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We are very pleased to announce the first of our late World War Two Germans. The first two packs contain Volksgrenadier riflemen in a mix of late winter gear – Zeltbahns, camoflaged smocks etc.. These grizzled veterans are the perfect compliment to our late American figures (not entirely by accident) and as you would expect there will be more of these soon.

Five new packs of Xan miniatures 20mm figures have been added to our store today. For World War Two we have a fantastic set of Russian weapons teams moving (with command etc.) along with two sets of German Afrika Korps. electricity in costa rica for travelers In our opinion Xan’s new Afrika Korps are among the very best available and an absolute must-have for anyone who collects DAK in this scale.

We have just added four new packs of British to Paul Hicks’ brilliant Mutton Chop range. These capture the classic home army look of 1930s and very early 1940s with puttees and respirator pouches. Some BEF regiments went into France in this kit and obviously they are perfect for VBCW and theoretical ‘Operation Sealion’ scenarios. Paul’s love of the subject once again really shines and these are full of his trademark character, animation and detail.

Spring is a wonderful time of year when for many of us thoughts turn to sunnier days, flowers blooming, lambs frolicking in the fields and, perhaps most importantly, new releases from Paul Hick’s brilliant Mutton Chop World War One range. gas constant in kj We are very pleased to present some of the best figures yet with some particularly threatening looking BEF 1916 trench-raiders and rather sharp German Jaegers.

We are pleased to announce that we have started to stock this range of resin kits from Canada. Most come with all sorts of extra stowage and crew etc. and provide a great compliment for some of our ranges. gas upper stomach We’ve started by focusing on useful things for our late war 28mm American range, as well as adding the long needed BT5 to our Spanish Civil War ‘Tanks and Vehicles’ store.

We are very pleased to present the latest releases in our 28mm World War 2 US range. This release contains a combination of additional rifleman poses (we are aiming for little or no pose repetition in your squads or platoons) and support weapons. We have two bazooka teams, both firing and moving, which were part of the armoured infantry squad make-up and an essential Platoon support option more generally. Along with these we have the first of our .30cal options, in this case the M1917A1 which was the heavier brother to the M1919.

With Salute in mind we strongly recommend pre-ordering for collection at the show if you are attending this year. We inevitably run out of popular items quickly on the day so pre-ordering can be the safest way to guarantee that you get what you want! Who knows, we might even share one or two secrets about upcoming releases depending on how busy we are …

Firstly a little history. british gas jokes We first met Paul Hicks back in Empress’s pre-history when he was the sculpting talent and part owner of an exciting new miniatures company called Bolt Action. His work during this time played a significant part in establishing what has become one of the dominant scales for World War Two gaming. Indeed many of Paul’s World War Two figures are considered definitive to this day.

28mm World War Two has always been on the list for Empress (indeed our Italians represent our first steps in this direction) and we felt there were some serious gaps in what is currently available. electricity projects for class 12 Beyond this we were sure we aren’t alone in wanting to see Paul back to one of his first loves and producing beautiful second world war sculpts again! We’ve been quietly waiting until we all felt it was the right time to take this step …

So where do we start? Our ranges start with Late War World War Two American GIs. There are in the M43 uniform so suitable from autumn 1944 onward. Holland, Belgium, Ardennes, Hurtgenwald, Germany and all points between. gas urban dictionary This initial release is just the spearhead and we have more due imminently, including .30cal teams, bazooka teams, more infantry etc.

These will also work perfectly for Korea and, at a push, French Indo-China too. You can expect to see more releases very soon, along with painted examples etc. We will be approaching these in typical Empress style with a lot of depth and options allowing you to field really attractive and comprehensive armies on the table. We might also have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking the brilliant 1989 Miniatures range. Currently producing figures for some really interesting conflicts – the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. The quality of the figures is superb and they are based on the formidable and experienced team of Rafael Gómez and Javier Gómez (the painter ‘El Mercenario’) supported by a number of respected collaborators.

The excellent Tsuba Miniatures German Revolution range has received a significant update in the form of Spartacist/Red Army for the January Uprising. These fantastic figures have been long overdue and Paul Hicks has done a wonderful job in bringing them to life. These are partnered with an extension to the ‘Red’ Sailor range with a set of sailors at rest.

Finally a bit of fun with an American Civil War ‘Coming Home’ vignette based on a famous song (you’ll have to check the store to see which one ;-)). These are wonderful figures and would work as civilians for many different locations during the period (Maori War springs to mind for some reason …). hp gas online booking hyderabad You can find these in the Tsuba ‘Misc’ section of our store.

We have two small but perfectly formed slices of Paul Hicks loveliness to present to you today. Our Jazz Age inter-war Highlanders are fortified with a mortar and crew (who se em to have got themselves into another fine mess) while the expansion of our Spanish Civil War Republican infantry continues with some brilliantly animated assaulting infantry.

We are very pleased to show off two new releases for Spain. We have some dynamic skirmishing Republican infantry, the latest pack in our extension of our Republican forces. To counter these we have an Italian mortar (with a rather relaxed crew if we’re honest) which is available in both our Spanish Civil War and Italian Conflicts ranges, being suitable for both SCW and World War Two.