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From the perspective of history, the selection and appointment of British civil servants has gone through three stages: patronage system, party sharing system and examination recruitment system electricity flow diagram. In the middle of the seventeenth century, England was an absolute monarchy, with all the offices bestowed on the subjects by the king through family connections and loyalty. At the end of the 18th century, career administrators began to appear in the government, which was the initial sense of civil service in modern Britain. At the beginning of the 19th century, the power of the king gradually transferred to parliament, and the two-party system in Britain became increasingly mature. During this period, the appointment of administrative officials in all government departments was based on party relations, and corruption was widespread. In the 1930s and 1940s, the emerging bourgeoisie demanded the abolition of the old civil service system and the establishment of a new clean civil service system. Since then, the government departments of public examinations, merit-based employment. This is the first step to becoming an official.

The real reform of the civil service examination system began with the east India electricity demand company. In 1853, the British parliament organized a commission of inquiry headed by Macaulay to investigate the personnel system of the east India company, and formed the report of Macaulay investigation, which recommended the recruitment of personnel in the form of open competition examination. Then, Britain’s prime minister, Gladstone i feel electricity in my body appointed Sir Stamford Mr Scott and Charles QuWeiLian Sir Investigation domestic civilian employment situation, put forward a QuWeiLian report to Scott of the British permanent tenure on the report, and puts forward to build one of the basic principles of modern civil service system: all persons to be appointed should be in accordance with the provisions, the age of graduation from hp gas online booking mobile number school, by competitive examination showed that general intelligence to be merit-based. In 1855, the new prime minister palmerston issued the order of the privy council on the recruitment of civil servants in the royal government, and set up the civil affairs committee to take charge of the examination and admission work. In 1870, when Gladstone was in power, he issued a second privy council order on the civil service system, stipulating that the appointment of administrative personnel should be held regularly through open competitive examinations. This marked the establishment of the civil service examination system in modern Britain. After the Fulton reform in the 1960s que gases componen el aire and 1970s, which emphasized specialists, and the thatcher reform in the 1980s, which advocated management talents, the British civil service examination system gradually became mature.

The qualifications for the civil service examination in the United Kingdom include: applicants must have national citizenship, civil rights, good moral character, good health, education level corresponding to the position, and meet the age requirements. Before the examination, the government, through various forms and channels, publishes the relevant contents and requirements of the examination to the public. To formulate unified examination standards; ranking strictly according to the results; If I have any disagreement about the examination score or the employment link, I am allowed to lodge a complaint.

Enter oneself for an examination the qualification requirement of personnel presses its enter oneself for an examination different level and differ somewhat. The civil service examinations are administered at the executive, executive, executive and assistant levels. Among them, those who apply for the civil service q mart gas station at the administrative level are required to be between 20 and 27 years old, have graduated from the university with the first or second class honorary degree, or have served in the civil service for two years between 21 and 22 years old. Candidates for the executive civil service are required to be between the ages of 18 and 27 and to have graduated from a university or a grammar school. The so-called grammar schools, according to the British education system, the majority of primary school graduates go to ordinary secondary schools, and only a small number of students go to grammar schools which provide talents for higher education through gas near me cheap competitive examinations. The applicants are aged between 16 and 18, graduated from secondary school or retired military personnel. Enter oneself for an examination assistant level person, the age is in commonly 20 years old the following, graduate for all sorts of vocational schools.

In the 1870s, the British civil service examination talent standard was generalist, emphasizing extensive knowledge in the examination content, and emphasizing the examination of basic knowledge in the examination electricity per kwh calculator. For this reason, the government pays attention to recruiting talents from outstanding graduates of famous comprehensive universities. In 1968 50 per cent of the civil service was liberal arts, with Oxford and Cambridge accounting for 60 per cent. With the adjustment of government electricity nw functions, the selection criteria for civil servants turned to specialists. In 1968, according to the Fulton report, the British government required that talents should be selected with more consideration given to the relationship between the courses they have learned and the jobs they are going to take. However, this reform is not thorough, and the historical tradition of valuing generalists has not been fundamentally changed. In recent years, British government work has become increasingly professional and comprehensive. The government has realized the one-sidedness of the previous employment standard and adopted the new one: low-level civil servants mainly focus on specialists, while senior civil servants mainly focus on compound talents with management ability.

The British civil service examination method mainly has the written test, the oral test, the z gas el salvador empleos simulation test, the character test and the practical operation and so on. Before world war ii, written tests were mainly used. In 1968, according to the Fulton report, the government adopted a new way to take the second interview. At present, the government carries out different examinations according to the four grades. The first three levels are written and oral. There is only a written test for the assistant level. The written test examines knowledge, writing and thinking. Its advantage is that the marking is objective and can be done in different places at the same time. The oral electricity kwh cost uk examination is a method of face-to-face communication to test the candidates’ ability to work. The interviewers are composed of senior officials and experts, including senior civil servants, mid-level civil service supervisors and psychological experts. The government USES public tenders to buy test books designed by test companies. The process of the interview is as follows: first, conduct a behavioral assessment. Every five candidates are divided into a group. The assessment focuses on problem-solving ability, innovation ability, psychological quality and coordination ability. Behavior assessment has written with oral two kinds of forms. Secondly, the above three types of examiners each focus on the interview, after gas house gorillas a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether the candidates hired or not. This method is easy to observe the candidates’ appearance, speech and adaptability, but sometimes scoring can not be completely objective and time-consuming.

In order to make the civil service examination more fair gas news of manipur and objective, the British civil service committee is set up to preside over the examination. 1855 the civil service commission, which independently administered the examinations, was established. The civil service commission is basically independent and is not subject to the control of administrative organizations or parties. It impartially exercises its functions and duties such as setting appointment standards, examining applicants’ qualifications, conducting examinations, assessing examination results and announcing examination results. In 1968, the Wilson administration established the civil service, which was responsible for civil affairs throughout the country. In 1981, the thatcher reform abolished the civil service department, divided n gas in paris lyrics the functions of the civil service commission into two parts, and transferred the decision-making power of examination recruitment to the office of the commissioner for civil service, and the execution power of examination recruitment to the employment assessment service. At present, the recruitment of civil servants other than senior civil servants is being progressively decentralized to all branches of government. The office of the ombudsman supervises the recruitment process of government departments to ensure the uniformity and impartiality of policy implementation.

At present, China’s civil servant examination system is also based on the principle of open, fair and merit-based recruitment. However, due to the late establishment of the system, there is still room for improvement in the assessment technology, regardless of the level of the examination. China should draw lessons from and refer to the assessment means of British civil service examination, try to explore the quality assessment technology suitable for the characteristics of Chinese civil servants, and construct a scientific and standardized examination system gas utility austin suitable for China’s needs, so as to provide a scientific system guarantee for the training of high-level civil servants.