ This means to me that if governments want to keep us safe, they should be thinking about the ways in which we can love one another better. This goes for ‘African Gangs’ and for those who commit crime, and for those addicted to drugs. The power of love is the power to keep together, or to bring into communion those who belong together. We all belong together, and it behoves us to exercise the harder kind of love that keeps us together, than the kind of response which simply excludes those who offend us.

But we have changed everything into something that can be exchanged for money. electricity cost by state This does violence to the true nature of those who are not means to something, but ends in themselves. This is why I like the idea of the common good, and long term planning for its sake. I also like the removal of the profit motive from such necessary long term planning.