Ethiopia missing meles zenawi electricity projects in pakistan


The ruthless, usually omnipresent, 57-year-old prime minister of Ethiopia has not been seen in public since mid-June. He is recovering from a serious illness, officials insist, and will be back soon. But they have provided no details of where he is or what bad gas 6 weeks pregnant is wrong with him. As elsewhere in Africa, the health of the leader is still an unhealthy taboo.

In the 21 years since he led his guerrilla movement to victory following a long war against the electricity symbols and meanings murderous Mengistu regime, Mr Meles has proved himself a reliable ally to the US in particular and west in general. His adroit diplomatic abilities have proved invaluable in Sudan, where he has been a relatively neutral interlocutor between north and south at times of conflict. He has built Ethiopia into a regional superpower that combats terrorism and imposes military solutions – notably in Somalia. For this electricity meme, western donors and allies have been willing to overlook human rights abuses and a lack of political freedom at home.

As Rwandans like to say about their own autocratic leader, nothing much grows in the shadow of big trees. Mr Meles has stamped his authority on a fractious and ethnically diverse nation with electricity quiz grade 9 an iron fist. He has stripped the government and ruling party of potential rivals, and moved steadily over the years from consensual to more personalised rule. In intellectual stature he has no obvious successor at home, where discontent, as in much of the nearby Arab world, bubbles beneath the surface, kept there by an authoritarian state gas city indiana police department.

Equally, there is no obvious replacement for him in the region or on the international stage where he has skilfully championed Africa’s cause on climate change and other pressing development issues. Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan president who has been in power two years longer, is a fading force. Rwanda’s Paul Kagame packs a punch, but his tiny country lacks geopolitical swagger.

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Comment:I hope this article give us some clue of Ethiopia’s leadership.Prime Minister Melese Zenawi fits in this story.It his party that killed him or led him to a drastic downfall.It could be his arrogance or addiction with power that led him to this sad ending.Whatever may be the factors do the leaders in Ethiopia learn from history gas weed?His stakeholders want him back if he comes back to his throne.The distruction of the second could be far worse than the first.God save Ethiopia.