Electric-car boosters offer minnesota rebate program

Who wouldn’t dig a car that is dead silent, spews no noxious fumes, is eco-chic and can be fueled simply by plugging it in for the night, like an iPhone?

But a number of factors stop would-be buyers short. Physical science electricity review worksheet Higher sticker prices are one major snag, even though electric cars end up being cheaper to maintain and operate than gasoline-powered vehicles in the long run. Electricity projects ks2 Related Articles

The nonprofit, Drive Electric Minnesota, does not itself sell electric cars but has teamed up with a local Nissan dealer to offer a steep discount on the Leaf electric-car model.

Through the end of March, Drive Electric Minnesota is offering vouchers good for a big Leaf discount at Kline Nissan in Maplewood. Electricity experiments for 4th graders Those who sign up on the nonprofit’s site typically receive the voucher by e-mail within a few days.

The deal applies only to a particular version of the 2016 Leaf, called the SV, but the rebate’s math is is attention-grabbing: The car, with a sticker price of $35,420, drops to $29,107 with the voucher.

When factoring in a federal tax credit available to all electric-vehicle purchasers, the damage on a Leaf is $21,607, or about 40 percent off the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

Jukka Kukkonen, a Drive Electric founding member, said he pays about $315 a month to lease his 2016 Leaf and calculates that under the rebate program, he would pay about $45 less a month.

“The idea is to get a bigger number of people purchasing or leasing new electric vehicles for lower prices,” said Kukkonen, who operates an electric-car consulting firm called PlugInConnect.

Nothing like this has been tried in Minnesota before. Bp gas card login Drive Electric Minnesota, a group dedicated to boosting electric-car use in the state, said it modeled its rebate program on a similar program in Colorado.

That program, Solar Benefits Colorado, available late last year to those in Boulder, Adams and Denver counties, knocked about 15 percent off the cost of solar rooftop systems and about $8,300 off the cost of the Leaf, according to Brad Smith, a Boulder County sustainability specialist.

“We decided to replicate that program,” said Brendan Jordan, a vice president at the Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development in Minneapolis.

The institute operates Drive Electric Minnesota, a coalition of electric utilities, government agencies, auto makers, auto dealers, nonprofits and other electric-car proponents that seek to popularize this mode of transportation.

This is not a always a breeze, said Jordan, particularly at a time when gas prices have come down and average motorists are less obsessed with alternate vehicle technologies.

But “the biggest challenge with electric cars is a high up-front cost,” he said. Electricity wikipedia in hindi “There is a lower lifetime cost, with an equivalent of 50 cents a gallon for fuel, and a lot of savings on maintenance since the cars are much simpler. Gas 93 octane But owners pay more up front.”

To attack this problem head on, Drive Electric Minnesota sought to set up rebate programs with local auto dealers that sell electric cars. Electricity flow direction These include BMW, Ford, General Motors and Nissan dealers. Electricity billy elliot instrumental Only Kline Nissan has been amenable to such an arrangement so far, said Jordan, who is still willing to negotiate with other dealers.

Though a dealer takes a big hit on the sale of a single auto under this sort of arrangement, it hypothetically is able to sell more cars than it usually does, and thereby come out ahead on volume, Jordan said.

Kline Nissan also looks to garner other benefits, such as long-term relationships with its new customers, and referrals to boost revenue even further over the years, said Adam Bazille, a Kline sales staffer focused on the Leaf.

This is an easy sell for one segment of Bazille’s clientele, which consists of car buyers who have done their research and are well-informed about electric-car technology, he said.

But other would-be electric-car buyers are hesitant and brimming with questions, Bazille said. Grade 6 electricity project They want to know, for instance, how much it costs to operate an electric car compared to a gas car.

For typical Leaf users, this works out to about $50 a month if the car logs about 15,000 miles on the odometer in a year, he said. Gas and sand This gets even cheaper by charging at off-peak hours, he added.

With the shoppers thereby reassured, and with the purchasing rebate as an added incentive for such tire kickers, Bazille hopes to score healthy sales. Gas constant for helium He hasn’t seen a stampede so far, though.

A Leaf has a range of about 70 to 80 miles on a single charge in the winter, Bazille said, and about 100 to 110 miles in the summer with the higher-capacity, 30-kilowatt-hour battery pack on the model Kline is offering.

Those buying a Leaf as part of the rebate program get additional perks, Jordan said. 3 gases in the air These include free 30-minute sessions for two years at public “fast charging” stations.

Such chargers juice up electric cars more quickly than conventional charging stations. Gas after eating pasta About a dozen of the fast chargers are sprinkled around the metro, along with about 240 standard charging stations with much-lengthier charging times.

Because a Leaf can get nearly a full charge in 30 minutes at a fast charger, resourceful users could end up driving their Leafs for free during those two years, Bazille speculates.

Most electric-car owners charge their vehicles at home, though, and will typically spring for 240-volt “level two” outlets that work faster than regular 120-volt outlets.

“You’re getting a Leaf for pretty darn cheap,” said Jenson, who recently passed on his Leaf to his daughter and now drives an electric BMW i3.

The Leaf, a five-passenger car, “has a good size and good headroom for those of us who are tall,” Jenson said. Gas equations chemistry “It’s nice and reliable, mainly because it’s electric. Walmart with a gas station near me There’s not much that can go wrong with it.”

In terms of range, the 2016 Leaf beats his old Leaf, which manages only about 85 miles per charge. Electricity trading strategies He said he has friends driving the latest Leaf who regularly manage in excess of 120 miles a charge, a bit higher than the advertised range.

Electric cars make sense–IF you live in a city, in a warm climate, and never go more than 10 miles from home. Q gastrobar dias ferreira For anyone else, they’re a ridiculous option.

Are they cheap to run? Yes. Gas house gorillas But it’s a trade-off. Electricity kwh calculator These things can go, optimally, something like 90 miles on a charge. Electricity trading hubs But a “charge-up” is a bit more complicated than driving ‘er up to pump #5, pressing a button and sticking a nozzle into the appropriate opening. La gas prices 2016 They take about 8 hours for a full charge on home current during which time, if your electric car is your only means of transportation, you’re SOL if you want to go somewhere.

Second, that 90-mile-per-charge figure is optimal. I electricity bill com It represents the best you’re going to get and the conditions must be ideal. Gas block install Figure in things like a strong wind, hills, running the heater (sort of essential in Minnesota), dicey road conditions, etc.–even things we take for granted like wipers, lights, electric windows and other such doodads and that mileage drops drastically, often to less than half of optimal.

Third: you live in Minneapolis and Grandmaw lives in Albert Lea? Better plan on spending the night down south while your wheels charge, if you even are stupid enough to make the trip in the first place. Electricity austin Unless things go exactly right there’s a fighting chance you’re gonna end up stalled on the freeway 5-10 miles short of your goal–and as you can imagine, such a situation is a bit more complicated than running out of gas and calling a tow truck or a cop of enough gas to get you into town.

Hey! If want the neighbors to see you at your green treehugging best, then a Leaf might be for you. Gas national average 2008 But if realistic transportation rather than mere appearance is your goal, you might consider looking at something petroleum-powered.

We have owned a Nissan Leaf for almost four years, and have driven it 44,000 miles. Electricity voltage used in usa Our second car is a gas-powered vehicle that can tow our toys, which solves our small number of long-distance trips, and it has accumulated about 29,000 miles during that same time. Tropico 5 power plant So, the electric car is more effective most of the time. La gasolina in english It is more than simply realistic transportation–electric cars have a lot of advantages over fossil-fuel transportation.

The typical car travels 30 miles per day, and sits idle 95% of the time. Z gastroenterol So, for every minute of travel, there are 19 minutes available for charging. Gas gangrene Yesterday, I traveled to work, plugged in to top off the battery while I worked, drove to the other side of Minneapolis for a Dr. C gastronomie mariage appointment, could have plugged in when I returned to work, but didn’t need to, drove to the drug store after work, drove to the barber, drove to a party, and drove home where I plugged in for the night. Z gas el salvador empleos Total time spent charging: about 45 seconds.

It’s true that every accessory as well as the traction motor is powered by the battery, and that affects range, all that matters is having enough range to make it to my destination and home. Gas finder mn I’ve never been stranded. Gas bubble in chest and back I know what the car can do, and it gives me more precise information than guessing how much gas remains in the tank.

Electric vehicle manufacturers are now moving into the next generation with bigger batteries and two to three times the range. Electricity 2014 As expected, technology and cost are improving rapidly.