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In its scoping letter, the FS notes that “Since 2001, the Forest has observed an increase in recreational use within the project area. This increase in use has resulted in a proliferation of user created trails, some of which intrude into riparian areas and other important wildlife areas. These resource concerns have lead us to take action to address impacts in this area.”

The Scoping Letter goes on to note “The purpose of the project is to enhance non-motorized trail opportunities in the front country and reduce the potential for development of user-created routes into the backcountry of the Elkhorn Mountains.” In other words, the FS hopes that by legalizing some Thrill biker created trails, it will preclude continued development of more illegal trails.

Indeed, the FS scoping letters admits that some of the illicit trails thrill bikers have commandeered include game trails. If game trails become thrill bike trails, where does the wildlife go? The fact is that the wildlife does not have anyplace else to go. We already use a disproportionate amount of the landscape. gas 89 The purpose of the Elkhorn “Wildlife Management” designation was to put wildlife first, and other uses second. Unfortunately, this capitulation to thrill bikes makes recreation the priority.

The Elkhorns were originally proposed as wilderness but bowing to political pressure to reduce wilderness acreage in several wilderness bills, the Elkhorns were instead given a special designation as a wildlife management area. Wilderness classification preclude bikes, but wildlife management area does not—a lesson that conservation groups have failed to appreciate as they advocate other “alternative designations” to wilderness like wildlife management areas for places like the Gallatin Range.

One of the characteristics of many thrill bikers is an outlaw mentality. As noted in its scoping letter, Thrill bikers regularly flout the law creating illegal trails throughout our public lands without any input or oversight of land management agencies. These rogue actors create trails willy nilly without regard to impacts on wildlife, watersheds, spread of weeds, and other conservation values.

The FS is proposing to use a categorical exclusion to legalize the 39 miles of trails. That is, they are not going to analyze the cumulative impact of creating miles of new trails and an increase in thrill bike use effects on wildlife. electricity physics khan academy What is the cumulative impact on wildlife from the existing trail system combined with 39 additional miles of trails? The FS isn’t analyzing this.

You can look long and hard at thrill biker web sites to find a mention of the word conservation or preservation of wildlife or wildlands. The common mantra is we “need” more trails. More. More. More. Thrill bikers (aka mountain bikers) are now the greatest threat to many wildlands across the West. gas house eggs As a group, the word self-restraint is not part of their vocabulary.

For instance, any number of studies have shown that elk and other wildlife flee from thrill bikers at far greater distance than hikers. One study found: “Probability of a flight response declined most rapidly during hiking, with little effect when hikers were beyond 550 yards from an elk. By contrast, higher probabilities of elk flight continued beyond 1,640 yards from mountain bike and ATV rider.” “Higher probabilities of (elk) flight response occurred during ATV and mountain bike activity, in contrast to lower probabilities observed during hiking and horseback riding.”

1) Please notice the amount of public motorized roads that exist within this region. The main access points into this region include McClellan Creek Road which can be accessed from Montana City and travels all the way through to just east of East Helena. This is used by locals to access private property, as a scenic drive, and is actually used for some locals to commute from East Helena to Montana city and vice versa. Another access point is via Warm Springs Rd from Clancy – which eventually leads into Strawberry Lookout Road. Warms Springs Rd. is a populated residential area and is primarily accessed by locals to and from their residences. a gas is a form of matter that Crystal Creek Road branches east to where it eventually dead-ends at an established trailhead.

2) Next, please take a look at the amount of private property within this region. The majority of private land is occupied by residences via the road systems and have driveways, and also have barbed wire fences surrounding their land. As a local resident of Clancy, I regularly access much of the areas outlined within this scoping map. I have observed local property owners engaged in activities such as operating gas powered hand tools, riding dirt bikes and ATVs on their properties and on the road systems, burning slash piles, dogs barking, etc… Which is all within their rights as private property owners.

Another items worth mentioning is the proximity of access to the proposed trailheads. To access the majority of the trailheads from the Helena community takes around a half hour or more. Helena has a world class trail system that can be accessed directly from downtown Helena and is well traveled by hikers and bikers with very minimal conflict. Due to the amount of trails so close to town, this proposed trail system is not going see high usage by the Helena community.

I would call it wildlife management by defaulting to a kind of capitalistic ‘take all, free for all’ mind set. I recall that when heavy rains blocked roads to interior portions of public lands in the Bakersfield BLM district that wildlife populations increased. When the roads were cleared a season later wildlife populations went down and vandalism of watering devices, fences, gates etc.went up. The BLM rangers used to have the signs posted on public lands pre-punched with holes in hopes of keeping people from shooting them.

So besides all the other extractive uses going on, wildlife refuges have become dog parks, the BLM now has a number of frisbee golf courses out in the sage and rabbit brush and the USFS permits bike riding which of course accelerates erosion and scares the animals and less aggressive land users as George has pointed out. gas x strips ingredients Hunting deer and elk is becoming much more like shooting at a herd of cows confined to smaller and smaller areas. If these new uses reduce wildlife populations, all the better for the bureaucrats who will sit back and not have to worry about enforcing as many regulations to protect animals.

We are presently experiencing what some are calling the “SIXTH EXTINCTION”, where our planet is losing species at an alarming rate, and it’s all caused by human dominance of the entire planet. Extinctions of this magnitude have only happened 5 times previous over the past 550 million years, the most famous being the dinosaurs being wiped out by an asteroid 65 million years ago.

Montana’s wildlife populations CANNOT be assumed to be safe and stable, and any and all activities that may affect them must be scrutinized; this may include closing areas to ALL human activities, including hiking. Another 2-3 degrees of warming could drastically affect our wildlife populations, especially combined with population increases and more human encroachment. We must err on the side of caution.

Again, we must look at the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) the industry sponsored, profit driven group that has become the pit bull for the industry. electricity and circuits class 6 questions They pose as advocates for more trails, while at the same time vehemently opposing ANY new wilderness that excludes bikes; AND advocating redrawing existing wilderness boundaries for still more trails. They will help local MTB groups build websites, train locals to negotiate with land managers, and pour resources into efforts for more trails. They do a great job of firing up local bikers that they are being discriminated against by land managers, wildlife advocates, and wilderness proponents. ALL SO THEY CAN SELL MORE BIKES!