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Nearly 10.52 million tons Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) was consumed during April to September 2018 (six months) in domestic sector mainly for cooking. The number of domestic connections are 247 million (one connection for five electricity dance moms episode people) with a circulation of more than 368 million LPG cylinders whose net aggregate length would form a 150,000 km long pipe line which is more than the length of total railway track laid in India. [8] [9] India is second largest consumer of LPG globally electricity worksheets ks1. [10] Most of the LPG requirement is imported. [11] Piped city gas supply in India is not yet developed on major scale. [12] Biomass and charcoal [ edit e payment electricity bill mp ]

Biomass is a renewable energy source and its use for energy generation is carbon-neutral fuel. It is carbon neutral because it would also release global warming green house gasses like methane and carbon dioxide when it is left to degenerate without using as energy source. Presently, only 20% of house holds in India use biomass and charcoal for cooking purpose as LPG use for cooking purpose is rising rapidly. [13] [14] In addition biomass is also used marginally in commercial cooking, electricity generation, process industries, etc. The total biomass use in India is nearly 177 electricity calculator Mtoe in the year 2013. [1] Substantial surplus crop residue is also burnt in agriculture fields for clearing the land for the next crop. Nearly 750 million tons of non edible (by cattle b games 2) biomass is available annually in India which can be put to use for higher value addition. [15]

Huge quantity of imported coal is being used in pulverised coal-fired power stations gas and bloating. Raw biomass is not suitable for use in the pulverised coal mills as they are difficult to grind into fine powder due to caking problem. However 100% biomass can be fired after Torrefaction in the pulverised coal mills for replacing imported coal. [16] Torrefied biomass plants can be integrated with gas leak east los angeles existing pulverised coal-fired power stations using the available hot flue gas as heat source. Cofiring dry biomass up to 20% heat input with coal is also possible directly in pulverised coal-fired power stations without facing caking problem. [17] North west and southern regions can replace imported coal use with biomass where surplus agriculture/crop residue biomass is burnt in the fields causing pollution problems. [18] As traditional use of biomass is being replaced by LPG at faster pace, biomass burning in agriculture fields would become major source for causing higher level air pollution. [19]

Bio electricity youtube billy elliot gas which is mainly methane/natural gas can also be used for generating protein rich 1 electricity unit in kwh cattle, poultry and fish feed in villages economically by cultivating Methylococcus capsulatus bacteria culture with tiny land and water foot print. [20] [21] [22] The carbon dioxide gas produced as by product from these plants can be put to use in cheaper production of algae oil from algae particularly in tropical countries like India which can displace the prime position of crude oil in near future. [23] [24] Union government is implementing many schemes to utilise productively the gastroparesis agro waste or biomass in rural areas to uplift rural economy and job potential. [25] [26] Electricity [ edit ]