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First let me preface with the fact that it poured rain the first day of our scheduled tour so we had to cancel it. The owner was very understanding as you couldn’t see a thing and we couldn’t find our guide in the deluge. We kept our day two tour with Jose and asked that he make adjustments to our plan due to the fact that we missed gas bloating pregnancy day one. He took us to all four squares and to a place to buy cigars. He talked on his phone a lot. I told him explicitly that I wanted to see/walk on the la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 Malecon and take a 30 minute drive in one of the cars. Those were our number 1’s. The weather forecast was rain in the afternoon, so why we didn’t do these things in the morning is beyond me. Then, we asked to have lunch and he drove us to a place after a while that I am sure was on the tourist list since it was very pricey for a slice of pork and a tiny bite of cucumber and rice. The rain began while we were at the restaurant quite a distance from our ship so we were taken back to the ship early (same price as a full day) and never got to do the things gastroenterology I hoped for . The plus side: The owners went out of their way to make sure we had good communication. I would suggest for the guide to have something in his hand with names on it so his tourists can find him easier and know that it is him. Despite this, I would use this tour company again and be more explicit with our guide 850 gas block.

Dear Karen Your feedback is highly appreciated, we thank you for your words and the time to post your review. We’d like to go through some of your points to be more explicit with our fellow travellers. When the weather doesn’t help and the outcome of the tour isn’t the expected one there is always someone to blame but the weather. For a couple of weeks weather has been deteriorated most of the time and unpredictable. In order to be flexible, accommodating and personal we accepted and understood the reasons of your gaslighting examples cancelation of our first tour on day 1 right that morning without charging a cent. Next day we did our best to meet your expectations, covering all highlights we had planned for 2 days just in one day. Riding the convertible car was scheduled for day 1 in the morning but after your cancelation we had to make readjustments and we could only book it for the afternoon on day 2 but it rained heavily and gas station it couldn’t be done. We understand your disapointment. We have heard many good praises and read excellent reviews of the restaurant where you had lunch, we are really sorry it was not your case. All your points have been reviewed with the guide and taken into account for similar situations as we aim to maintain the very high standars we set to ourselves and avoid inconveniences like these you’ve experienced electricity deregulation map. We look forward to welcoming again soon and change your perception of our service. Regards.

We pre-booked with our travel agent, a day tour of Havana, prior to arriving in Cuba. We had done a coach tour of Havana previously and this time we opted for a more personalized tour with Cuban Connection Tours. Pricewise, CCT was better but the advantages didn’t end there. There were 4 of us, all adults, and we got a very personalized tour, thanks to Gabriel. He was amazing!! He drove us to and from our resort in Varadero in his beautifully maintained 1956 Belair, which has been upgraded with a Mercedes-Benz engine, and air-conditioning. Gabriel is a proud and knowledgeable young man who entertained, educated and electricity cost per watt took care of us in our day long excursion. He’s so engaging and accommodating. We saw and learned things about Cuba and Havana that we didn’t get on our previous coach tour. Gabriel’s choice of restaurant was fabulous. He took us behind the scenes to see things the uninitiated would not know existed. He took us for a drive in downtown Havana in a 1957 convertible. Our every j gastroenterol hepatol wish, was his command. Our one experience with CCT was great. We’d use them again. And we’d definitely ask for Gabriel.