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A huge thank you to the BabyCenter readers who entered the Baby Bump Blogger Contest. We enjoyed reading your sample blog posts about your pregnancies. You brought us to tears and led us to laughter. You are all amazing! It was nearly impossible to narrow down the dozens of candidates to only five finalists, but somehow we did and here we present you with another finalist, Kate Marsh Lord, aka The Shopping Mama, who is pregnant for the third time. Find her blog post below, and stay tuned for more posts from finalists throughout this week. And in two weeks Momformation will have two new pregnancy bloggers!

Last year my husband left for a twelve-month deployment overseas. I settled into a new routine as a temporary single mom of two young kids. Surprisingly, the time passed relatively quickly and before we knew it my husband returned home early this summer.

A matter of days after my husband returned he surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas. This is the kind of unexpected treat I can get used to! While the kids were with my mom, we gallivanted around the Caribbean island, drank (too many) daiquiris and slept in late, awaking to a view of the ocean.

After a few days of not feeling quite right, I took a pregnancy test on a whim on the fourth of July. Nothing prepared me for the fireworks in my mind when the test was positive. Surprise! We’re having a very unexpected and unplanned third baby. My two children were very planned. I knew the due date before I had a positive test. Thanks for that handy due date calendar, BabyCenter. This time? We had to have an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. (Turns out we brought back a lot more than cheap souvenirs for the kids.)

Most days I feel like I’m hearing the news for the first time. I hope know that when the pregnancy enters the fun phase (feeling the baby kick, seeing it move around on the ultrasound screen) I will be excited about the unexpected changes in my life. But at this moment? I’m still adjusting and feel guilty that I’m not more excited.

It was the LAST thing we needed financially. I took 3 tests throughout the morning at work and when my coworker finally asked what was wrong i pulled out a test and started crying. When i got home my husband was watching college football and i was just sitting quietly on the floor. I was scared to death to tell him. I knew he wouldn’t be mad i just didnt want to say it. He finally looked over at me and asked if i was alright and at that exact moment the car commercial where the wife takes a pregnancy test and goes “I’m Pregnant” then she walks out to the bedroom and tells her husband “I’m pregnant!” and he starts flashforwarding to the car going from a bachelor car to having a carseat in it, came on. I just threw my hand up at the tv and started bawling, and my husband looked at me then at the tv and said “wait…what…what?!” I kid you not in my head i was laughing histerically but i just couldn’t stop crying. He was in shock but just held me, which was just what i needed, and by the next morning we were both excited. It’s the first one that we didn’t plan. And is she ever the most perfect little 4 month old. Plus, i got to become a stay at home mom and there is nothing better than that! God’s plans are awesome.

I believe I have told you my story before but to recap I am with you. I tried for three years to have my first child. We got a positive test 7 days before he deployed. I had everything planned. Name, Place of Birth, Leave Paper Work, Power of Attorney, even passport photos done when he was 2 days old. I really mean I was ready. Husband comes back when our first son is 4 months old. I stop breast feeding and we take a vacation. Number 2 is made and we are excited and ready. Only issue was a name because it was a second boy. Then we move back to the US we are working on getting a forever home another larger car and I miss a period. My second sons 1st birthday. I ran out and bought my 1 year old a big brother shirt and wrapped it as present. If I had to be surprised so did every one else. I am still trying to come to terms with this surprise. When this little one is born I will still have a 1 and a 2 year old. No one is potty trained and my husband works 2nd shift. This is crazy. Then I feel this little one move around and I know it is going to be just fine. I have traveled all over the world alone and with babies. One more is going to make it just a little more interesting.

We are having our 3rd suprise! More of a shock. We have a 5 year old who just started Kindergarten, a 15 month old who naturally is into everything (both girls) and then I had knee surgery. Caused by a rediculous injury I was in the hospital unexpectedly…where I no longer had my birth controll. Being in Europe at a host national hospital…they didn’t carry what I was using. So I get out of the hospital having a second period caused by the lack of BC and we cound the # of days to avoid any suprises. We are a military family about to move again and I am having trouble getting excited. I am doing physical therapy for my knee and trying to sort the house for the move. I want the baby. I love all of my babies, just so buisy. I feel guilty. I had my first appt. yesterday. In Germany they do an ultrasound every time which was great since I was on many drugs after surgery. The baby has a good heart beat. RELIEF!! Does make it more real…and the seemingly endless morning sickness. Can’t wait to get the move over and get settled so I can relax and NEST!!! Hopefully my second and third will play together since the oldest is 4 years older than the second. They mostly fight.

We have two kids and an unplanned and unexpected third on the way! We’ve always said we would like to have 3, but after our second was born, the demand and stress of all of it was enough for us to swear off having any more. I still haven’t forgotten the pain of natural childbirth, that was 2.5 years ago. And now, although we are happy we get to have another baby again, I am a little fearful and apprehensive of the birthing process. I know I will get through it ok, just like the other times, but still, I remember it being so hard and awful with my second baby, although really it was a relatively easy and quick birth compared to other birth stories I’ve heard. Now I’m just focusing on preparing everything for the new baby, and just enjoying life as it is right now, with just the 4 of us. I used to not be able to contain my excitement and wishing baby would just be here already! But now that I know what to expect, I am trying to enjoy the last few months of getting to sleep undisturbed through the night!