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The fact that Ferrocells reacts, aligns their metallic nano particles with the lowest potential of the field is a great advantage…by this metallic particles aligning on the lower potential side, they will darken those lowest potential zones, then showing the HIGHER POTENTIAL SIDE by allowing light to pass through the lower saturated part of the ferrofluid.

Think of it as the 35mm film…it contains some silver crystals which are sensitive to light, when light is processed through the camera and sent to film for fractions of seconds, those crystals which receive the strongest light become metals which obstruct light (become dark)…so we get a "negative image" which is basically lightening up all darker areas of the image while darkening all lightened areas.

Ferrocell is more like a "positive image" rendering of magnetic fields, all particles aligning at lowest potential of spectrum, allowing light to pass through the HIGHEST potential side…and that is what we all see "illuminated" at the lens.

Ferrocell takes a bit to process the image of the Field, similar to how a Polaroid Film does, except that it will clear back up again when field is not present, also in a slow process. One thing that must be careful with ferrocells…is NOT to leave them exposed for long times to a magnetic field, because it will "burn" the cell…darker blemishes will appear and that’s it…not good anymore…sometimes after a few months, it may rearrange itself…but most of times is just trash.

All these optical effects Rayleigh scattering and so on have little to unimportant role to play once the ferrocell is activated by an external magnetic field where refraction index of ferrocell is directly and almost exclusively overruled and controlled by the polarization of external magnetic field induced in the ferrocell.

If you don’t want to accept the real field flux geometry of dipole magnetism shown by a modern nanomagnetic single domain (go read about single domain to understand their importance) nanoparticles observation device and stick to the 200 years old grandpa iron filings showing just where the relative positions of the two poles are and really contribute nothing more to the knowledge on magnetic fields and their actual vortex structure shown correctly by the ferrocell and furthermore to understand that everything in nature and the cosmos spins and creates a vortex, that’s fine with me and I respect that.

Also NOT comprehending as shown by your previous reply to me, that ferrocell is totally transparent to magnetic flux coming from both poles of a magnet , therefore 3D Euclidean field of magnet is projected on the 2D surface of ferrocell and therefore flux lines appearing as interlaced at the 2D surface however actually overlapping in 3D space,

I couldn’t agree more with you on that and you said it wonderfully . However I must say this "lowest potential" term brings confusion. In the ferrocell but as well CRT the flux trajectories closer to the body of the magnet are actually the highest potential of the field (it is well known fact in physics that the strongest field vectors are the shortest in distance from the source). As you go further in distance from the magnet, flux lines shown represent lower potentials of the magnetic dipole field. The magnetic field strength as you know for the far field is diminishing with distance with the inverse cube law for a dipole magnet.

Ferrocell is not showing lowest or highest potential shells of magnetic field but because it is a single 2D surface in space every time depending its distance from the magnet, one slice only or shell of the 3D magnetic field is magnetically projected on the 2D surface of the ferrocell. And by meaning surface of the ferrocell I am not referring to the glass but to the the microns thin film of ferrofluid encapsulated inside the ferrolens (i.e. two glasses of ferrocell).