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It’s the end of the year and I can admit that I’m excited for summer but the thought of saying bye to my little mustaches makes me sad. Each group of kids is something unique and special. If you think about it, our kids come to us as 5 year olds who don’t know letters, numbers or how to write their name. And they leave us 180 days later as readers and writers. 180 days of growth, bonding, laughter, joy, frustration and tears. But nothing is as important as the family we build in our classrooms. I am always immensely proud of my kids and I know they will do great things! So, let’s talk end of the year! Kindergarten Graduation?

Here is my answer to this questions: That’s going to be a NO for us. We do not do a kindergarten graduation. I believe that we graduate twice: high school and college. Completing kindergarten is a milestone, yes. But is not a graduation level event. There I said it. You can hate me if you want. I believe we should celebrate our year together so we have a small celebration in our classroom. We invite the families. We watch a movie of our year together. Everyone gets a small gift and a personalized award! End Of The Year Gifts

I do not buy my students a gift at the end of the year. My reasoning is that I give the gifts all year with our theme days and Foodie Fun Fridays and more! But I do want my kids to have something to remember our year so they get a personalized gift that costs me $1 each.

These are created for FREE using the website wordart.com/create. I entered all the kids names along with the year, our school name and kindergarten. I also include the word Mustaches because I call my kids “my mustaches!”. You can choose different shapes and change colors to make it unique. We chose circles. We printed the word art, cut them out and glued them onto cardstock. Those were placed in picture frames from Dollar Tree.

Each child gets a mustache award that is chosen and created just for them. These are personalized awards that honor the personality of each child and recognize their unique contribution to our classroom family. Each award celebrates the child as an individual and not just an academic achievement. In the past, I’ve done “Best Dancer,” “Best Handwriting,” “The Personal Assistant Award’”, etc.

The final gift my students receive is a 20 minute video of our year together. You see, I take about 5,000 pictures each school year. True story. I counted. Then I have to set down and go through the 5,000 pictures and pick about 200 hundred of those to make a 20 minute video. Yep. It’s emotional and hilarious at the same time. But ya’ll, it’s tough condensing 180 days of kindergarten shenanigans into 20 minutes! Each family receives a copy of the video as a keepsake of their child’s year in kindergarten!

The very last thing we do together as a class is Mr. Greg crying as he reads the book, I Knew You Could! Seriously, all the feels when reading this book. All. The. Feels. After reading the book I share with my students how much they’ve grown and how much we’ve learned and done in Kindergarten how proud they should be of themselves and how proud I am of them!

Another fun thing to do is have the kids share their favorite memories of kindergarten and give next year’s students advice about Mr. Greg! I have them share what they like about me and what they don’t like so I can grow as a teacher! Click the image to get an EDITABLE version of the writing pages and chart labels!