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Each year, ENGIE Insight continues to expand its dedication to corporate responsibility through innovative strategies and measurable goals in four areas of focus: clients, employees, communities and the environment. ENGIE Insight’s annual corporate responsibility report shares top achievements from these efforts, including employees volunteering more than 8,500 hours in their communities and the company’s offsetting 100 percent of its emissions with Renewable Energy Credits and Voluntary Emission Reductions. For clients in 2017, ENGIE Insight diverted 4 million tons of trash from landfills and identified $536 million in cost savings in 2017.

By leveraging data insights from utility bills and facility systems, ENGIE Insight has saved clients $3.2 billion over five years and 15.9 million tCO2e in GHG emissions reductions for clients in 2017, a 40% increase from the previous year. ENGIE Insight’s combined technology and industry expertise approach meets the unique needs, challenges and strategic priorities of clients, driving a client retention rate of 96 percent over the past year. Further, ENGIE Insight’s customers received 514 ENERGY STAR certifications, and ENGIE Insight was awarded the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the 14th consecutive year for enabling this significant volume of benchmarking and certifications.

– Planet Fitness’ 64 corporate-owned locations selected ENGIE Insight to provide utility expense data management, and advisory solutions, such as energy procurement of electricity and natural gas, and waste management solutions. Hyatt Corporation

– Renewing its existing contract and expanding its work with ENGIE Insight, Hyatt will benefit from an intelligent energy management strategy for hotels within its select service portfolio, and ENGIE Insight will provide comprehensive energy management services for Hyatt’s new headquarters. The Krystal Company

“We are fortunate to have both new and long-standing relationships with clients who share in our mission to responsibly manage critical resources, which not only lowers costs, but also lowers our collective impact on the environment,” explained Mathias Lelievre, president and chief executive officer at ENGIE Insight. “Our Corporate Responsibility Report demonstrates that we are making real strides in this mission to advance both our own and our clients’ sustainability efforts. In the coming year, we aim to intensify and accelerate our core capabilities on a global scale.”

ENGIE Insight Services Inc. (formerly Ecova Inc.) works with multi-site businesses that aim to thrive in a sustainable world. With accurate and comprehensive resource data – including energy, water, waste, and telecommunications – ENGIE Insight applies technology and expertise to lower costs, drive efficiencies, and reduce environmental impact. Leading customers, including more than 25 percent of the Fortune 500, turn to ENGIE Insight to drive their sustainable resource management initiatives forward. For more information, please visit us at engieinsight.com.

ENGIE Insight is part of ENGIE North America, which manages a range of energy businesses in the U.S. and Canada, including electricity generation and cogeneration, retail energy sales, and services to help customers run their facilities more efficiently and optimize their energy use and expense. For more information on ENGIE North America, visit www.engie-na.com or Twitter.