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THERE’S an argument that says motorcycles should be an easier target for electrification than cars. They’re not subject to crash testing so they electricity icon can be turned from design to production reality relatively quickly and at a fraction of the expense. They can also be redesigned easily to adapt to fast-changing gas leak los angeles battery technology without the need for going through all that again.

What’s more, bikes are usually used for short journeys, eliminating much of the ‘range anxiety’ associated with battery power, and they’re unencumbered by the luxuries and crash protection of cars, giving a huge advantage in power-to-weight ratio. So a small battery and motor can gas tax oregon easily lug one person from A to B on a bike, where even the tiniest of electric cars still needs a massive power pack to do the same thing.

Where we’re comfortable talking about pistons, camshafts and carburettors we’ll instead need to learn a new language of volts, watts and amps, of currents and capacitors 76 gas card payment. We’ll need to know what makes lithium-ion better than lead-acid and learn a whole new vocabulary of technical terms to make sure those age-old pub conversations about the oily bits of bikes can be seamlessly turned electricity history pdf into equally engrossing chats about sparks. Electricity isn’t like petrol

The easiest way to visualise an electric circuit is to think of it in terms of water flowing through a system. In that analogy, voltage is the water pressure, or rather the pressure difference between two points – for instance the pressure difference between the grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test water tank in your roof and the tap in your bathroom. Connecting an electrical circuit is the equivalent of turning on the tap. What m gasol nba are Amps?

To go back to the hosepipe example, a big hose flowing lots of water over a short period of time, with plenty of pressure, is going to be powerful enough to need a couple of burly firefighters to hold it in place. Meanwhile, your granny can happily water her petunias with a small hose and a slow trickle of low-pressure electricity usage calculator spreadsheet water. Is it Watt-hours or kilowatt hours?

This is actually pretty self-explanatory. A battery storing one watt-hour of power will be able to run an electrical device consuming a single electricity hair stand up watt of power for one hour. That’s a pretty small battery. For bikes, we’ll be talking about kWh. For instance, a Zero DS has a 14.4kWh battery, which means it can produce 1kW of power for 14.4 hours (or 14.4kW for one hour, for gas 4 less that matter). Given than the same bike can sustain a maximum power of 45kW (60hp), it would theoretically be able to empty its battery in 0.32 hours – or around 19 minutes – of flat-out running.

First, only a small percentage of the energy stored in petrol actually reaches the rear wheel. Engines are only around 20% efficient, cutting the 13kWh/kg headline figure to 2.6kWh/kg, and transmissions might sap electricity 101 episode 1 another 30%, dropping it to maybe 1.8kWh/kg efficiency at the wheel. That’s still several times what the best batteries can achieve, but it’s much closer.

Another key to electric vehicle tech is the fact that most of them recharge their own batteries during braking z gas ensenada telefono – reabsorbing some of the power they’ve spent getting you up to speed in the first place. By recouping energy that would otherwise go to waste, electric bikes can increase their range without requiring as much energy stored on-board. What about charging?

There are gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 AC and DC chargers in use, running at a range of different charging speeds. The most common found in the UK are AC fast chargers, but other technologies – particularly rapid DC chargers like Tesla Superchargers or the more gas near me universal CHAdeMO and CCS systems – will replenish a low battery much more quickly. This is an area that desperately needs to be sorted out before electric vehicles can become the dominant form of transport, but given that electricity distribution map most large car firms have plans to move their ranges towards electric power over the next decade, it’s likely to get sorted out before electric motorcycles become the dominant form of two-wheeled travel. Primary Sidebar