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Our transportation gas line jobs in wv advisor at our hotel recommended this trip and said we were getting a deal at $198 (US DOLLARS) for my husband and I to go on a 2-2.5 hour trip in one vehicle – not two. We were told it would visit a local village where we could see how they harvest/roast/grind coffee and make cigars as well as sample each along with mamajana (their locally made aphrodisiac drink which is a combo of honey, wine and brandy). Against my better judgement, I agreed on the price since we were on vacation. Long story short…this adventure was underwhelming at best. Safety was not a concern as we had to ask for helmets when they wanted us to pull out on the tour and we saw other people wearing them. There were no instructions or guidance to secure yourself in the safety belts on the vehicle either. On the tour itself, they take us along a bunch of dirt roads in the countryside. We had to be super cautious because on the road curves and where they stop periodically to have the group catch up there were children jumping out in the road trying to run up to the moving vehicles to beg for money. At one stop, a child actually ran up to me, hit me on the arm and demanded that I give him a dollar while his gas definition physics parents sat under a tree playing on their cell phones. No asking. Demanding. I was shocked. The stop at the local village was a scam. It isn’t a village, but a shop on a dirt road. There was no education of showing how they do things. This was a pit stop for you to buy things. We make coffee – here is some beans or ground coffee to buy. We make cigars – here are some to buy. Now if you step over here, we have 3 or 4 vendors that would like to sell you jewelry and other items. We will be here for a while for you to shop. UGH! Back in the vehicles and another 10 – 15 down the road we come to a cave or cenote. You have the option to get in the water and swim since the stop is 20-25 minutes. Nothing but vendors surrounding the entrance constantly coaxing and grade 9 electricity quiz pulling on you to come look at their things. Back in the vehicles and another 10 minutes down the road a stop at the beautiful Macao beach – definitely worth hp gas seeing. (It is a public park so if you have your own car I would recommend visiting). It had beautiful white sand and blue water. About 10-15 minutes was available once at the beach if you wanted to take a dip. There was also 4 or 5 additional vendors ready and waiting to sell you wares on your way from the vehicles to the water. There really wasn’t any driving on the beach at all which was completely disappointing as I was lead to believe we would be driving on the beach. It was take the vehicle down to the end of the parking lot, turn around and come back a little bit to park there. As my husband drove, I was able to observe the surroundings on the journey which I enjoyed (albeit depressing and bleak). The staff at Adventure Boogies were not very organized and their communication skills were horrible given that they gasco abu dhabi address provide a service to tourists. I would never recommend this tour or this company. Save your time and your dollars and pick something else…perhaps an adventure without an hour plus shopping time included.

I would do this excursion again in a minute. The ride to Macao Beach was mostly done along the side shoulder of the main road and was pretty uneventful. We did arrive at Macao Beach and were met by the local vendors on the beach, but they are trying to make a living too. There was a short time available to take a brief dip in the water, but be cautious because this each has a very strong undertow. Back again in our Boogie Buggies and we headed back along the main road and then went onto to dirt roads back into where the Cocoa and Coconut demonstration and store was located and were given a brie presentation regarding local products. Then it was on the dirt road again and through the mud puddles (rained during the night before) to the Cenote-Cave. This wd gaster battle was a beautiful area but time was so limited that by the time we climbed down into the Cenote-Cave we had about 30 seconds in the water and were called to get out and back to the Boogie la gastritis Buggies. It was just enough time to get some of the mud washed off and cool down. Back in the Buggies again and we headed back to the starting point. The excursion was fun but I would have preferred much less time at Macao Beach and more time at the Cenote-Cave. Buggies will accommodate two or four people. Since the two person are smaller and built closer to the ground, I can imagine when the dirt road is wet and puddled that one could get a complete mud bath if so desired. It was a blast.