Episode guide – season five may 2018 gastronomia y cia

Karen is very upset that Diana’s gone. Mack is sure that Chip killed Ciji, and they put out an APB for them. Val is dogged by reporters. A “mystery man” helps her escape them. Abby is mad that Mitch is still defending Gary. He tells Abby that she can’t fire him, as Gary is his client. Gary’s mad and says he can’t trust Abby. On the stand, Janet admits that Gary was charged because of the way he worded his statement, and that there are other suspects. The judge drops Gary’s charges and releases him. Ecstatic, Gary looks around for Val, catches her eye and smiles at her. Abby sees this and quickly hugs him, but Gary continues to smile at Val.

NOTE: As the 1983-1984 season begins, there is new theme music, but the title sequences are the same. There are some new faces to the cast as well. The first is the reporter that helps Val, Ben Gibson, played by Douglas Sheehan. The second is Barry Primus, who took over Edward Bell’s role as Mitchell Casey. Gary is finally out of jail and mack finds out that the real kiler was Chip.

Mac visits Tom Jessick, an attorney friend that he sent to jail and says he wants him on the crime commission. Greg’s at the McKenzie’s and his daughter Mary Francis comes by, angry that he forgot to pick her up. Karen invites Mary Francis to stay with them. Police patrol the ranch for Chip. Cathy tells Gary that she thought he might be someone her ex-husband Roy sent to find her. Gary invites Cathy to live and work at the ranch. Abby finds out she’ll need a coastal variance to develop Lotus Point, and asks Greg for help. They sleep together, and he says that a member of the coastal commission will meet with her. Laura tells Abby she knows about H & O, but won’t tell Gary for a piece of the action. Val makes a romantic meal for Ben. She gets mad and leaves when he assumes she will sleep with him. Later, she goes back, and she and Ben make love.

NOTE: We meet Greg Sumner’s daughter Mary Frances for the first time and Eric falls for her. Mack has an attorney friend named Tom Jessick, who also makes his first appearance. Abby sleeps with Greg for the first time! Cathy reveals that she has an ex-husband named Ray (who we will meet in a future episode) and Gary lets her stay with him. (AFFAIR ALERT!)

A man tells Val that Gary is alive and that she will be receiving a call from Mark St. Claire, but if she mentions the conversation, Gary will be killed. Ben tells Val that Gary is dead. Karen tells Val that Gary is alive, but kidnapped. Val confronts Ben, who says he was happy when he thought Gary was dead, because he’s tired of her being in love with him. Val breaks up with him. Mac has Gary stashed away at the Bel Mar motel, and brings Abby to see Gary. Gary’s mad at her and doesn’t like Mac’s plan as it depends on Abby. Mac says he has no choice. Greg calls a press conference and says that he found out Wolfbridge is a criminal organization, and gives credit to Mac. Greg says he will sever all ties with them. Mac tells Abby he is going to wire her, and will bring Gary out to the lobby at 3:30 so that St. Claire will have a chance to shoot Gary again. Abby needs to get him to say something that will link him to the assassination attempt and then get away from him as fast as she can. Abby goes to see St. Claire, and tells him that Gary’s at the Bel Mar. He then pulls the wire off of her and says she is going with him to the hotel. St. Claire calls Val and tells her to go to the hotel, and to get into Mac’s jeep which will be out front. He tells her that Gary will come out, and she needs to drive him away. St. Claire then calls Karen and tells her that he has planted a bomb in Mac’s jeep. Abby figures out that Karen will tell Mac not to get in the jeep because of the bomb. Then Gary will see Val in the truck, and run out to save her so St. Claire’s men will be able to have a clear shot at him. The hotel maid, who works for St. Claire, hides a gun in her cart, and goes to the lobby. Mac and Gary walk into the lobby. Karen runs in and tells Mac that there is a bomb in his car. Gary sees Val, and runs to her. The cleaning woman pulls out a gun and is about to shoot Gary, but Mac grabs her arm and she accidentally shoots Karen instead. Abby sees Gary run out of the hotel. She tries to get out of St. Claire’s limo and yells at him to help her. St. Claire pulls her back in and they speed off. Gary runs after the limo. Back inside, the maid is arrested and Mac holds Karen as they wait for an ambulance.

NOTE: This is one of the best remembered cliffhangers of “Knots Landing”: Karen is shot by a bullet meant for Gary, and Abby is kidnapped by Mark St. Claire. This is the final appearance of Claudia Lonow as Diana Fairgate leaves for New York.