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Don’t get me wrong that I think that the Nazis won’t murder by the millions, but with a way to ‘export’ the ‘Jewish problem’, which will cause immense suffering in the process, not to mention lots of deaths, the Germans will ship out the old and young while gas up yr hearse keeping the fit and educated for forced labor until after the war and then export them if they are alive.

I could well be wrong, but to me exporting the Jewish population seems less costly than setting up the extermination camps and shipping populations there; if anything shipping them to ports and letting neutral charted shipping (an advantage to Israel to stay electricity storage cost per kwh neutral in the war) pick them up and bring them to Israel would be more cost effective. The Nazis can pick and choose who they keep and use for labor pictures electricity pylons and avoid the cost of the death camps. Of course the Holocaust was also driven by internal politics within the SS of people vying to be more anti-Semitic to gain power over the others, so perhaps the Holocaust still happens…its hard to say.

Click to expand…You’re making the classic mistake of assuming that the Holocaust as we know it started in 1933; you’re reading history ag gaston birmingham 120 backward. Yes, Hitler talked about wiping out the Jewish people before WW2 and probably did want to exterminate them in Europe and elsewhere, but the Nazi regime avoided genocide as a policy until 1942 and the Wannsee conference. In 1941 they started with mass killings and prior to that experimented with gas vans and forced sterilization. The extermination of the Jewish people as policy really started in 1941 with the invasion of the Soviet Union and use of the Einsatzgruppen electricity in costa rica for travelers, but even then ‘liquidation’ was not fully about full on genocide; it took until January 1942 for the decision to commit genocide of Europe’s Jews. Even then AFAIK thanks to watching the movie ‘Conspiracy’ about the Wannsee Conference bp gas prices columbus ohio the genocide was limited to the Jews in Europe rather than the whole world over.

So in effect the Nazis wanted to ethnically cleanse Europe first and foremost and sought to use the means of force deportation prior to 1941/42. After that genocide was to be the mechanism of the ‘ethnic purification’ of Europe. At least that is my understanding of how things developed, as it seems prior to Barbarossa ‘only’ 100k Jews had been killed gas tax nj all over Nazi controlled territory, despite there being several million under Nazi control by June 1941. Prior to the invasion of Poland the number of Jews killed was perhaps a few gas city indiana car show thousand. So once the war started the death toll started going up massively and after the invasion of the Soviet Union it went into overdrive as Germany overran millions more Jews.

So with a place willing to accept the Jews instead of Germany being ‘stuck’ with them pre- and early war, its far less likely that the Nazis would start to look at mass murder as a means of reducing populations in Europe; part of the issue was also that food was a major concern, so the Nazis starved Eastern Europe by appropriating its harvests, but still had to provide food for over 100 million people electricity 101 video under their control, so started looking for ‘expendable’ populations; the anti-semitic nature of the Nazi regime (among other bigoted views) made them look at the millions of Jews as ‘useless eaters’ that needed to be dealt with; others of course were ideologically committed to exterminating Jews anywhere they could, so of course there was that element that was influencing policy too.

So, my point is that the Holocaust and Death Camps were the result gas apple pay of the war, rather than Hitler’s starting gas equations chemistry point in 1933 (or earlier) in practice. So I don’t see why the regime wouldn’t want to take the cheaper and easier route of exporting the Jews than killing them, especially if they have a place to go unlike OTL when everyone refused to take Europe’s Jews except for a small number, despite realizing what Germany was starting to do to them.