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The use of supplements for reaching different milestones (like weight-loss, additional energy, skin toning) has been very prevalent in recent years. People who use the gym regularly and need these supplements are not the only ones lining up. Even people who exercise only moderately are getting taken in by the attractive benefits these products offer.

There are strong proponents of the benefits and ill effects of such supplements, with academic opinions having a rather dim view. But, there are specific scientific studies by reputed researchers which establish beyond a doubt that a correctly chosen food supplement can be beneficial. A healthy goalkeeping so many of us are occupied with is reducing body fat and weight.

An obese person might be cutting down on their food intake and spending several hours a day on the treadmill; however, if they were to get a supplement which would give him visible results, he would lunge for it. Among the crowded shelves filled all types of weight-loss supplements, you must have heard a lot about the Emerge slenderizing system. So, what exactly is Emerge all about?

The house of Max Muscle brings us the Emerge range of slenderizing drinks. The manufacturer of Emerge Max Muscle is headquartered in California, and the company was started in 1990. Wow, that’s close to two decades, and the products sound promising too. A look at their website tells us that they have three primary product categories: Diet and Weight Loss, Health and Wellness, and Sports Performance.

The product (and its variants) that we are interested in is the series of Emerge drink which helps reduce weight and fat. Every Emerge drink acts on stored fat cells to burn fat to release energy for the body to use and helps suppress appetite. That’s why Emerge supplement products claim to be able to give you the best slenderizing effects. It is available 14-flavors, including names like Blue Raspberry Bomb, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Pineapple Pizazz, Grape Blast, and Watermelon Splash. [1] Products Similar to Emerge Product

The most comfortable and surest way to buy Emerge supplement products is on the company’s website. Indeed, one needs first to understand what exactly they require from a weight-loss beverage mix, and then spend some time browsing the various categories and variants to select the one which best meets their weight-loss requirements.

And, with so many flavors, your choice in taste may influence your decision; along with the benefits, price, ease-of-purchase, and use. Some users also mentioned that they purchased it from local stores. Additionally, many e-commerce and shopping sites also stock and ship Emerge Max Muscle products and occasionally include hefty discounts.

We thought we should add a word of caution for you when you get on to the internet and try to search for information on Emerge or for places to buy it. Since Emerge is a common word, there may be several other websites displayed if your search-string is not accurate. Let’s look at a few interesting examples.

Let’s say you search for “Emerge medical records.” It displays the website of Emerge, which is in the field of electronic medical records and genomics. It is a national network founded by NHGRI. Although it is related to overall health in a certain way, it has nothing to do with fat burning or body slenderizing. A similar result is obtained when you search for “Emerge medicine.”

We assume every fat burning product from Emerge is the result of rigorous research and technological input before each product is made available to the market. But, if you take that thought too far and search the web for “Emerge technology solutions,” you would be taken to the websites of IT companies like Emerge Technology or Emerge Technologies.

Let’s examine these claims. Regarding fat-burning and weight-loss, some of the accepted naturally available ingredients are caffeine, Guarana, green tea extract, Garcinia cambogia, and Ephedrine. A few natural foods for improving physical performance are coffee, beets, turmeric, pomegranates, apples, and grapes; as per an article by a reputed doctor. As you will see later, when we inspect each ingredient of Emerge individually, some of these natural ingredients are part of these products as well. So, the claims made by Emerge Max Muscle need to be investigated in the context of these natural foods to ascertain the positive effects of these ingredients and this product and its possible side effects.

Another claim made by Emerge Max Muscle is that the different ingredients in their products combine and interact in a way which promotes what they refer to as fuel-partitioning. This alters metabolism in a way which encourages the burning of fat to provide energy; rather than allowing fat to be used for energy conservation. We were happy to see that this is an established procedure which has been studied and validated by scientific research; although, it was kind of funny to see Max Muscle talk about fuel-partitioning on their website as if it were a process patented by them. Ok, we don’t intend to split hairs. If Emerge can bring about fuel partitioning, we are all for it.

The list of the ingredients of Emerge available on the manufacturer’s website is detailed. Apart from the usual vitamins and sugars, which seem to be at acceptable levels, they have provided a list of other ingredients under the sub-heading of their proprietary blend. The other components have been listed in detail for each different flavor, which to us seemed impressive. Let’s now take a closer look at some of the essential ingredients in the proprietary complex, to understand what is Emerge all about: Caffeine

Caffeine has been proven to have several beneficial effects on metabolism and endurance performance (Yes, even the morning cup of coffee is one example, but outside that cup, you are also assured of caffeine when you use Emerge!). But, this product is loaded with close to 300mg of caffeine in each serving, so start off slow and only increase the dosage if your body can handle it. Dandelion Leaf Extract

Primarily an excellent source of vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium; this extract has another benefit for someone trying to lose weight–it has a diuretic effect on the body–and causes a decrease in the bodily fluid, which also allows toxic compounds to be flushed out. [3] Green Tea Extract

The benefits have been well documented regarding all the essential nutrients they can provide to the body. But, precisely for someone wanting to lose weight, the attraction of green tea extract lies in its quality of aiding the burning of fat. This makes it such an essential ingredient in Emerge. Hoodia Gordonii

This contains a component called P57 which is supposed to suppress appetite by tricking the brain into feeling less hungry and thirsty; however, we only have the faith of African bushmen to go with, since they used to eat this plant to keep their hunger and thirst at bay. We checked with WebMD and Natural Medicines and couldn’t find any reliable scientific study to validate this. Zhi-shi

We read reports relating to taurine as a “wonder” ingredient the body needs as a part of natural nutrition and as a supplement, if possible. It helps control obesity, cardiovascular problems, is even a healthy for the eyes. These are just some of the benefits found. Panax Ginseng Powder

We have heard about the aphrodisiac properties of ginseng, but a slightly lesser known attribute is that it makes a user “feel good.” Which aphrodisiac wouldn’t, you ask! However, this type of “feel good” is of the mood-enhancing variety. And, it also helps improve the immune system. Glucuronolactone