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This chapter elaborates the acoustoelectric interactions in III–V compound semiconductors. The collections of charge carriers electricity basics responsible for the transport of electricity in a semiconductor interact with the crystal lattice and exchange energy. In acoustoelectrically active semiconductors, piezoelectric and deformation potential effects generate internal electric fields that accompany the acoustic modes of lattice vibration. Whenever the conduction carriers are drifting faster than the velocity of sound, the space-charge electric fields of the drifting carriers’ couple to the acoustic waves of the lattice and acoustic-wave amplification may occur. A strong on-axis acoustoelectric interaction dominates the off-axis grade 6 electricity unit test interactions in specimens of n-type InSb which are longer than approximately 1 cm. In shorter length specimens, off-axis acoustoelectric interactions are nucleated and are manifested by the generation of microwave noise radiation. The exact solution of the acoustoelectric interaction for collinear static fields is also described in this chapter. It is found that the off-axis acoustic-wave propagation conditions grade 9 electricity unit test are determined from the solution of the uncoupled eigenvalue equation.

The propagation of an ultrasonic plane wave in a piezoresistive and piezoelectric medium subject gas bubble retinal detachment to a d.c. current is studies in two typical cases : (1) Propagation along the d.c. current (longitudinal case); (2) Propagation normal to the d.c. current (transverse case). It is shown that in both configurations the propagation constant is modified by piezoresistive effect. However, in the longitudinal case, the piezoresistive coupling is generally small compared to the usual field coupling. Specific cases are discussed in which the piezoresistive coupling may be of practical interest.RésuméLa propagation d’une onde ultrasonique dans j gastroenterol impact factor un milieu piézoelectrique et piézoresistif soumis à un courant continu est étudiée dans deux cas typiques : (1) Propagation selon la direction du courant continu (cas ‘longitudinal’); (2) Propagation selon une direction normale au courant continu (cas ‘transverse’). On montre que dans les deux cas la constante de propagation est modifiée par l’e ffet piézorésistif. Cependent dans le cas electricity facts history ‘longitudinal’ le couplage de nature piézorésistive est généralement petit devant le couplage habituel par effet de champ. On discute de cas particuliers dans lesquels le couplage ‘piézorésistif’ pourrait présenter un intérêt pratique.

Acoustoelectric amplification in a strain-dependent electricity in india travel, transversely magnetised semiconductor is studied in the presence of non-uniform electric field and carrier concentration along the sample length. A generalised expression for the amplification coefficient in strain-dependent and piezoelectric materials is also discussed for a single carrier semiconductor. Application to a multilayered system of different single carrier m gastrocnemius medialis semiconductors coupled to one elastic wave is also suggested. The non-uniformity in carrier concentration is found to have significant effect on the amplification coefficient in a multilayer system.

Bei ungleichförmigen Feldern und Ladungsträgerkonzentrationen über der Probenlänge wird akustoelektrische Verstärkung in einem spannungsabhängigen, transversal magnetisierten Halbleiter untersucht. Verallgememerte Ausdrücke für den Verstärkungskoeffizienten in spannungsabhängigen und piezoelektrischen Materialien werden für einen Einträgerhalbleiter ebenfalls diskutiert. Die Anwendung auf ein mehrschichtiges System von unterschiedlichen Einträger-Halbleitern gas in oil tank, die an eine elastische Welle gekoppelt sind, wird vorgeschlagen. Es wird gefunden, daß die Ungleichförmigkeit in der Trägerkonzentration einen beträchtlichen Einfluß auf den Verstärkungskoeffizienten eines Mehrschichtsystems hat.