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A solicitor near Birmingham called us to ask for our assistance. Gas prices going up or down His client had been billed for almost £30,000 for electricity he thought he had not used. Electricity nyc Over a period of three years, they had disputed it with the electricity supplier, escalated it to a senior manager and then taken the matter to the regulator.

Gas vs electric stove Nobody could find fault with the bills raised by the electricity supplier. Electricity worksheets ks1 The solicitor was not confident about taking the case to court.

The solicitor sent the file to us. Gas apple pay We read the papers and formed an opinion that the supplier was at fault. Electricity dance moms choreography We offered to take on the case on a no win-no fee basis.

K electric jobs 2016 Within a month the supplier had admitted that they had made a number of errors and that the client was not liable to pay the bill for almost £30,000. Electricity meaning They agreed to cancel the bill, issue a new bill and totally change the structure for charging the client. Static electricity images We are now pursuing the supplier for compensation, in addition to the savings on the original electricity bill. Gas jet compressor That will compensate the client for some of the time and expense wasted on the exercise over three years.

When our client, an independent school, installed a new electricity supply in 2003, they entered a five-year agreement to pay capacity charges based on a much higher level of capacity than was required for the supply. 4 gases in the atmosphere The client appointed Business Cost Consultants to carry out an audit of their utilities in 2004. Gas x side effects Business Cost Consultants identified that the client had been given a much larger electricity capacity than they required and was on a tariff that is generally appropriate for heavy electricity consumers.

The client had not been provided with good advice at the time of the installation. Electricity generation by source by country Furthermore, the supply agreement with the electricity company had not been signed by an authorised person. Electricity omd It had been signed by the building contractor. Z gas cd juarez The supply capacity had been set far too high and the client was on an entirely inappropriate tariff.

Gas blower will not start The client was effectively committed to that tariff by the five-year contract. Electricity cost per kwh south africa As a result the client was paying over 3 times as much for electricity as it should have been. Business Cost Consultants managed to obtain acknowledgement from the supplier that both the capacity and the charges were unreasonable for the client’s actual consumption, and agreed to change to a more appropriate tariff. Yoga gas relief pose With some persistent pressure, the supplier agreed to apply this reduced rate retrospectively.

Hp electricity bill payment online This reduced the client’s outstanding bill by 66% – a saving of more than £6,500. Electricity vampires In addition, our analysis identified that a different customer category would be more suitable for this particular client. Gas or electricity more expensive Therefore we reduced their ongoing costs by a further 66%. When Business Cost Consultants was engaged by this client, our analysis highlighted that it had been charged Climate Change Levy (CCL) and VAT at the incorrect rates for some time. On the client’s behalf, Business Cost Consultants discussed the situation with Customs and Excise and then pursued the incumbent electricity company for a rebate. Electricity laws in india The client was compensated for the previous three years, amounting to almost £8,000. Z gas tecate This client is now paying VAT and CCL at a much lower rate and continues to make savings as a result of our analysis.

“Business Cost Consultants provided Scottish Youth Theatre with a swift, professional and cost efficient solution to a long standing problem. Gas stoichiometry Their sense of advocacy, ability to cut through red-tape and determined perseverance were invaluable in dealing with outstanding issues and also putting in place affordable solutions for the future. 100 gas vs 10 ethanol Not only would we recommend them without question, but have already engaged their services to deal with other utility issues.

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