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gs: Robert Chimento (Ronnie) Aarika Wells (Judge Spaulding) Mary Betten (Receptionist) Jeanine Michaels (Abby’s secretary) Robert Gormley (Charles Cavanaugh) John Miranda (Porter) Gary Bisig (Police Officer #1) Greg Finley (Walt) Tom Noga (Police Officer #2) David Morick (Police Officer #3) Barry Wiggins (Police Officer #4) Jesse D. Goins (Bill Wilson) Louis R. Plante (Butler)

Laura t gastrobar el tenedor gets a call to show a house, but it’s really Greg who has a romantic dinner set up. At the Fisher’s, Mac and Ben follow Harry, but lose him. Val meanwhile tries to break down the door. Mac says he’ll get a court order so the Fisher’s can’t leave, but the Judge won’t grant it until there’s more evidence. Mac stations men outside their house. Val refuses to leave, so Ben waits with her. He tells Val that Karen believed her all along, and worked for months to find the babies. Val’s upset that no one told her they believed her. Harry arrives home with a police escort, who tell Val she has to leave. She loses it. At home, Joshua tells Val that her babies were found because he and his viewers prayed that she would be forgiven of her sins. Val drives back to the Fishers and waits all night in her car. Mac has Karen bring Val to the hospital to get the birth records, but the clerk says there are no records of the twins. Abby tells Gary that there was a call from Southfork and Bobby is dead.

NOTE: As the 1985-1986 season begins, Mac and Val stake out the Fishers home to get back the babies. Knots Landing once again tried to cross over with Dallas with Gary getting a call that Bobby is dead. When it turned out at the end of the season that Bobby wasn’t dead at all and Pam had dreamt the 66 gas station entire season up, the producers were afraid that viewers might think that the stories during this season of Knots Landing were a dream, too. It was then that they determined that from then on, KL whould have nothing more to do with Dallas and its storylines.

At the studio, Cathy tells Joshua she’s getting an apartment – with or without him. Joshua grabs her really hard and says to NEVER speak to him in public like that. Gary goes to Dallas for Bobby’s funeral. Greg tells the Empire Valley foremen, Elliot, to blast for the TV station in another position, but he won’t without Gary’s okay. Val waits outside of the Fishers’ house. Ben tells Harry that the twins might not be Val’s, but either way they need to clear it up. Nurse Wilson finally shows up at the Judge’s, and Mac gets a court order barring the Fishers from leaving. Sheila is really losing it, so Harry agrees to run away with her. Karen drives by the Fishers’ house. She sees Sheila leaving electricity and magnetism physics, and Mac’s men follow her. Karen sees Harry’s inside, so she tells him she knows that Sheila doesn’t really have the babies with her. Karen pleads with Harry and tells him that even if he didn’t know the babies were stolen before, he knows now. She says they have no moral choice but to give them back to Val because how could they raise the children knowing the truth of the situation? Lilimae answers the door and screams for Val. It’s Karen and Harry with the babies. They hand them to Val who hugs and kisses them, crying and laughing at the same time. Choked up, Harry slips out the door unnoticed gas stoichiometry practice.

Greg tells Abby he’s having problems with Elliot, the construction foreman. Abby tells Elliot they had new soil samples done so he can blast. Gary returns home, and breaks down over Bobby’s death. At the station, Abby promotes Ben to General Manager, so now he’s Joshua’s boss. Mac meets with the Fishers and says they are victims too, and they should work together. The Fishers weren’t approved for a conventional adoption because Sheila had had a nervous breakdown. Val is having a ball with the babies and doesn’t have much time for Ben. Joshua does his show on how the power of prayer brought back the babies. Val’s angry and tells him that SHE kept the faith, not him or his viewers. Ben finally spends time with Val, but is upset when Gary comes by and she invites him to stay. Val tells Gary she is naming her son after Bobby, and Ben is really hurt.

NOTE: Naming the baby Bobby dogged the series for the rest of the way, especially after we found out the twins belonged to Gary. That meant the boy was named after his “late” uncle, who of course had only died in Pam’s dream on Dallas, but had to remain dead on Knots Landing or their storylines would have been part of Pam’s dream also. The twins, although they were Ewing heirs, were never mentioned on Dallas, and their older sister Lucy and their grandmother Miss Ellie never came out to visit them.

Elliot’s widow tells Gary Elliot was there because he was dissatisfied with how things were going at Empire Valley. Gary tells Mac. Val and Lilimae are really worried about Joshua. They find him preaching in the mission district. Val offers to take him to a psychiatrist. Joshua tells Lilimae he’s come up with a plan for he and Cathy to be together forever. As Cathy drives home from the station, Joshua pops up from the backseat. Holding a knife to her neck, he instructs her to drive to the mission district. He takes her to the roof of a building. He tells her he’s going to throw her over and kill himself, so they electricity and circuits ppt’ll always be together. Laura calls Val’s, worried that Cathy isn’t home. Lilimae drives to the mission district where she saw Josh preach, and seeing Cathy’s car, follows them to the building. Lilimae reaches the roof and yells at Joshua to let Cathy go. She screams that Joshua is cruel and a liar. Joshua puts Cathy down, and starts backing up as Lilimae yells that he’s a monster, and that wd gaster theme she is no longer his mother. He continues backing up, and then trips over the edge of the building, and falls to the ground. Dead.

Jill tells Karen that someone spoke to the Governor on Abby’s behalf, but she’ll do all she can to help her. Abby tells Karen that they won’t choose her because of her drug problem. Karen tells them about her drug problem, but it’s too late – the Governor already chosen Abby. Peter lets Greg know he went to law school. He then visits his “mother” and they talk about how they’ll have a lot of money soon. Cathy and Lilimae are grilled by police. The police tell Mac that they may be charged with murder – after all, Cathy was in prison for murder, and Lilimae had run over Chip.Cathy has a new saxophone player on her show, Sonny Harkins. He befriends Cathy and says he’ll be there if she needs to talk. Unbeknownst to her, he tapes their conversations.

NOTE: Cathy and Lilimae find themselves in a serious situation because of their past crimes: Cathy was in prison for murder (revealed in ep. 91), and Lilimae ran gas x strips after gastric sleeve over Chip (Ep. 80). Cathy unwittingly tells the truth to a saxophone player on the show named Sonny Harkins, who makes his first appearance in this episode. He is actually an undercover reporter.

The police decide not to prosecute Lilimae and Cathy, however a story about what happened is in the tabloid that Sonny works at. Peter and his mother discuss her relationship with Galveston, and how Peter is Greg’s half brother. Jill tells Mac that the Governor wants her to work with him, and she’ll be moving into the office next to his. She gives him the key to her room at the Bryant Hotel. Mac drives by the hotel, but decides not to go in. Greg calls Abby, and Olivia picks up an extension. She hears Greg threaten to tell Gary that Abby knew all along that he was the father of the twins, and that she knew they were alive. Upset, Olivia asks the McKenzies if she can live with them, though she won’t say why. Abby and Gary go to get her, and she tells Abby that if she doesn’t let her live there, she will tell Gary about the twins. Olivia asks her how she could do something like that, and Abby leaves, very upset.

NOTE: Olivia finds out about the twins and begins to have resentment for her mother, which would result in her infamous drug problem in later episodes. Peter’s mother Sylvia Lean makes her first appearance in this episode. It turns out that Peter is Greg’s half-brother. If Jason Avery looks a little bit different than usual, it is because Matthew Newmark took over the role when Danny Ponce left to do The Hogan Family, and Jason brings in his brother Daniel, who alos makes electricity cost per kwh by country his first appearance here.

Gary offers to take back Empire Valley from the twins. He then agrees to sell it to Greg if he will guarantee the cleanup. Greg tells Laura that he wants Peter in politics, because then he will be back in politics. Peter’s resistant, so Greg says if he will run, he will publicly acknowledge him as his brother and give him a big settlement. Greg also stops Sylvia’s monthly check. Abby also electricity billy elliot broadway tells Peter to accept Greg’s offer, and she sleeps with him. Mac is worried when Karen misses lunch and he can’t locate her. Ben tells Cathy he will go on tour with her, and Cathy is excited. He tells Val, who is stunned. Val tries to talk him out of it, and is scared he is leaving her. Ben assures her it is only for 6 weeks, and he really needs the time away to think about things. Lilimae is angry at Cathy and slaps her. Ben leaves. Paige Matheson shows up at the MacKenzies. When Mac gets home, she says “I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time. I’m your daughter.” Paige has arrived.

NOTE: This is an episode of many events: Abby sleeps with Peter; Gary and Greg agree to clean up Lotus Point; Ben will go on tour with Cathy to be her manager, having Val think that he is leaving her; Karen is nowhere to be found; and last but not least, Nicollette Sheridan makes her first appearance as Paige Matheson, who happens to be Mack’s illegitimate daughter.