Electromagnetic fields radiation cause memory loss – how to prevent it from affecting you electricity multiple choice questions grade 9


Our human bodies are very sensitive to EMFs. When we interact with natural energies, we reinforce the natural balance within our energy system. But when we are exposed to man-made EMFs which are unnatural for our bodies, they create a chaotic situation that is harmful. Our bodies absorb and store the energy fields that weaken our immune system, resulting to various illnesses and diseases.

Radiowaves are energy emitted by radio stations to receiving units in your home devices. All wireless technology has its own frequency band, like remote controllers for your automatic gate, home alarm systems, cordless phones, cell phones, radio, remote controlled toys, digital baby monitor, global positioning system (GPS), etc.

Radiowaves can produce deep heating into our body organs without affecting the skin. Non-thermal effects emanating from these devices have been proven to be even more harmful, causing: headaches, disturbance in sleep patterns, shortened attention span, increased blood pressure, damage to eyes especially when glaucoma medication are also taken, childhood leukemia, growth of cancer cells in brain, and many more.

Television sets radiate EMF in all directions when plugged in, not just while turned on. Larger screens may radiate a stronger field that can even penetrate walls. Video display terminals (VDTs) are included in this category, emitting very low frequency which interferes with our internal electrical system.

EMFs emitted from your neighborhood transformer are rather high too, but due to its small structure, the field strength diminishes rapidly with distance. So, the further your home is from any power stations or neighborhood transformer, the better.

Another study by epidemiologist, Dr Nancy Wertheimer from the University of Colorado, showed that children living near these backyard power lines had 3 times the likelihood of developing childhood leukemia and cancer. Children are more susceptible to exposure to EMFs.

Many other studies have confirmed her findings and found increased risk of leukemia, lymphomas, brain tumor, cancer of the brain and nervous system. There are also links of EMFs and other mysterious diseases, sudden death of babies, fatigue, extreme headaches, disorders of the central nerve system and exhaustion. Smart Meters

Although the majority of people feel nothing when exposed to EMF radiation, proteins within their cells are being permanently altered and may cause symptoms later in life. The harmful effects are cumulative and can take between 5 and 10 years of exposure to evoke a life-threatening illness.

Diagnostic X-rays and scans expose you to unnecessary radiation. Professor and Director of Medical Physics at Hammersmith Hospital in London wrote: “Medical irradiation is by far the largest man-made contribution to the radiation burden of the population of developed countries.” . X-rays

X-rays have higher energy than light waves that can pass through the body. The high energy radiation can cause damage to cells in the body, which increases the risk of developing cancer. Even though the risk is rather low, it increases with the increasing number of X-rays you are exposed to during your lifetime. CT Scan

CT (computerized tomography) scan is a moving beam of X-rays that create a 3-dimensional picture, (e.g. the brain). And because it shoots so many fine-beam X-rays all at one, the dose of radiation received is much higher than that of a standard X-ray.

The ionizing radiation in mammography poses cumulative cancer risks. The radiation absorbed dose (RAD) is about 1,000 times more than a chest X-ray. If a pre-menopausal woman undergoes annual screening over a 10-year period, it would have exposed her to 10 RADs on each breast, bringing the cumulative risk to 10%.

Breast tissues are extremely susceptible to radiation-induced cancer. So, you can see that mammograms can initiate the very breast cancer that women want to avoid by taking annual mammograms!! Avoid it at all costs. Hazards in Our Households

• Fluorescent light: emits EMR at the energies of visible and UV light. Prolonged exposure has been found to cause red blood cells to clump together, reducing alertness, causing a tired feeling. Always opt for natural sunlight where possible.