Ensuring entitlements with dignity for marginalized people in mica-mines area of koderma – samarpan – dial 1098 – ngo in jharkhand q gastrobar dias ferreira


Bangakhalar, Dhab and Dhodhakola of Domchanch block are not only able to get education also they are not getting enough food. Parents are willing to send their children to the schools but they can’t do this due to financial crunch. We got some experiences during our three years of working in these area that people always play with their life during mica collection for the purpose of getting meal for two times in a day.

Our intervention are total 1631 families in three panchayats among them 460 families are landless. e85 gas stations florida They having not any Government Documents (i.e. voter card, ration card, Aadhar card, bank passbook etc) so they are not getting benefits/facilities from Government schemes. gaz 67 sprzedam Such people have been spending their lives by capturing a piece of land of jungle and to some extent they are cultivating in the same forest land. Due to scarcity of water, irregular irrigation and unemployment, children and people are going to looking out for part time job. Government does not have any special scheme for such type of people who are dependent on jungle and mica mines due to lack of necessary documents.. According to government’s point of view such type of works are illegal.

Approximately all the villages of this area are backward. In the same way nature has given a lot of things in this area but the land is not fit for doing irrigation in that. Though there is a good presence of natural resource but those are not utilized effectively. electricity electricity goodness If some proper measures will be taken for proper utilization of natural resources then perhaps the fate of the villagers can be changed. All the time we know from newspaper and news that poverty, education, starvation, unemployment, dearness, transportation facilities, water, electricity, communication etc are improving day by day in our country. gas kush But in the context of Mica Mines area of koderma all are worthless. All government schemes are unsuccessful here, due to lack of awareness among the people who are involved in illegal works like making alcohol collecting Dhibra. Maximum male are drinker which result domestic and social violence. Gram Panchayats also does not play vital role in these villages to improve the life status of the villagers.

Due to continuous approach of our organization now people become aware for their rights. gas zone pricing Due to direct approach of CHILDLINE run through our organization brokers and human traffickers are in fear to do any wrong. gas nozzle keeps stopping Children and parents are standing on such type of issues now. After creation of Kishori Club and Mahila Mandal the villagers are now aware and they are ready to face any type of challenges confidently. Now they are not willing to tolerate any anti-social issues i.e. against domestic violence, drinking bear/alcohol, scam in school building, etc. gas x and pregnancy To some extent they have achieved success. We think that there is need to develop such ideas and notions consecutively in this area by which the village can be a model and develop to the best.

Our organization has been working towards enhancement of Government schemes, facilities and awareness for the people of this area consecutively. For which first of all we conducted a meeting for marking issues and took decisions regarding bringing out solution to the issues and then we wrote letter to the concerned authority for the purpose of fulfilling our demand. We took help of RTI Act with the support of media, Panchayat representatives, etc. then we approached following schemes and facilities to the people. Again, handholding and facilitating assistance is being provided in this area for infrastructure such as land facilities, water, banking, school infrastructure, roads, solar lighting, primary health center, bridge, pension, alternate income generation etc.

Model structure and recommendation from SAMARPAN SMALL (SOCIAL) ENTREPRENEURSHIP: In our target village Pasiya of Dhodhakola panchyat of Domchanch block. Samarpan supported a mica woman (Magdalni Kindo) to develop small entrepreneurship by supporting financially and technically. This results that that women now earning best and support their family for economic development. gas vs electric oven review That is the only small grocery shop on that village. Now many women are planning to do so.