Escitalopram user reviews for anxiety at gas zombies


Lexapro (escitalopram): "I have been smoking marijuana for almost 10 years until recently when I knew that was causing me more anxiety and depression. So I broke down to my doctor and told her my head isn’t right, that I messed with it for too many years. The first week of Lexapro I felt the affects right away. What a difference honestly I felt normal and could take on anything. I do believe in lifestyle change: I started 3 months ago to lose weight and I have lost 10 lbs so far. That’s because I pushed myself but was still miserable. It really is reprogramming your mind, but with the THC withdrawals Lexapro definitely saved me. Eventually I would like to get off it but it’s saving me a lot of trouble with suffering. Plus, it’s giving me so much confidence and NO more social anxiety. It’s hard to say if I really do have generalized anxiety because I abused THC for a decade but right now, this medication really does help with everything else I’m doing to change my life. I’m on a low dosage of 5 mg which I feel is enough."

Lexapro (escitalopram): "I started lexapro and on the 5th day I woke up wide awake. This has never happened to me and I felt so different. I get weirded out and got up to grab some water. On my way, I feel a cold sweat and my body goes completely paralyzed. I felt a fear I didn’t know I was capable of feeling. I try to scream but my vocal cords are paralyzed. I wait for death, completely terrified. Then my ears start ringing and I slowly get all my senses back. I am able to breathe again and start to hyperventilate from the panic. I was exhausted after that. I got in to see my doctor ASAP. I fell asleep in the waiting room and I can normally barely fall asleep in my own bed. He told me it doesn’t even do anything in the first week and was all a placebo effect and gets upset with me because I didn’t want to continue it. I don’t think there’s appropriate education being placed on these towards medical professionals. I realize they can help but there seems to be complete denial about adverse effects."

Lexapro (escitalopram): "I’ve been on escitalopram for about 12 weeks now. I was a "normal" person my whole entire 20 years of life, and when anxiety hit me out of absolutely nowhere. I had severe derealization symptoms that basically drove my anxiety through the roof. All of a sudden, I was a completely different person; once an outgoing, lively, fearless girl to someone who couldn’t even look up. Because of this I spiralled into a horrible depression. I think one of the scariest feelings was I would panic and a wave of helplessness would just hit me and I felt like my whole world was falling apart. After taking lexapro, I started to very gradually feel better. It was never like an on and off switch but as the weeks went by, I just slowly started feeling better/mood lift/less tense/etc. Now, I feel great and like myself again and am doing more for myself in the past few weeks than I have the past few years. Give it a shot, it will be rough in the beginning like everybody says, but it will be worth it."