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The U.S. is now essentially where the defunct Soviet Union was twenty five years ago, ever growing levels of corruption as the nation’s treasure is diverted exclusively to fund a growing authoritarian security state backed by a growing military empire. Defense related expenditures that go to enrich private corporate U.S. based military contractors. A large portion of the unbudgeted CIA funding is lavished on it’s many puppet states around the planet who continue to do it’s bidding primarily through ongoing disruption of the established government’s control brought about by random ethnic groups that challenge the existing order with U.S. supplied military weapons and funding. electricity word search j farkas answers Those foreign states that refuse to be the U.S.’s puppet are also targeted for extinction using similar methods. The collapse of the Soviet Union did not provide any relief to Russian citizens as foreign capitalists wasted no time buying up everything in sight with the help of corrupt government officials as the country was turned into a virtual organized crime state with numerous murders in the streets while previously guaranteed state jobs and services were denied to large numbers of citizens who then faced starvation and worse. However, the West underestimated the spirit of the Russian People that arose in the middle nineties and went about replacing all the Capitalist Plutocrats with patriotic Russian leaders like Putin that have turned the tide as they, among other things, have now joined with other major world powers who have also tired of a single world economic power maintaining total control of the world’s economy for the past seventy years !

It is my opinion that the former Soviet Union has succeeded in usurping the American Federal Government from the people of the United States. electricity history facts This shadow government is now in the process of continuing their marxist communist ideological hedgemony as they attempt to now infiltrate, dismantle and reshape the State Governments of the United States of America to mimic the former Soviet Unions political structure. The old Soviet Union likewise was destroyed but by American ideals and the remnants of that former Marxist empire have now adopted many governing practicies and ideals that the founding fathers of the United States invented and used to construct the United States of America. It remains to be seen which State governments in America will submit to the usurption of State authority by a compromised Federal government as this is blatantly unconstitutional and can not proceed covertly. I predict there will be a time where Washington and the shadow government that controls it will be exposed and that revelation will unite those States where large populations of Constitutional conservatives live and populate their State governments. America will then either splinter or States will attempt to dismantle the compromised government in Washington to reform America once again according to the principals of its founding Constitution.

Wow! Pretty savage and ruthless attacks towards America. h gas l gas unterschied One would think that America has done nothing at all in a positive fashion throughout history for the rest of the world. As an American, I’m not naive to the foolishness of our politicians, yet I still believe America stands for something and when asked it has been there for many a nation(s) when called upon. For all those on this thread who wish the worse on America, just remember that China is a repressive regime with A LOT of issues. And don’t tell me that America oppresses their citizens. Flaws exist and they have throughout history. It’s a revolving door of the same cyclical crap.However, America is still the land of opportunity. gas leak los angeles People all over the world come here in search of a better life, not China or Russia. Please!!! You can ask any foreigner that visits America and they will tell you that we have so much freedom. If you hate America, so be it. Go ahead and join China and Russia and all the other countries and create another basket case banking system. p gasket 300tdi They all suck! But stop beating up on my country! We have done so much for the world and it’s never mentioned, only the bad stuff. And ironically, a lot of the hate comes from Americans who are bitter and on personal mission to discredit America. gas in back So in the future, when your country needs help or aid (and apparently you won’t) just dial up China and Russia and not America.

However, given China’s track record, and current stance on the the territory claimed in the southern Pacific, including the UNCLOS lines being disregarded in its hunger for more raw materials, I wouldn’t so quickly dismiss China as the knight in shining armor galloping in to save the world from american hegemony. The globalists would be more than happy to swap a gold based fractional reserve, debt-based system (with some ACTUAL) gold on hand, for what the Fed is providing now (just ask the Germans, Venezuelans, and Gadaffi how well the N.Y. Fed does at keeping track of its depositors’ gold).

In conclusion, China replacing the U.S. as the guardian of financial transactions, presumably with russia on board, would probably be a boon in the short run. bp gas prices chicago It would bankrupt the U.S., put a halt to the Empire, and force the west to realign its priorities. This process would free up a lot of human capital, reign in the wholesale slaughter of untold millions around the world, and perhaps even give americans a wake up call. However, in the long run, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss that fact that China, via state-controlled media, has just upgraded itself from ‘center of the Earth’ to … ‘center of the universe’…

Now there is classic trolling for you! NOTHING could be more calculated to discredit the whole point of view and its adherents than this vicious Jew bashing. It distracts – and is meant to – from the discussion of BRICS alternatives to corporate America’s financial hegemony and the American push towards (possibly nuclear) war on two fronts with China and Russia.

I had to restrain myself from making flat out vulgar replies to the above comment. Therefore in the Western so-called civilized fashion I will just say this: The discrediting comes not from the person that made the comment you replied to but came from and continue to come from the same people that have held the entire world of people of color hostage to a savagely brutal regime that values nothing but evil, money,exploiting, oppressing, and killing people of color under the pretense of population control.” As respects Nuclear war, the only nation to release such destructive force upon human beings are those you attempt to defend. The only difference is now, there are nations of color in possession of the same destructive power. The point is, only the nations who had no such destructive power are the victims of the bullying of the west. We live in a different world today; and though I wish nuclear weapons did not exist, the only way real negotiations to eliminate such weapons becomes a reality is because others have the same capacity to end human existence. The only way our generation can leave our posterity a better world is to rid the world of these weapons systems altogether and the geriatric group that keep us at war.