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Boaters at Lake of the Ozarks are looking at some bad news in the form of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that is set to phase out traditional ethanol-free marine fuel.

The standard, put into place through the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and later expanded by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, requires renewable fuel to be blended into transportation fuel in increasing amounts every year. Gas city indiana restaurants The goal is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

While the program is well on its way, boaters have been mostly spared from its effects due to the negative properties ethanol-enhanced fuel can have, namely phase separation. Electricity measurements units That may be changing as the rules are implemented.

According to the Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), when gasoline containing ethanol and boats mix, boat owners lose. Gas monkey That’s because phase separation can turn fuel stored in a boat’s gas tank into corrosive, water-soaked ethanol mixture, unusable in any engine. Electricity sources in us Half of those who responded to a recent informal national survey by BoatUS said they have had to replace or repair boat engine or fuel system parts because of suspected ethanol-related damage. 10 ethanol gas problems The average cost for these repairs was $1,000. Electricity experiments for high school In addition, higher ethanol-blend fuels such as E15 are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, even though federal law prohibits the use of 15 percent ethanol in marine engines, ATVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers or any cars made before 2001.

MarineMax of Lake Ozark Service Advisor and Assistant Service Manager Byron Gallina said he personally hasn’t seen any major damage due to ethanol, but he has seen little things.

“It’s mainly on the big outboards, you’ll see some damage to the hoses and floats,” said Gallina. Z gas tijuana telefono “It’s cracked hoses, deteriorations, things like that.”

Gallina said he’s seen plenty of articles on the subject, and has no doubt it’s an issue. Grade 9 electricity unit review According to a document provided by Gallina, the state of Missouri does not require gas stations to label the pumps when ethanol is included, nor are they required to test to verify the actual percentage of ethanol in blended fuel.

Many marine distributors and motor manufacturers state that using anything above a 10% mixture will cause performance issues, and possibly even damage to marine engines. Electricity projects for 4th graders The most common problems seen in utilizing ethanol fuel are stalling, hesitating during acceleration, clogged filters, damage to pumps and pistons, dissolving of various rubber or plastic engine components and deterioration to hoses and seals.

There are alternatives. U gas cedar hill mo A company called Gevo has been working to rectify the issue since 2011. Npower gas price per unit Gevo representative Mark Piatt says they focus on fuel handling and mixing, and have come up with a replacement for ethanol in marine fuels called isobutanol.

“It’s a new fuel designed to replace ethanol,” said Piatt. Electricity usage calculator “Isobutanol is a renewable fuel that will replace the ethanol in marine fuels. Wb state electricity board recruitment It can be substituted with ethanol to meet EPA and other environmental regulations.”

This fuel will come with a slight cost increase, but will make up for it in additional power and higher octane. Save electricity pictures Those who use this fuel will enjoy better performance and get more use out of their fuel, so it evens out. Gas kush Piatt says while you pay a premium for the fuel, it comes with a lot of benefits.

Late last year, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) endorsed the fuel, which a blend of gasoline with 16% by volume Isobutanol (i16), has been tested for performance on all major engine platforms without issue. Gas leak in house The endorsement by the NMMA, after the unanimous approval of the Engine Manufacturers Subcommittee, is the first time the organization has endorsed a fuel.

“Instead of octane 87, you get octane 89,” said Piatt. Gas vs electric oven “It’s a very viable option, and we’re working throughout the country. Gas kansas city All of the major boat companies are endorsing it.”

FACT: E-10 is a solvent that will clean gums and resins off of fuel tank walls, with the potential to clog fuel filters and shut down the engine.

TIP: Be ready to change fuel filters more often, particularly as you start using ethanol fuel. Electricity electricity goodness Carry spare 10-micron filters as well as a galvanized bucket to safely store the used filters until they can be disposed of properly. Gas house gang The problem usually disappears after 2-3 tanks of gas.

FACT: Ethanol is known to chemically react with fiberglass fuel tanks, which can cause them to deteriorate and potentially fail. Gas knife When this happens, engines can also be destroyed before the problem is discovered. Electricity billy elliot backing track Fiberglass tanks most likely to react were built before the mid-1980s, but there are some reports of much newer tanks being impacted.

TIP: Unless boat manufacturers can confirm that your fiberglass tank was built to withstand ethanol, the only remedy is to not use E-10 gas (which may not be possible) or to replace the tank with another material, such as aluminum. Electricity facts for 4th graders When ethanol corrodes a fiberglass tank, it creates a sludge that bypasses the filter and wrecks the engine. Electricity kanji Ethanol does not directly affect aluminum, stainless steel or polyethylene tanks.

FACT: Ethanol has the ability to attract greater amounts of water an phase separate, usually over a long period of time. Gas density problems Once this happens, the engine may not run and internal damage can occur. Electricity history pdf The problem cannot be corrected; the only solution is to drain the tank and refill it with fresh gasoline.

TIP: Problems with phase separation are rare and are most likely to occur when the boat is idle for long periods of time. Gas national average Leaving a tank partially filled with E-10 invites separation. Electricity and circuits test The best practical recommendation is to fill the boat’s fuel tanks to about 95% full, leaving room for expansion. Duke electric orlando A tank that is almost full limits the flow of air in and out of the vent, which reduces the chance of condensation adding water to the fuel. Gas station Many boat owners top off their tanks between outings to reduce condensation.