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Pearl Homes is partnering with a German company, sonnen GmbH, the global leader in developing and producing intelligent energy management and storage systems, and with Google Smart Home to create homes that unite solar energy and storage, home automation and green construction into one integrated system designed to help decarbonize the greater community.

Gobuty, after earning national accolades for green construction and solar energy use in his Mirabella development in southwest Bradenton, decided to up the ante significantly in the pursuit of building a net-zero-plus community. gas bubble in back Gobuty said his Hunters Point project will be the first time an energy management and storage system has worked in concert with Google Home in a master-planned development capable of maximizing the intelligent use of each household’s renewable energy.

LEED is a U.S. electricity production by state Green Building Council program that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. electricity billy elliot backing track Platinum certification, its highest benchmark for energy use, water use and sustainability, must be earned through unscheduled inspections by council representatives checking construction for adherence to LEED requirements. electricity dance moms For net-zero-plus certification, a project must also adhere to U.S. gas 91 Department of Energy principles and standards, including Energy STAR, Indoor airPLUS for healthier air and WaterSense water-saving products.

Gobuty’s next development, Hunters Point-Pearl Homes Resort and Marina in Cortez, is designed to fulfill his goal of creating a net-zero-plus community of homes like the one in the warehouse. gas and supply locations Dozens of energy-independent, cottage-style residences of around 500 square feet under air and 1,200 square feet in decks will be sold fully furnished. The development will be hooked up with city sewer and city water.

The homes will sit on pilings 15 feet above the flood zone. The ground level will have a two-car garage, storage compartments and elevator access to the second-floor living area and the rooftop deck. The master bedroom; office or second bedroom with a Murphy bed; bathroom; and combination kitchen, dining and living room occupy the second floor. A pergola shades three-quarters of a rooftop deck as well as an outdoor kitchen. The flat roof over the first-floor deck supports the solar panels.

“They’ve designed this home to be the most energy-efficient home that’s ever been built,” he said. “And I can say that because when I met with them, they said, ‘Are you sure? You’re going to let us decide where the windows go? You’re going to let us decide how the system works? You’re not going to put vinyl anywhere in this house? You’re going to use all-natural components?’

He also enlisted sonnen, which produces a solar energy automation system with advanced software and technology that automatically monitors a home’s energy use in real time and adjusts how and what is powered. electricity and magnetism review game Sonnen’s system unites home automation, residential solar panels and energy storage to efficiently manage energy use, protect smart homes against grid outages and help power the existing electrical grid.

“Every single component they make they put in here with us,” Gobuty said. “They actually designed it with us, they installed it with us, and we’ve been partners with them to create the smartest home, not just, ‘Hi Google, turn the music on,’ but the Nest system, the security system, the HVAC system, the electric window closers, everything is controlled by the Google Smart Home. That’s also integrated into the sonnenBatterie.