Electric daisy carnival introduces “camp edc” l.a. weekly electricity office


Some may wonder about camping in Las Vegas, where temperatures typically soar. "It’s something that’s never been done before in Vegas. Now that we’ve moved the dates to May [from the usual June], it’s actually possible because the temperature is so much nicer," Liu says. "Typically, we’re a bucket-list event. People want to come and do it, and then they’ll cross it off their list. We want to provide more than that, so Pasquale started working on a lot of ideas."

The camping at EDC won’t be a traditional festival popup tent setup. Rather, the domelike tents, called ShiftPod2’s, are already erected. All campers will have AstroTurf floors, a four-port USB strip, interior string lights and their own air conditioning unit. Higher-tier campers will find their ShiftPod2 outfitted with an inflatable mattresses and bedding.

"The most important thing for us was to create a safe and regulated environment," Thomas says. "It’s not your traditional popup tent campground. We’ll have everything set up for you. For the past year, we’ve been setting up these ShiftPods at our various festivals and testing them out. We’ve even had one set up on our balcony for what feels like forever."

A number of activities are planned for the campsite — everything from Rave Booty Boot Camp to Hula Hoop 101. Three large tents will be erected — one for relaxing and hanging out, one for workshops and one for meditation and yoga. Thomas says health and wellness is an important part of the EDC experience.

"You’re dancing all night from dusk to dawn, bouncing around from stage to stage. It was important for us to make health and wellness as big a part of Camp EDC as it is with the actual festival," he says. "We wanted to include a nice selection of transformational wellness events, where people can reset their minds and bodies with some juice and some meditation and oils before they go back out and go to work."

With a show that is largely focused on partying and raging, the campsite and activities can help change the focus, Liu says. "A lot of our headliners [Insomniac-speak for attendees] are younger — 18 to 28 — so there are a lot of young minds that we’re able to start shaping. It’s a privilege to be able to present this to them and have them maybe find things that they’ve never explored, like chakra balancing."

Traditional yoga sessions are planned, veteran DJ Marques Wyatt will do a deep house yoga session called Deep Exhale, and there will even be something called "goat yoga," where goats literally walk on you. "In L.A. it’s all the trend," Liu says.

And Live Band Vinyasa. "Continue your adrenaline kick from the EDC grounds or take a moment and meditate during this vibey set. Drishti Beats, a family of six, brings you vinyasa flow movement paired with live singing, saxophone and percussion."

With their focus on well-being, Insomniac officials say they take seriously any accusations of sexual harassment. A Teen Vogue story detailing sexual assault and harassment allegations at last month’s Coachella Music Festival has prompted an online petition calling on music festivals to take a stand on the issue.

“We have a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and are continuously re-evaluating our policies and procedures to keep our guests safe,” says Maren Steiner, Insomniac’s health and safety director. “Guests behaving outside of those terms will be evicted from the festival and turned over to local authorities if the situation warrants.”