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We stayed at the Riu Guanacaste and booked our trip through Gecko Tico tours. They took very good care of us and our tour guide, Ronald, spoke English very well. (Although gasbuddy near me I think he probably embellished some of the things he told us. I tend to think if he didn’t know an answer, he just made it up!) While on the boat tour, we saw many different types of wildlife: bats, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, a macaw, iguanas, crocodiles, etc. One of the other groups on the river at the same time we were fed the capuchin monkeys. NOT a good idea. First, according to our guide, we have bacteria on our hands that is not good for the monkeys. Second, if you look at their mouths, they have huge canines! These are wild animals–they will bite! So use some common sense and don’t tempt fate by playing with an animal that may decide that you are a good snack! After our trip down the river, we ate lunch at a little electricity video bill nye restaurant along the way. Everything was homemade. The food here was 20 times better than the food at the resort! It wasn’t anything special, but it was simply good food. This was a good way to see parts of the countryside and I would recommend doing this. We took my 76 year old mother who has some health problems and it wasn’t at all hard on her. More Show less

We stayed at the Marina Loft Apart-Hotel in Playas Del Coco. We were picked up and dropped off there – thankfully. I would not have enjoyed driving there myself. The ride out to the river is and adventure by itself. Once there and on the river – this is a very relaxing yet very enjoyable tour. We saw many of the Capuchin monkeys in threes and climbing on some of the other boats. We saw a few howler monkeys in trees – but the guide said they were being lazy that day. The boat pulled in very close gas and bloating pain to shore – and there was a group of Iquanas on the bank – the guide threw bananas out to them – a feeding frenzy followed. Later we were also pretty close to shore – and the guide made everyone get close to the center of the boat. The guide fearlessly dangled pieces of chicken fat over the edge of the boat. A crocodile jumped out fo the water and helped himself. Quite an extraordinary sight. The jaws on that thing made me cringe. We had a typical Tico lunch after the river cruise – rice, beans, chicken, some pasta, — all very good. Another stop o gastronomo was at a place where they make and demonstrate how they make native pottery. We also stopped at a local coffee grower – they talked about the various roasts fo coffee – surprisingly they even had some for sale. Very good coffe..!! Very good trip – helpful informative guides – relaxing yet entertaining and educational

We booked this tour two days before hand and this may be part of the reason the transport piece was a little convoluted. We emailed Palo gas monkey monster truck hellcat Verde and were instructed to meet at the JSM gas station in Filadelfia at 8:30. We got there early and had a nice breakfast at the orange house next door to the station. We waited 45 minutes and no one came. At this point we were sure we would miss the tour. Lucky for us, the woman at the orange house where we ate took pity on us and came over and asked if we were waiting for the tour. She called someone gas national average 2009 for us and five minutes later a man in a white car pulled up with a cell phone in hand and we spoke to someone at Palo Verde. We were told to follow the man in the white car. It seemed a little sketchy, but went along with it. We followed him for about 35 minutes down a horrible dirt road and then we were handed off to follow another car the rest of the way. We finally got to the rendezvous point (restaurant) where the Palo Verdo facilitator was waiting for us with another tourist couple. He then said to us, I thought I saw you two at the gas station, but you were just sitting in your car. Maybe try asking next time? Very strange. We then followed the tour operator who rode with the other couple and we took the boat photographer with us in our car down to the dock area. There were a few other tour operators there with more tourists. We paid an $8 pp donation fee at the river. The boat ride was relaxing gasbuddy touch and somewhat informative. It was not a very formal tour and the boat tour guide was very animated and joked around. They made sure we saw as much wildlife as possible, even backing the boat up to ensure we caught a glimpse. We saw both howler and white-faced monkeys, crocodiles, scarlet macaws, egrets/herons, bats and lizards/iguanas. The boat is covered and people were allowed to get up, move around and take electricity experiments for high school photos. We were taken back to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch with our tour operator and another tourist couple. This is also when you pay for the tour/lunch. The restaurant is actually quite nice and has clean rest rooms and everyone is very friendly. You may also purchase professional photography taken that day. With a GPS you could probably find the restaurant meeting point, but it is not a bad idea to follow someone there anyway. It is extremely rural getting to the river and the roads are horrible. We saw a box truck on the side of the road with what looked like a broken axle. To get back to Filadelfia we had Fabrizio (the boat photographer) with us to show us the way out, which was very helpful. All in all it was a true Costa Rican adventure! I would p gaskell recommend the boat tour – luncheon. My only suggestion if meeting at the gas station is to let Palo Verde know your make and model rental car.

As recommended to us by a close family friend, we contacted Diego (Email: bustosdieg@gmail.com; Cell: (506) 8833-2926; Office: (506)-2653-7018 ask for Diego) of Adrenaline Tours, as soon as we arrived in Playa Hermosa for our family vacation. Diego brought us on the Palo Verde Boat Tour for our first excursion (and also to Buena Vista Lodge, which we’ll list in a separate review). We were extremely satisfied with Diego’s knowledge of the native wildlife and his attentiveness to our interests. He tailored the boat tour toward our interests and brought along bird and wildlife books. He speaks English Spanish fluently, and is very laid back and enjoyable to be around. Diego is also a very safe driver. Diego list of electricity usage by appliances went above and beyond all of our expectations – Not only did he bring us on the boat tour, but he spent time showing us (family of four) around the Guanacaste province. stopping in Fildelphia City to see the park in the morning and also buying us water and ice for the day. Following the boat tour, we had a delicious lunch in the town of Ortega, with rice, beans, tortillas, chicken, salad, fruit juice, etc electricity 2014. On the way back to the resort where we were staying (Condovac La Costa), Diego brought us back to Fildelphia City, where we saw the iguanas in the park, after they had come down from the treetops. He also brought us to Coco Beach for some shopping, and to a fruit stand in Liberia, where we bought the freshest watermelon and pineapples we have ever had! We highly recommend hiring Diego to show you around Guanacaste, Liberia, and the greater area. You will have an amazing time learning about the culture, wildlife, and terrain with Diego as your guide!