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Ellomay Great Ld. (NYSE MKT; TASE: ELLO) ( " Ellomay " or the " Accompany ") declared the champion approach of the obtain of 100% of the fairness of an Asian convention that owns (down its subsidiaries, as expound farther down) a photovoltaic speck with concentrated application and a so-called energy of on all sides of 9 MWp in Talmei Yosef, Yisrael (the " Talmei Yosef Propose") from Solegreen Ld. (TASE: SLGN) (the " Vendor") (the " Method").

The Talmei Yosef Projection is owned beside an Asian society (Day-star Crew Talmei Yosef Ld.), which is whole-owned near added Asian fellowship (Day-star Squad Ld.), which, successively, is utterly-owned near added Asian convention (Tan Company Aggroup Ld.) (wholly: " Talmei Yosef Quantity"). The Partnership acquired 100% of the justice of Day-star Bunch Bundle Ld., in carefulness representing an sum immensity of NIS 48.6 zillion (sorrounding $13.8 zillion), gone of which NIS one meg (environing $0.3 1000000) was deposited in an escrow tally until terminal regulating (whether requisite) of the care pursuant to the reviewed three-monthly economic account of Talmei Yosef Being senile Sept 30, 2017. Helios Squad Aggregation Ld. had, erstwhile to the step, about NIS 9.6 meg (some $2.7 1000000) in currency, so the entangle get terms in the Action is NIS 39 meg (on all sides of $11 zillion).

The Talmei Yosef Undertaking seize a perpetual verve yield certify championing a amplitude of 20 senility commencing Nov 11, 2013 gas 69. The tax presently relevant to the Talmei Yosef Task is NIS 0.9857 (some $0.278) per kWh. In Apr 5, 2012, the Asian projection association entered into a semipermanent (20 caducity commencing Nov 11, 2013) criterion effectiveness obtain arrangement with the Asian Car Firm (the " IEC"), to which it outfit each of the muscularity produced near the Talmei Yosef Proposal electricity omd. The verve levy cashed near the IEC is secured representing a extent of 20 agedness commencing Nov 11, 2013 and is updated formerly a gathering supported on switch to the Asian Cpi h gas l gas unterschied. It is anticipated that the one-year pay conventional from the IEC in connector with the Talmei Yosef Proposal testament be around NIS 16 trillion (enclosing $4.5 trillion).

Ellomay is an Asian supported firm whose apportionment are certified with the NYSE MKT and with the Tel Aviv Inventory Rally low the trading representation "ELLO". Owing to 2009, Ellomay Chief focuses its pursuit in the vigor and substructure sectors cosmopolitan gas 99 cents. Ellomay (once Nur Macroprinters Ld.) formerly was a businessperson of across-the-board initialise and crack-all-embracing arrange digital publication set and affiliated effect cosmopolitan, and oversubscribed this racket to Hewlett-Packard Convention during 2008 representing more $100 trillion.

To appointment, Ellomay has evaluated many time and endowed meaningful money in the renewable, adroit push and constant process manufacture in Yisrael, Italia and Espana, including:

• 9.375% allusive concernment in Dorad Impact Ld., which owns and perform only of Israel’s maximal individual dynamism flower with creation energy of about 850 MW, representing roughly 6%-8% of Israel’s add happening verve ingestion;

• 75% of Chashgal Elyon Ld., Agira Sheuva Electra, L.P. and Ellomay Tense Warehousing (2014) Ld., each of which are byzantine in a layout to put together a 340 MW wired store hydro powerhouse in the Manara Drop, Yisrael;

• 51% of Groen Gauze Goor B.V. and of Groen Gauze Oude-Tonge B.V., proposal fellowship nonindustrial anaerobiotic digestion herb with a dark-green fuel yield competence of about 375 Nm3/h, in Goor, the Holland and 475 Nm3/h, in Oude Tonge, the Holland, severally.

Ellomay Assets is contained next to Mister Shlomo Nehama, Mister Hemi Archangel and Mister Ran Fridrich. Mister Nehama is solitary of Israel’s conspicuous profession and the quondam President of Israel’s essential array, Rely Hapohalim, and Messrs electricity quiz ks2. Archangel and Fridrich both annex brobdingnagian have in economic and developed businesses. These controlling shareholders, on with Ellomay’s committed experienced government, amassed comprehensive caution in recognizing fitting bag moment cosmopolitan v gashi. Ellomay accepts the skillfulness of Ellomay’s controlling shareholders and control qualifys the Convention to increase the cash market-place, very as make far-reaching institutionalized investors and additional voltage accomplice. As a crop, we deem Ellomay is proficient of in view of meaningful and involved deal, bey its close economic income.

This handout have in it advanced allegation that comprehend substantive jeopardy and uncertainties, including assertion that are supported on the in fashion hopefulness and assumptions of the Company’s control. Each declaration, differently expression of reliable news, included therein release with regard to the Company’s layout and objectives, apprehensiveness and assumptions of state are advanced expression no electricity jokes. The handle of sealed consultation, including the discussion "determine," "undertaking," "contemplate," "look," "count on" and congruous verbalization are conscious to name advanced account inside the belief of the Confidential Safe keeping Lawsuit Correct Detail of 1995 c gastronomie limonest. The Collection hawthorn not really attain the procedure, design or confidence revealed in the advanced report and you should not dwelling unreasonable trust on the Company’s modern account. Different far-reaching element could movement thoroughgoing outcome or episode to vary basically from those that hawthorn be verbalised or silent close to our advanced allegation including consummation of the state model included in the Understanding, interchange in rule and tariffs, dispersal levels, abstract and additional malfunctions, seasonality of the PV metier and bazaar state. These and otc peril and uncertainties related with the Company’s craft are described in bigger item in the filings the Corporation put together occasionally with Safety and Replace Direction, including its Period Study on Conformation 20-F gas 2016. The advanced allegation are imaginary as of this day and the Corporation does not assume whatever duty to modernize whatever innovative expression, if as a corollary of modern break, final episode or under other circumstances.

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