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Maud blinked at whiteness above her. She remembered many different medward ceilings from the last two years: the grimy mud-brown stone of the Karhari’s East Plateau, the thick metal plates of the Kurabi Fort, the multitude of chains hanging from the darkness at Broken Well… She had woken up a few times like this, in pain and unsure, surprised to be alive. This ceiling was, by far, the cleanest.

“Hold on.” He fiddled with the controls on the side of his medcot. It slid toward hers. electricity hair stand up The two beds touched. Arland moved toward her and held out his arm. She slipped under it, ignoring the muscles screaming in protest, and settled on his chest. His lips found hers and he kissed her. A hot electric thrill dashed through her, from her neck all the way down into her feet. Maud laughed softly. They stretched against each other, their bodies touching. Maud pulled Helen closer to her. Arland sighed next to her, sounding completely content.

“No. When I asked them why they let a child onto the transport going to the Battle Station, I was told she was very convincing and had the air of confidence. She didn’t try to sneak in or ask permission, she walked up to them and looked them in the eye, like a knight reporting for duty, which apparently persuaded the battle-hardened knights that she was following orders and was exactly where she was required to be. All of our iron-clad security measures have been defeated by a five-year-old,” Arland said, his tone dry. “I’m less than pleased.”

“Well, I’ll tell her.” Ilemina turned to Maud. “We won. We’ve destroyed over half of the pirate fleet. The rest of the cowards fled. We’ve captured seven vessels and picked up a few dozen escape pods, all of them crewed with members of Kozor and Serak. Of the two hundred wedding guests, sixty-eight survived. It was a resounding victory.” She turned to her husband. “Well? Say something to the boy.”

Ilemina sneered. “House Krahr doesn’t concern itself with the petty political squabbles of minor houses. arkla gas pay bill I can tell you who won’t be in charge: the idiots who thought to test the might of Krahr. If they want to travel to Karhari and retrieve what’s left of their former leaders, that is their burden. I have a feeling they will be in no hurry to do so. No matter, onto more important things. I understand my son has asked you to marry him?”

Ilemina smiled, baring her fangs. “Excellent. We have some impressive recordings of both of you from the battle on the station, lots of blood, severed limbs. They are working on it now. We will splice it in with the wedding announcement. Shall we say a month from now? The valas will be in full bloom.You don’t want to get married on the Battle Station, do you?”

I tell people about the Innkeeper series and keep encouraging them to check out your other series. Thank you for your entertainment and wisdom. Magic happoens when it happens. It well up under stress. Hen e the episode with the dragon. Why would they be mad? Its not a finite resource that they are short on. Now I can see them reining in someone misusing it or untrained and dangerous because of it. For saving a baby? don’t worry. The ad hal are mentioned as working with the Innkeepers assembly and some form of interplanetary senate. Now someone who could handle a situation where there are no ad hal closer might help out on per diem basis if they need someone for an emergency. If ad hal are being attacked and drained Mauds sister and Maud might be their best source of info bout what is going on. They did manage to imprison the thing in a bottle for a while. Then Dina killed it when it got loose. electricity voltage in india An offer of training in exchange for help when needed might not be a bad thing. Krahr are already going to be policing their area of space anyway.

Like you mdy, I had to look up the pertinent passage in SIP to check my memory of the conditions governing Arbitrators’ employment was correct. I agree that there appears to be no ban on an Arbitrator marrying or contacting family, just they cannot return to their home planet. The latter is interesting because Earth is actually George’s home planet and he did return for the peace conference in SIP. However since he grew up in “the edge” and “the weird” and Gertrude Hunt is in its own little pool of magic in Red Deer Texas which is part of “ the broken”, and he required Dina’s help and a trip to Baha Char to sneak into the weird to recruit Sophie, then presumably the weird is classified as his “ home planet” in the Arbitrators’ eyes.

come to the attention of the Arbitrators ? Perhaps in the next story the AL will bring the disparate threads of disappeared parents, evil power threatening Ad Hals, Maud’s apparent manifestation of Ad Hal like magic, Sebastian North, Klaus suddenly appearing etc together. Whatever happens next in this exciting universe it will be another exciting ride.

Oboy, Command training and getting evaluated with other weapons. Fun times Hopefully they can keep her busy and out of trouble. She is going to have ripper cushions more often than not. At the end of the day Helen gonna do what Helen gonna do. It all depends on whether the ripper cushions are worth it or not. gaston y la agrupacion santa fe OR if she has a class she likes enough to worry about being late. A busy schedule she loves will work better than ripper cushions to keep her in line. I used to run those calculations in my head as a kid. considerations for who would be dishing out ripper cushions mattered (

Dad smacked backside not nearly as hard as the outraged party (Mom) did. The one time he handed out a serious spanking we managed to leave the family dog behind us by about 200 miles tied to a tree. We found him but He could have gotten hurt. Revise calculations to consider if the currently outraged parent would be dishing out the swats. Forget the dog again and all bets are off no matter who is dishing out swats. They both loved him.

Thank you for another gripping story installment in the InnKeeper series! Most satisfying. I am reading along feeling the warm fuzzies that Maude and Arland survived and smiling over Helen’s precociousness when BOOM it ends with Klaus waiting to see her after 3-4 years of no contact. Is it Klaus for real or is it someone pretending to be Klaus? Maude will know immediately, but real or not this is a HUGE CLIFFHANGER to whet my appetite for the next installment that sadly will likely not be available until next summer. Dina will have had her meeting with the Council by now and whatever the outcome of that will definitely be revealed in the next installment of this gripping and thrilling InnKeeper series. Wonder if Maude’s wedding will be at risk in the next book? Wonder if what happened in this installment brings the hunt for the DeMille parents closer to fruition? THANK YOU again Authors! Of all the wonderfully engaging stories from the Ilona Andrews partnership, the Innkeeper is my most favorite in big part because the joy from reading and following this story is spread out through the year, so I can savor it slowly instead of a weekend read. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and the Best for the New Year!

While it is way past our Thanksgiving( ours is in October because we like a little space between our turkey feasts or we would hibernate and never play hockey 😉 I’m trying to keep up with being grateful. I’m grateful that this is a book and not a novelette or whatever they call the shorter ones. I’m grateful that it is such an awesome story, told with some seriously kick ass talent, timing and world building. I’m grateful that you give it to us for free, so I feel the least I can do is get it in both formats(which is really for me though I suppose it could be for you, too). 7 gas laws I’m grateful that it made so many of my weeks this year a lot more interesting, and I got in touch with my inner child’s whine(is it there, yet? How about now? Now?…) Mostly, I’m just grateful for the experience of reading an awesome story and enjoying the thoughts and anticipation of how the next one will roll. I hope we see some of Helen’s training. I think after Otubar and Lady Ilemina got the report from the guards at the gate and saw her stab that wench in the face without a flinch, they know she is more Vampire than human, more importantly, the best kind of grandchild 🙂

It cracks me up that Arland is at least 30 years old and his mother still refers to him as “the boy” to her husband. At some point, more of his back story/family history would be greatly appreciated. Considering that Ilemina married Arland’s father and then joined House Krahr it would be interesting to learn whether his parents divorced or his mother widowed. Because I totally see her staying after building/earning a place for herself in the House Krahr hierarchy. She’d be far too valuable to kick out. (Hellooo, Maud!) After all, Ilemina did say that she understood Maud after her outburst about being thrown away. Just sayin’.

Also love that Maud kept referencing everything in future with “we”, showing not only her acceptance of Arland but also her trust in him. Thank you so much for this. Now I’m left wondering if Helen ends up becoming the youngest child to undergo leadership training because I really don’t think they’ll be able to wait two years more until she’s seven.

Ilemina doesn’t seem to be one to let the grass grow. Fairly certain that after all that’s happened she’s pro-Maud for more than just her son’s sake- she seems quite happy with Maud’s abilities and accomplishments, and especially for Helen. That Otubar is pleased with Helen was left in no doubt- he not only spoke clearly but in complete sentences to boot. Go Helen! Yay, yet another supporter.

Since Caldenia can’t leave the Inn, can Dina somehow set up remote viewing so that she and Orro will be able to watch the wedding while Dina & Sean attend? I hope Wing’s still there as well. Also wondering whether George & company will be invited to attend… because wouldn’t that make for an interesting assortment of guests on the bride’s side?

There’s Klaus’s story, Helen’s story, Dina and Sean’s wedding and story, the DeMille’s story of what happened, the house Ervan meltdown at losing Helen, Maud and Arland’s wedding, the trading station, just so MANY more stories to come!! Please keep up with them all in between the contracted stuff and stories of others! Patrick Rothfuss wrote two magnificent books, the plan was to write three, but so far, he dropped the ball on finishing the story and I don’t see anything even planned to finish what he started. I’m glad that’s not your style, because going without another installment of the world you have created here for 10 years would crush me!

The explanation of how Helen got to the Battle Station and her “ripper cushions” of going to Command Training to harness her natural ability to command was perfect. Her soon-to-be grandfather putting her his shoulder like a parrot — which was how Arland treated her when he met her! — shows her natural ability to be accepted and loved. I adore that child!

When this is finished, polished, and expanded into a novel, I will read it the way I read so many of your novels — once to read it, twice to get details, thrice to be sure I got it all. Then I’ll put it down, and wait a month, pick it up, and find all the things I missed in the first three readings. electricity distribution vs transmission There’s SO MUCH in what you write that it’s just not possible to get it all in one reading. I LOVE books I can read over and over and still enjoy. Keep going. Please, for the sake of those of us who are in love with the world of the Innkeepers, keep going.