Energetic flow in relationships session – spheres of essence b games 2


There is an art and flow to relationships of all kinds. All of us go through stuck or stagnation in relationships; marriage, family, business, people of all ages, elderly parents, and so forth. Sometimes an outside Spiritual catalyst is necessary to be a “tuning fork” to help dissolve the energetic discord so that there is space for understanding, clarity and for relief from ongoing or long-standing issues in relationships.

The session also helps to dissolve whatever impedes the energetic flow and harmony in the relationship(s) in the moment of the session. The higher Spiritual Energies that are wise and intelligent, know what is for the highest good for each person/pet and the group dynamic or relationship dynamic. Therefore, what is given in the session is what is needed.

In regards to permission, All of the work is done with integrity, in a Spiritual ethical alignment way for the highest good for all and this session promotes a greater Spiritual and energetic flow for all living or working within a common space or home. There is no guarantee this session is a permanent solution to any relationship or family issues, however it will support the movement forward Spiritually. This may provide relief and clarity or insight for the next steps or greater understanding with each other.

This session does not provide individual Spiritual healing for individual people, but rather for partnerships and family or group dynamics. Also, this session does not “clear” energies within the home (you would have to book a Space Clearing Session separately.)

This session may be booked as often as is Optimal and needed. Please check with Dipali if you are unsure. She firmly believes in not wasting energy or resources. If a session is needed or not needed, she will let you know upfront. You must be over 21 years of age to schedule.

Note: The Energetic Flow in Relationships Session compliments Space Clearing and Energy Balancing as well as Pet Energy Balancing Sessions. It is possible to that other sessions may be required to help a bigger energetic shift. Book your and payment for your session using Dipali’s Online Booking System

We have had several space/land clearings by Dipali and there is such an amazing difference. I love the calm, serene space and clear air right after it’s done (and then I never want to let anyone into the house again to preserve the feel)! In general, before a clearing the house is stuffy and uncomfortable, or we hear noises and footsteps in the middle of the night, or my dog barks and is more anxious, or electricity goes on and off or my kids are more irritable, anxious or wound up. But then after a space clearing there is none of that. The air smells cleaner, is lighter and just not as thick and stuffy. There is also a marked difference in general in my family and my dog. Everyone is more relaxed and calm. I think what really shows the effectiveness of a space clearing is my husband’s reaction. I usually don’t tell him about a clearing, however, he ALWAYS notices a difference in the space after. It is interesting that he would even mention it, because “It feels good in this house” is not really something he would say, but he says it! I think he just can’t ignore the overall difference in the feel of the home and the behavior of all of us in the home. I highly recommend a space clearing for the overall benefit to the family!