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Motorized powered scooters are the next Big Thing in electric transportation. They are incredibly convenient, portable, and faster than ever. electric scooters are perfect for urban commuters who need to get the “last mile” from the office to the train station or bus stop. They are also great for sight-seeing and travel. And in this climate of high gas prices, it is an inexpensive, eco-friendly alternative.

You may wonder if an e-scooter is best for you. Is the electric scooter a fad or just a toy? Can you ride an e-scooter on the street and take it to work? How does it work? How fast and how far can the e-scooter go? What other smart features are available?

After all, these aren’t toy Razor kick scooters or Fuzion stunt scooters. New battery and motor technology has made adult E-scooters the preferred mode of transportation in many major cities. Places such as Nashville, Atlanta, and San Francisco even offer scooter rental service for tourism, just like bike-sharing. But if you are a commuter it makes more financial sense to purchase your own e-scooter rather than rent from Bird, Spin, Lime, and other dockless scooter sharing services.

The adult e-scooter uses lithium ion batteries. Its powerful, UL-listed electric system power a high performance motor attached to the wheels. The rider simply twists the throttle to accelerate, similar to using a moped or motorcycle. She does not need to kick or pedal, just enjoy the ride.

If you ride a bus or train, you need a folding electric scooter. The battery life will let you glide the last 11 miles from the metro station to your job. When you are at the office, plug your Swagger 5 e-scooter into any wall outlet and charge in as little as 3.5 hours. An e-scooter enhances public transit by getting you from the rail station or bus depot to your final destination. Cities are creating safer, more efficient transportation that reduce our reliance on automobiles, so electric scooters are valuable complements to those efforts. Is an electric scooter portable?

The Swagger 5 e-scooter is a compact, portable travel scooter that is perfect when you’re on the go. Fold it up for easy transport — in your car, van, on the bus, or even an airplane. Receiving great scores in portability, design, and performance, the Swagger 5 e-scooter conveniently folds to a tiny 41.5 x 17 x 19 inch size. The lightweight aluminum frame weighs only 26 lbs, making it easy to store or carry.

An electric scooter is ideal for those who commute within the city. While more and more localities allow them on the street or sidewalk, it’s always best to check with your local Department of Public Safety for the rules in your area. The Swagger 5’s compact size and light weight help you get away from traffic congestion, too. The e-scooter can be ridden on a trail, bicycle path, or bike-way. It features 8.5-inch wheels with air-filled tires, making for a smooth ride over rough surfaces. An LED headlight and brake light keep you visible for riding at night.

Even though it is lightweight and portable, the e-scooter doesn’t compromise on performance. The 250-watt motor zooms up to 18 mph/29km/h. It’s fast and powerful : getting up to speed feels effortless. It is a great e-scooter for racing or sightseeing, perfect for scenic vacations, and ideal for letting you knock out quick errands or trips to the convenience store in no time!

e scooters have a lot of features you may not realize. They aren’t just for kids and thrill seekers. The stand-up e-scooter is a great choice for adults who routinely travel short distances. They are often used in urban areas where you can fold them up and take them on the train, then zoom the last few miles to the office or grocery store. In many areas you can ride them on the street, sidewalk, or bike path, and they are a great in areas where automobile traffic or parking is a hassle.

The powerful lithium batteries make a scooter like the SWAGTRON Swagger 5 zoom at 18 miles per hour with an 11 mile distance until you need to charge. And the latest scooters even have a Bluetooth app that talks to your iPhone or Android device.