Eureka forbes – uae, review 837885 complaintsboard gas density and molar mass


Recently I have encountered worst side of service response from Eureka Forbes employee[s]. Initially I called and texted at +971 55 02884919 on 19th Thursday April 2018, at first some small child picked up the call and after sometime one lady responded. She told me to inform me regarding the service guy on Saturday but after long waiting I didn electricity symbols and units’t get a call or message from her so I again called hr back. This time she fixed the appointment for installation of my water purifier for Sunday afternoon between 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

Next day that is Sunday 23rd April 2018 I am waiting for the guy to come but instead of him coming he called me from +971 589925055 and reschedule the appointment for same day between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Again waiting for that guy to respond between given time I called him but he didn’t picked the call at once after multiple try once he responded and that too with false promise of calling 9gag nsfw back after 5 min. I kept waiting for 15 min and called him back multiple times but this time he didn’t picked the call at all. Because of his false promise I had to cancel my plans twice.

They have taken the exact name and have been moving around I guess for the last few years saying that they are an international company and have their filters gas usa made in US. During their conversation, they also will mention You may know the very old Eureka Forbes which is an Indian Brand”. However they have no connection to any of these things and they say that you mislead you.

On 22-Sep-2018, the Pakistani sales guy came home after I booked a demo with this number +971 electricity news philippines 55-288-4919 (with a Pakistani lady). I was already getting a really bad vibe from his conversation while he was explaining at home. However he was very pushy and said Mam you pay only AED.100/- and was just not ready to leave before he got an booking amount”. He was afraid I guess whether we would do some research. Anyhow I paid, and they promised to come to install the very next day a filter which they claimed is the 9 stage system. I kept calling them several times to come home and they kept booking, but no one came. Then on 29-Sep-2018, a technician Pakistani guy came to fix it and insisted me to pay by cash. However, I had a very wired feeling and I refused gas under a dollar to pay by cash and paid by credit card. Further, another Pakistani guy came in the evening only with card machine, no receipts or any other document whatsoever. I should have been getting a “payment receipt, warranty card a service contract” with dates of when they will come for services.

Since then, I have been calling them (1 month now), on different numbers, landline, the sales guy, another lady from their sales electricity definition physics team in the office, none gave me any documents. When I call, they just keep bluffing with each other. Someone picks up and says the guy/lady in a meeting and that meeting never ends. Different people keep picking up the mobile calls. I have also been sending WhatsApp mesgs, they read, however, there is no response. In between, I started looking online to see if there was anything about this company and found this complain board. I called up the sales guy and send him mesg that if he does not respond gas density formula, I will file a complaint and he called me up finally and I told him about this amount of complaints I saw online. He says that these complains do not belong to them and at some point of time, there was another company mocking them who are now being legally closed. Again he was bluffing, the numbers shown in the previous posts here are the same numbers as they have now too. In addition, if you go to their Facebook page, you will see tons of complains there too. And they keep opening new pages, I guess should be when they have too many complains.

Ultimately, I spoke to Dubai Police and asked electricity facts label them for advise- They told me that I have three options, file a complain online with all proof attachments to CID (I guess this will be a CID based investigation), or directly go to the CID office or I can file a complaint at the nearest police station. Today I called their office once again to give them one last warning and finally they sent me an invoice with full of mistakes around customer name, including the model number of the purifier. In addition, all their terms and conditions coincide with the item that I have purchased and they now tell me “Mam these are general conditions for everyone, but we will give you what you have purchased and you don’t have to worry about the service electricity voltage in usa”. Now I doubt whether they have even given me the 9 stage purifier, as their payment receipt shows the right amount of the money paid, but the purifier model number is different. Based on their request, I will wait for one more day and then will confirm a legal proceeding.