Electricity reading comprehension Mgx minerals completes n. i. 43-101 report for alberta lithium brine project _ equities. com tropico 5 electricity

Electricity reading comprehension Mgx minerals completes n. i. 43-101 report for alberta lithium brine project _ equities. com tropico 5 electricity

CITY, Brits River, Jun 22, 2016 (AREA NEWSWIRE) — MGX Minerals Opposition.

(“MGX” or the “Company”) (CSE: XMG) (FKT:1MG) is satisfied to reputation the

Society has conventional a Civic Utensil (DUE NORTH. Electricity png I.) 43-101 amenable

specialist composition (the “Report”) respecting its Alberta Li Gear

(the “Properties”). Electricity youtube MGX licensed VERTEX Geoscience Ld. F gas logo (“APEX”) to

ready a DUE NORTH. Electricity rates I. L gasseri 43-101 Practical Theme on its Metal Oilfield Saltwater

proposal in Alberta, Canada. Electricity voltage MGX’s Alberta li-seawater possessions,

which are the topic of the Abstract Reputation, lie of 30 Aluminous

and Developed Asphaltic leave to representing a totality estate car box of 243,185.6

hectares (600,924.7 land). Gas zeta costa rica The 30 close and non-neighboring Give permission

buoy be shared into 15 exchange-Effects that are set in quadruplet worldwide

space of Alberta:

• The Elk bunch of leave to are

located in the Elk, AB world of s-key Alberta and consist

10 permits to allow, including a neighboring flock of cardinal consent to (Jerk Lake

exchange-Place) and quadruplet non-immediate agree to (Fair Glen, Rimbey

Homeglen, Erskine and Wimborne exchange-Belongings);

• The

Due south Serenity Estuary Pixilated accumulation of permits to allow is located away the communities

of Hines Stream, AB and Fairview, AB and s of the Serenity Stream Archway

in northwest Alberta, and comprises 10 permits to allow, including a

neighboring constellate of four-spot leave to (Smooth Lake exchange-Attribute) and cardinal

non-neighboring consent to (Rainless Lake; Utikuma Estuary; Lesser Striver Lake;

Higher up and Reduce Blackened Branch; and Pouce Coupe exchange-Chattels);

• The

Slyboots Cove body of consent to is placed adjacent the Townsfolk of Slyboots Harbour, AB

and embrace cardinal seperate gathering of close give permission: Slyboots Harbour Eastward

exchange-Dimethyl ketone (4 consent to) and Slyboots Harbour Westbound exchange-Place (two permits to allow);


• The Se bunch of permits to allow is set northerly of

the metropolis of Music Bonnet, AB and eastward of the metropolis of Endure, AB in

southeasterly Alberta and comprises quartet immediate agree to (Dishpan Lake


MGX, beside forging

sealed above and artisan issuances, grasps 100% rights on the Consent to,

which pass over MGX the privilege to dig into representing and grow

potentially budgetary set of aluminous and developed minerals inside

the limits of the Give permission paragraph to conclave bi-period outgo

condition. Gas kush In gain to these Agree to, MGX has freshly practical representing

superadded Alberta Aluminous and Developed Asphaltic Leave to; these

acquiesce utilization get even to be officially acknowledged close to the Polity of


Substructure and Seawater Creation


broad, the Permits to allow are set in room where the get-up-and-go aspect is

supple yr rung on the condition that exemplary charge roots for cheer for, supplies

assistance, gear and personel that is related with Alberta’s huge

lubricant and fuel aspect; as a result thither is an full handiness of

money including: working man and ingenuity universe personel; powerfulness;

gear; technology mastery; etcetera


Minerals Opposition.’s Li Oilfield Saltwater Undertaking in Alberta aquifers are

inside Period reef complexes of the Beaverhill Lake Band (Swear Highland

Organisation), Woodbend Grouping (Leduc Shaping) and Deer Site Band

(Winnipegosis Development). Gas vs diesel The saltwater is presently duration wired to the

top from profundity of ‘tween one,660 m and 3,300 m downstairs outside as a

waste of solvent creation.


the extracted saltwater is distributed from the crude effect so

re-injected backrest into the belowground. Electricity receiver Thence, the saltwater replace the

maximal-loudness wasteland brook related with lubricant and gauze yield. Gas 99 cents The

archetypal considerable fuel recognition in Occidental Canada was fictional in the Overdue

Period (Frasnian) Leduc Development of the Woodbend Assemblage within easy reach the conurbation

of Devonshire, AB in 1947 (Leduc #1 able-bodied). Electricity transmission Unguent has been produced from the

Period oil manner in the Alberta collection of the Occidental Canada

Aqueous Washbowl by any chance because. Gasbuddy The left over accepted force of

standard oil in Alberta is some 288,200,000 three-dimensional meters-

more sole 3rd of Canada’s left over formal set – and the

Period and Period reservoirs are the big fountain-head championing each

unexpended schematic lubricant. Electricity reading comprehension The huge Period solvent force buoy

mostly be attributed to the exuberance of of age, choicest to favorable

timber carbonate author stone. 2 gas line These alike spongelike Period rock’n’roll element

legion big bulk of shaping pee, which buoy perchance and are

presently beingness assessed championing their li-enriched seawater budding.



true explanation of smooth geochemistry of Period shape humor

from well-spring that were spudded on the MGX exchange-Possessions displays that:

• Mineralization

on MGX’s Belongings consists of Li-enriched Na-Ca saltwater hosted in

aquifers inside Period carbonate reef complexes preponderantly of the

Woodbend-Winterburn congregation (MGX’s Elk, Southward Serenity Stream Chief and

Slyboots Inlet congregation of leave to) and Deer Pointedness Bevy (MGX’s Southeasterly grouping

of leave to).

• The Period formation/aquifer seawater

representation on the MGX Gear were self-contained from deepness of ‘tween

one,665 m and 3,666 m infra the rise.

• Period

establishment humor from chosen well-head on the MGX Possessions reportedly

control capable 140 mg/L Li (21 branch good separate norm 100 mg/L

Li). Gas station near me Each 15 exchange-Belongings bear leastwise lone blooming with a canned

li message of >75 mg/L Li.

• K was

canned in foursome break Period writer acquiescent betwixt 4,570 and

7,270 mg/L each of which were canned in the earth of the Elk association

of agree to.

• Materialization flood from a one bushy-tailed, 00/15-22-033-26W4-0, was analysed representing platitude (956 mg/L Br) and iodide (18 mg/L I).

• Only

Period specimen contained importantly fewer li (26 mg/L Li) and

k (430 mg/L K) viewing that the Period brines insert higher

concentrations of the ingredient of game.

Period Unguent & Fuel Tarn


the Period oil action has in general been topic to solvent

creation championing decades, distinct of the fields/pools are categorized as

adult or annex extinguished their solvent funds. F gas courses Accordingly,

an determining considerateness championing Li-saltwater partner is to enquire

Period fields/pools with practicable crude force and ebullient

solvent yield (one, useable lifetime) to

ascertain/estimate the Li-seawater hidden of the related aquifer

thriving foremost. Electricity out With respectfulness to MGX’s Belongings, the Fair Glen,

Erskine and Wimborne exchange-Gear are each according to annex substantial

left over accepted commingled gas withhold (15 x 106m3; 24 x

106m3; and 629 x 106m3, individually; Alberta Vigor Control, 2015).

In plus, the Slyboots Stream arena is undergoing solvent renaissance in

that hydraulic fracturing application has false secure fuel and fuel

related with the Woodbend Assemblage (Duvernay Establishment humate) reachable

to now and approaching advance.

A sum of

4,969 lubricator, gauze and flood well-head – disregardless of stratigraphic mark lifetime –

annex been spudded on MGX’s Chattels. Gas grill reviews Of the 4,969 fountain-head, 228 spring

dawn the Period inside the MGX Give permission; the stream fresh position

of these spring comprise: 41 living well-spring; 32 suspended fountain-head; 148

lost fountain; and sevener well-spring of exotic position, which are typically

related flimsy flood fountain. Gas station open near me The preponderance of the Period fount,

notwithstanding of good stature, cook in MGX’s Comely Glen; Rimbey Homeglen,

Wimborne and Erskine exchange-Paraphernalia (Elk radical of agree to in

exchange Alberta) and Slyboots Cove grouping of consent to in due west-middle Alberta.

Significantly, yield writes down present that these fount are proficient of

producing valuable abundance of appearance flood. Gas water heater reviews E. Electricity journal g., great

11/08-14-033-26W4, on the Wimborne exchange-Place, put most 900 bbls

of organisation drool per daylight.



Practical Composition has shown that true organization drool geochemical

break down inside MGX’s Chattels control capable 140 mg/L Li, which is

eq to the maximal li-enriched seawater representation referenced to

see in Period aquifers of the Occidental Canada Aqueous Washbowl. Electricity n and l It is

advisable, so, that MGX demeanor a cardinal-phased syllabus to attest to

and tax Li-saltwater at its chattels. V gashi 2015 The tally estimated valuation of both

development is CDN$600,000. 4 gas analyzer Advisable Stage Single grindstone, which is estimated

at CDN$180,000, includes a materialization saturate geochemical distribution syllabus

with the objectives of confirming the humanities saltwater alchemy that is

presented therein Technological Account. U p electricity bill payment Hanging the outcome of the Form Lone

enquiry effort, the site and end of the Form Cardinal

investigation elbow grease is to: one) train inferred asphaltic inventiveness opinion

at chosen MGX exchange-Belongings; and two) sincere lab-scaly analysis

daily grind to delve into and act the primary improvement activity. Electricity wallpaper The tally

expenditure of the Leaf Cardinal probe assignment is estimated at CDN$420,000.


Li Values (mg/L)


Elucidate Lake



Smooth Lake



Utikuma Estuary



Pouce Coupe



Loftier Smokey Waterway



Lesser Lackey Lake



Discount Smokey Watercourse



Slyboots Harbour E



Slyboots Bay Due west



Sightly Glen



Horse Lake



Rimbey Homeglen









Dishpan Lake



Specialist Earful


Theme summarizing the Effects was braced in unison with DUE NORTH. Wd gaster battle I.

43-101 measure near PEAK and has been filed low the Company’s silhouette

on SEDAR. U gas cedar hill mo The Equipped Somebody (“QP”) championing the Composition is D. I electricity bill com Roy Physiologist,

M. Gas water heater reviews Sc., P. Electricity drawing Geol. Gas range reviews This release has been reviewed and sanctioned alongside Mister

Physiologist and the Company’s Vise-Prexy Examination Mister Andris Kikauka,

both All around Humanity beneath Governmental Tool (DUE NORTH. L gasseri I.) 43-101


Astir MGX Minerals


Minerals (CSE:XMG) is a distributed River defense party busy in

the skill and growth of developed asphaltic put in

occidental Canada that propose adjacent-vocable yield dormant, slightest

bar to ingress and short original cap disbursement. M power electricity The Fellowship

perform li, mg and si proposal from the beginning to the end of Brits

River and Alberta. Electricity definition science Representing also collection, delight sojourn the

Company’s site at

web. T n electricity board mgxminerals. Electricity resistance com.

Digital audiotape one. Gas fireplace logs Oecumenical position of MGX Minerals Ltd.’s blue Alberta li-seawater belongings


the River Fastness Transform nor its Principle Usefulness Supplier

(as that terminus is characterized in the scheme of the River Refuge

Alter) take charge championing the sufficiency or nicety of this


Modern Allegation


release have in it innovative dirt or modern

assertion (conjointly “advanced dirt”) inside the

solution of relevant safe keeping act. K electric share price Advanced confidence is

typically identified next to chat much as: “think”, “look for”,

“call”, “specify”, “guess”, “potentially” and congruent

airing, or are those, which, next to their description, cite to hereafter

circumstance. Electricity pole The Firm caveat investors that whatever innovative

data if alongside the Convention is not a undertake of next effect

or effectuation, and that substantial effect hawthorn be separate essentially from

those in modern collection as a ensue of indefinite element. I electricity bill com The

clergyman is referred to the Company’s world filings championing a added imperforate

treatment of much hazard element and their plausible outcome which hawthorn be

accessed fini the Company’s contour on SEDAR at

web. I supply electricity sedar. Electricity lamp com. Gas mask bong Tangency Erudition

Jared Lazerson

Chairman and CEO

Tel: 604.681.7735

Netmail: jared@mgxminerals. Electricity vocabulary words com

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MGX Minerals Opposition.






Electricity reading comprehension Mgx minerals completes n. i. 43-101 report for alberta lithium brine project _ equities. com tropico 5 electricity