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Nearing Olivine City, our heroes notice a field full of windmills. Brock explains the windmills are used to generate electricity. Deciding the breezy windmill field is a nice place to take a break and get some fresh air, our heroes release their Pokémon from their Poké Balls and begin to set up a picnic. When Ash and Chikorita go looking for firewood, they stumble upon a concrete building with the front door wide open. Curious, the duo enter and are promptly locked in when a strong gust of wind shuts the heavy electric door. Hearing Ash’s cries for help, Pikachu races towards the building, followed by Brock and Misty. While Brock contacts the electric company for help, Ash decides to descend the floors of the compound and locates the building’s power source. He and Chikorita must battle their way through the scores of security systems in place… Electric-type Pokémon! Plot

Ash, Misty, and Brock stop in a large field near a wind power generator in order to take a break. Ash releases all his Pokémon for a little rest and some play time while Misty and Brock seemingly sit around. Team Rocket is spying on them from behind the wind generators. Jessie tries to think of a plan that might get all of Ash’s Pokémon, but James suggests they eat first. Then, all their stomachs growl, which convinces Jessie.

They find a building nearby and James knocks on the door. After a few tries, he tries to open it up, but the door is electronically locked, which Meowth infers after seeing a card reader. He tries to pick at it with his claw but ends up breaking his claw and the reader. The door opens slowly. They walk in and explore, realizing that the building is abandoned… or is it? As soon as they go downstairs, guess who comes along? It’s Jigglypuff.

Meanwhile, Ash and Chikorita are walking across the field when they find the building, the door still open. Ash looks inside the room and goes in along with Chikorita. All of a sudden, the door slams shut! Ash tries to get it open without any luck; however, Chikorita spots out a map of the complex and Ash looks at it. They go downstairs to check out the place. Upon looking through various empty halls, Ash finds that a Magnemite is following him. Ash tries to check it out but it ends up attacking him! He has Chikorita attack it, but soon more come after them. Ash runs for it but ends up in a dead end. Team Rocket heard this and found Ash… but Jigglypuff soon finds Team Rocket and attempts to sing, but James takes away her "microphone" but Jigglypuff slaps him, knocking it towards Jessie. Jessie then throws it towards the Magnemite to give them some time. Ash figures out that there is a shutter behind him, so he too tries to escape by breaking through it, making a successful move. Jigglypuff managed to get her "microphone" and sings, sending all the Magnemite right to sleep.

On the next floor, Ash wanders around four large generators neatly in a 2×2 pattern. As soon as he gets into the middle, however, some Electrode surround him! They make their move, but Ash tells Chikorita to use Razor Leaf, making one explode, creating a path for Ash to escape. However, the same thing happens as with the Magnemite, more of them come! The hall is soon blasted by explosion after explosion and yet again, Ash is caught in a stand still. Fortunately, Team Rocket is there again… as well as Jigglypuff. James again grabs the microphone and Jigglypuff slaps it out of him, ending up in Jessie’s hands. She tosses it and Jigglypuff goes after it. This time, Jigglypuff coming in allows Ash some time to escape, as well as Team Rocket. Both escape and Jigglypuff is successful at singing to the Electrode.

Team Rocket starts running around in order to find a hiding spot to stay in and they find a room. As soon as they get inside, they get interrupted by an Electabuzz! Team Rocket soon gets frightened, but Meowth soon makes his mark. He tells the Electabuzz that Ash is really the one causing the trouble and their just workers. So, the Electabuzz marches off to find Ash.

Meanwhile, an electronics expert comes by to check out the situation. She sees the lock and soon starts to fix it, or just try to get the door open. Successful, they make their way in. Brock tries the elevator and it works, so they make their way into the third basement.

Soon Ash runs into the Electabuzz, and sure enough, the Electabuzz isn’t too thrilled to see Ash. It seems Ash has no choice but fight. But before even both Pokémon can lay the first blow, a cage from Team Rocket slams on them, trapping them. Chikorita tries to break away with Razor Leaf, but the bars are way too strong. They soon run off with the captured Pokémon and Ash chases them. Brock, Misty, and the woman mechanic walk out and explore for a while, while Team Rocket, unnoticed, zooms into the elevator while it’s still open. Ash sees that elevator now closed and has to run up the stairs. He does so but Misty notices him and tells the others.

Soon Ash catches up with Team Rocket on the first floor and Team Rocket makes their way down a hill. Ash soon jumps ahead from another location to cut them off. Seeing that Ash has no Pokémon on him, Team Rocket takes advantage of the predicament. Jessie and James combo it off with Arbok and Victreebel to attack… Ash! Ash is successful in dodging the first few attacks but soon gets hit and the Pokémon beat him up badly. Chikorita, sitting there helpless, just can’t take Ash being beaten up and so it evolves into Bayleef! Bayleef uses Razor Leaf and this breaks the bars right off, allowing both Pokémon to escape. Brock and the others catch up but just insist on observing since it looks like the tides have turned. Bayleef soon bashes Arbok and Victreebel away and throws them towards Team Rocket with a Vine Whip. The woman, who happens to be Electabuzz’s Trainer, makes her call and tells it to use Thunderbolt and that takes care of them.

It seems now that things might be a little different with Bayleef around, but Ash is proud anyways. Bayleef jumps onto Ash, but instead tackles him. Just when things seem happy, Jigglypuff comes out, finishing off by singing. Of course, it isn’t all too happy when everyone goes to sleep. Jigglypuff draws on them and stomps away angrily.