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We watched and participated a series of fun and informative science experiments demo at the auditorium, conducted by the resident scientist they called electricity symbols ks2 Mind Movers. Our 7 year old daughter had a chance to be part of the imploding can experiment. personally, i liked the vitamin C and light activities save electricity images. list below are some of our fave: TECHNOLOGY GALLERY ARCADE – Yes! there are few old school and time-zone units on the second floor. CARS – Evolution of wheels from Karl Benz’ motorwagen to Ferrari F50! XRAY SCANNER – you can put your belongings electricity distribution companies under the xray scanner, pretend to be an immigration officer and have fun 🙂 NIGHT VISION gas and bloating after every meal GOGGLES – great to peep but not nose friendly 🙁 HUG VEST – changes its color when hugged. cool! COSTUMES – great photo ops section PLANETARY POETRY BOARD – just can’t get this The TEMPS – alarming! really! HOW THINGS WORK – you’ll find how toilet works, lighting a city electricity edison, water turbine and more! ATOM GALLERY STATIC BALL – a must touch! ^_^ you will surely have a hair raising experience. But I don’t know why I felt electricity basics strange after few minutes of touching it. TABLE OF PERIODIC ELEMENTS – you will find real and fun example/s in each element container. GIANT PENDULUM SWING – nakaka OC ! LIFE GALLERY HUMAN BRAIN – have a tour in a pro to type human brain. learn which part of a human brain gas in oil tank correspond on a certain trait / skill / aspect HUMAN HEART – our daughter had fun with the pulse machine. It’s like having a big stethoscope on a monitor. WHALE SHARK – great for photo ops 😉 GIANT ORGANIC MOLECULE 66 gas station near me – EARTH GALLERY STAN, the T-REX – know how a dino poop and bone look like from this 40 ft Trex perspective TORNADO – one of our daughter’s fave. MUST TRY! cool to create and photo op! FOSSIL DIG – let your child experience static electricity definition physics how is it to be an archeologist even for just few minutes. saw kids here really having fun but then parents will just drag them out. Pity. NATURE gas out game commercial’s HOUR GLASS – flash back to 4.6 billion years ago in 12 minute show. EARLY HUMANS – real life size of prototype FLORA and FAUNA – wide samples and videos to watch BACTERIA – my fave… UNIVERSE GALLERY: SPACE SHELL – they gas bubble retinal detachment have scheduled shows everyday. uses HD projector. be prepared to be dizzy but don’t worry because the comfy couches are conducive for gas under 2 dollars a short nap hihihihi TIP: make sure to sit on the couch where the pine tree of the Windows Icon is pointing to. that’s the best point to sit so you can clearly see the show with less chances of getting dizzy. PHASES OF MOON – excellent hands-on activity electricity in india travel for moon phases. MARS ROVER – Wired control of a rover on a mars-like landscape. NATGEO TV SHOW in a shell – set aside 35 mins in watching the show. ASTRONAUT SUIT electricity projects for grade 7 – great for photo ops To sum up, there are Interactive fun activities for the whole family! Hundreds of hands-on activities for kids and kids-at-heart. Great grade 9 electricity questions shows in various galleries. You will surely go home with bigger mind and heart for science ^_^ well maintained toilets, presence of security personnel and first aiders add pogi points *_^ winks! One day is really not enough!