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Likewise, My family doctor died a few years ago, so now I just make a booking and I get who ever is working. When I had my first prostate exam, I got Dr Sun, she is a Youngish asian lady, not gorgeous, but sexy in that kinda interlectual way. I definatly didn’t get hard by beign around her, but I was there because I was having trouble pissing but didn’t tell the receptionist when I booked. I had no idea what to expect, last thing that occurred that I was going to get a prostate exam. I went behind the screen and put on the gown and all was still fine, then she commented that I was in very good shape, then I realised that there was a mirror on the eall opposite. That is when I started to get an erection. I can’t say I enjoyed the experience, She told me to relax and breath, but it felt wrong so I felt uncomfortable, but once she poked what I assume was my prostate, it made my dick twitch each time she touched it, and this only made it harder. Then to make matters worse, she could tell I was really embarrased, but she told me that my girlfriend was a lucky girl. I just felt humiliated.

She arranged blood tests and I had to go back to get the results. It just turned out I had an infection that was cleared up with antibiotics, but when I went back she smiled. I actually considered asking her out, but my girlfriend is a patient at the same clinic and we had seen dr sun when we got our shots before our last holiday.

Was just in Australia and went to see me favorite doctor. After a lot of catching up she looked over her notes and asked if I’d had a DRE since she last did one, saying it is over a year. I flushed red and told her no. She giggled, held up her index finger and smiling, very coyly asked are you ready for this, twisting her hand back and forth. We both laughed till we had tears in our eyes. She locked the door and began washing her hands and told me to take off my shoes, socks, pants and underpants. By the time she got to the table and gloved up I more than half hard. She placed a towel on the exam table and asked me to get in the prayer position with my business over the towel. She massaged my anus for about a minute, gently putting the tip of her finger slightly in, while she rested her left hand on my lower back at the top of my crack. She went all the way in very slowly and it was painless, not like the other ones who just cram it in. She pulled it all the way out and did this 3 more times. By this time I am harder than Chinese Arithmetic. As she began the prostate massage, as she called it, I blurted out her name and said I may ejaculate. She leaned close to my ear and said that is what the towel is for. She grasped my penis in her left hand and squeezed and released, still with her finger in my butt. She said it is OK to ejaculate and man the second she said it I shot off like no tomorrow, Wow. She gently removed her finger and told me to remain there. She took a wet warm towel and cleaned my rear and asked me to hop off the table. She steadied me, removed the towel I had ejaculated on and asked me to lie down on my back. She took another warm towel and cleaned my penis, belly and testicles. When she went to her desk and started typing her notes she said I could get dressed when I was comfortable to stand.