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The electric bike – also called e-bikes – is becoming a true mass phenomenon! These vehicles are practical, lightweight, easy maintenance and low cost: in short, as said by the New York Times, “Tesla too little, too expensive”! And it is really so, why these bikes from the pedal assistance can make a real difference in the city or in journey to and from work.

In this article then, we will guide you to the discovery of the electric bikes and studying the characteristics and the main functionality will be to put more attention. In the following we will guide you in the purchase of the electric bike that suits your needs and your budget recommending the best e-bike for quality/price ratio!

If we define an electric bicycle in a few words, enough to say that it is a very simple and normal bike but with a battery installed on it that allows the movement without the need to pedal. The battery, rechargeable battery powers an electric motor that turns the wheels, and that can push a e-bike at 25 Km/h (which is the law of the maximum speed).

In reality, the issue is slightly more complicated, and there are so many variations and different features that can often be controlled with an app for the bike. That’s why it is not appropriate to speak of the “best electric bike“, and each of you will have to choose the model most suited to their needs. Below, then, here is some advice on how to choose your bike smart:

By following these three simple tips you can surely make a smart purchase and at your fingertips. But before you see the best electric bikes to buy that we have selected for you, will go down even more in detail and let’s see what are their main characteristics!

The common element of each of the electric bike is just an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. The power-assisted pedalling allows you to turn on the engine to give thrust to the bicycle. The thrust must stop when you stop pedaling or to the achievement of the maximum speed of 25 Km/h, with a maximum power (in Watts) to 250W.

According to the materials and the quality of the electric bike, the weight can be a lot of content and it is generally preferable to choose a bike with a weight of much less than 30Kg. The ideal would be to stay under the 23 Kg for maximum versatility.

Not less important is the choice of the electric motor: it can have different functions, and is usually attached with a small “onboard computer” to indicate speed, fuel range and more. Some bikes are even connected to a smartphone app with features even more advanced features, like the calorie count or the number of miles travelled:

There are generally two types of electric motors: brushed (with brushes) to alternating current, and the more modern – because it is less bulky and more light – brushless direct current. The brushless motors are also preferred for their less maintenance.

Finally, keep in mind that there are electric motors “programmable” that can manage in a personalized way-or-less the acceleration. Some motors have only one speed (the acceleration increases, until its maximum – while pedaling). On the other it is possible to select a speed (as if you had the gears) to control the acceleration.

Typically we recommend a capacity of at least 6-8 Ah, to guarantee an autonomy of about 40 Km and recharge time, fairly quick (an average of 3-4 hours). But also here it is important that you choose according to your needs because obviously, the more battery means more weight and more bulk.

Electric bikes are recognized in the Code of the Road – and therefore regulated – under the name of EPAC (Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle), and regulated by directive 2002/24 EC. Art. 50 of the Code of the Road (amendment to art. 24/1 of the law 3.02.03 no.14):

We deduce that electric bikes are like a normal bicycle and therefore there is no need approval as long as the bike complies with the regulations cited above. However, it is not difficult to find electric motors the most powerful of 250W, and can therefore exceed 25 Km/h: in this case, the motor must be approved as stated in the eu regulation 168/2013 and subsequent amendments.

Soon we’ll show you the bike with assisted pedaling, according to us, best to buy. But first, here are the 10 e-Bikes sold currently on Amazon uk. However, the fact that they are the most sold does not mean they are the best to buy in terms of functionality, reliability, or quality/price ratio.

Anyway, remember that with an Amazon Prime account you can buy most of them with free shipping and fast. We also recommend, before you buy any product, pay particular attention to the description, to the feedback left by previous buyers and the reliability of the seller.

Are electric bikes the most economical that we found and that, at the same time, offer good features and quality. We show both models, because they differ in some details, such as the circumference of the circles, and the presence of the luggage rack (in X1).

If you are looking for autonomy, versatility and convenience, then the choice – for the price and the best quality – is only one and it is called the Book 200. This electric bike pedal assisted, in fact, can provide up to 65 Miles of range thanks to the integrated battery, 10 Ah.

But it does not end here: the frame is small and somewhat light weight (24 Kg), it is also foldable on itself and it also has a convenient rear rack. The rims are 20" and the engine allows for 3 different speeds of pedal-assisted: a great choice!

It is not easy to find, but the QiCYCLE of the popular Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the best electric bikes on the market in terms of build quality, reliability and price/quality ratio! The battery is hidden in the frame and develops approximately 210W of power allowing up to 45 Km range.

Among the main features we see the shift of the three modes, the sensor pair and the TMM (that will deliver the right amount of power), on-board computer and caliper brakes. And then again, Bluetooth 4.0, a maximum speed of 20 Km/h with wheels 16" and a charging time of 3 hours.