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Reason for hope: Yes, California is still in a drought, but it’s getting better. Electricity 101 episode 1 “The soaking storms that we got in March really delivered their biggest punch in the most important watersheds in the state,” said one environmental reporter. K gas cylinder KQED

Falling rocks: Heat may be responsible for rockfalls in Yosemite National Park. Tropico 5 electricity “The sun and the temperature are enough to make the rock move up there. Gas constant mmhg It’s just kind of a neat thing that I think people don’t think about,” said Brian Collins of USGS’s landslide hazards program. 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe Los Angeles Times

Catch me a catch: Korean American parents don’t like the trend of young people getting married later in life or relying on Tinder and eHarmony to find a date. J gastroenterol hepatol In Koreatown, they’re attending matchmaking events to find potential suitors for their children. S gashi “Do you want a good son-in-law? Then you have to seek, you have to find,” said the emcee at a recent event. Gas 4 less Los Angeles Times

CEO’s bonus: The gas leak in Aliso Canyon damaged California’s environment, forced thousands of families to flee their homes and was ultimately declared the worst methane leak in American history. Gas mask tattoo But none of that was enough to stop the CEO of Sempra Energy, the parent company of Southern California Gas, from getting a $3.17-million bonus. Gas constant for nitrogen “If you’re looking for evidence that American corporate executives are a truly privileged class, look no further,” writes columnist Michael Hiltzik. Gas emoji Los Angeles Times

Protesting a festival: Conservation groups are up in arms over a proposal to host a three-day music festival in the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area. Z gas station AngelFest is billed as family-friendly with oldies music and fireworks. Kansas gas service login “It’s absolutely inappropriate, adjacent to the Wildlife Reserve, without a buffer to sensitive habitat,” said Muriel Kotin of the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society. Electricity deregulation wikipedia “There will be many, many birds that will be frightened away from the area.” Daily News

Selling the airwaves: The Los Angeles Unified School District is looking to auction off its rights to public television station KLCS. Gas prices map The Federal Communications Commission is running the auction to open the airwaves for wireless communications. Electricity generation in california 89.3 KPCC

Hollywood money: It is well documented that Sen. Ortega y gasset Bernie Sanders is tired of American politics catering to the millionaires and billionaires. Npower electricity power cut And now, the Democratic presidential candidate is knocking his opponent’s campaign for asking donors to give $33,400 to attend a fundraiser with George Clooney in Los Angeles and $353,400 for two seats at a table with the actor and his wife in San Francisco. Year 6 electricity “It is obscene that Secretary (Hillary) Clinton keeps going to big-money people to fund her campaign,” Sanders said. Gas oil mix ratio chart Yahoo

Polling numbers: In the race to replace Sen. K gas station jobs Barbara Boxer, state Atty. Gas upper stomach Gen. Electricity voltage in paris Kamala Harris leads, with Rep. Cheapest gas in texas Loretta Sanchez making small gains but still behind her. Gas utility bill However, one-third of voters remain undecided. Electricity usage Los Angeles Times

Off the ballot: Sen. Electricity transmission loss Marco Rubio requested to have his name removed from the California ballot. Gas 2015 Even though the Florida Republican dropped out of the presidential race, polling suggests his appearance on the ballot could take away votes from candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich. 3 gases that cause global warming Los Angeles Times

Out of jail: Gail Harrington-Wisely says the Orange County’s problems with jailhouse informants could set her husband free. Electricity 1800s Four inmates testified at Willie Ray Wisely’s 1982 murder trial. Gas bubble in back “He is the oldest living prisoner caught in the snitch crisis,” Harrington-Wisely said. Electricity human body Orange County Register

Growing alfalfa: Saudi Arabia’s largest dairy company recently doubled the size of its holdings in California’s Palo Verde Valley. Gas up asheville The move allows the Saudis to take advantage of the state’s farm-friendly water laws. A gaseous mixture contains Associated Press

Don’t be evil: Do you know the name Sundar Pichai? He’s the Google CEO who is flying under the radar. Gas vs diesel cars “Can Sundar Pichai transform Google’s image? Can he make you actually like Google again?” BuzzFeed

Parting gift: If she’s fired from Yahoo, CEO Marissa Mayer’s golden parachute might not actually be that valuable. M gasbuddy Mayer would receive $3 million in severance, $40,000 in benefits and $9.34 million in stock. Electricity voltage in china The package would have been significantly sweeter in the past, but a declining stock price and Mayer’s own vesting schedule have lowered the value of the deal. Q gas station cleveland ohio Bloomberg

Hippies and tech: Designs for new headquarters for Google and Apple reveal the connection between technology and the counterculture movement of the 1960s. Wd gaster theme New York Times

Women and ink: A new exhibition in San Jose examines the relationship between California’s women and tattoos. Electricity vocabulary words “Women in a lot of tribes in California really held that tradition. Gas relief while pregnant They were the ones who had the knowledge,” said curator Amy Cohen. Gasbuddy app KQED

Old train stations: L.A. Electricity symbols worksheet is seeing something of a rail revival. Kansas gas service bill pay Back when trains still reigned supreme, the downtown area was home to several depots. La gasolina daddy yankee mp3 Here’s a look back at that golden age. Electricity around the world Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles has a chance of showers with a high of 64. Electricity history in india In Riverside, there will be clouds and rain. Gasoline p San Diego will have a high of 64 with a chance of rain. Electricity merit badge worksheet Sacramento will have sunshine with some clouds, as temperatures reach 65 degrees. U gas hampton It will be partly sunny and 61 in San Francisco.

“When I was 5, our family moved to California from a farm in northern Illinois, because my little brother needed a warm, dry climate for his breathing problems. Electricity receiver definition My dad took us kids exploring this new wonderland, so different from the flat, gray farmland of Illinois. Youtube gas laws Driving home from a magical trip to Yosemite — Bears in the campground! Mountain hikes! Waterfalls! — as we descended, clouds completely covered the valley below, with the setting sun igniting them in pinks, oranges and lavender. Electricity lab activities To us kids, it looked like we were heading into a sun-shot ocean of cotton candy! It was indescribably beautiful. Electricity and magnetism online games The image will stay with me to the end of my days.”

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