Eurosceptics pour scorn on david cameron’s eu deal after climbdown over welfare demands _ daily mail online

Sticking point: In a compromise, Britain is being granted an emergency brake which allows for benefits to be restricted for up to four years if Britain’s public services or welfare system is under pressure. Gas water heater reviews 2013 However, the EU insisted that the ‘limitation should be graduated, from an initial complete exclusion to gradually increasing access to such benefits’. E gasoline This was still the subject of a huge row yesterday. Electricity balloon experiment Mr Cameron wanted the brake to be in place for up to 13 years. Electricity calculator Eastern Europe objected strongly. Gas 91 Eastern European countries also want a guarantee that the brake could be used by the UK only – not nations such as Germany and Sweden, which have also experienced a huge influx of workers.

What he wanted: The 2015 Tory manifesto promised that: ‘If an EU migrant’s child is living abroad, then they should receive no child benefit, no matter how long they have worked in the UK and no matter how much tax they have paid.’

Sticking point: A watered down agreement that child benefit payments will be linked to the cost of living in the child’s homeland has been agreed. Electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf But Eastern European countries insisted the rules should not apply to people who were already in the UK. Grade 9 electricity test and answers The new regime is likely to be phased in over a number of years. E 87 gasoline Again, Eastern Europe does not want any other EU country to be able to apply the new rules.

What he wanted: A mechanism to ensure that Britain cannot be discriminated against because it is not part of the euro, cannot pick up the bill for eurozone bailouts and cannot have imposed on it changes the eurozone want to make without our consent.

Sticking point: France spent days fiercely resisting the idea that Britain can interfere in the workings of the euro. Power outage houston report Other EU countries were opposed to the idea that any agreement Mr Cameron secures should be enshrined in future treaties.

Sticking point: The EU said it was content to acknowledge ‘that the United Kingdom, in the light of the specific situation it has under the treaties, is not committed to further political integration into the European Union’. 3 gas laws However, EU leaders were opposed to the idea of enshrining this in future EU treaties – which is key if Mr Cameron is not to face accusations that his deal can be unpicked.

User @Cybeeria said: ‘Cameron has failed dismally to secure the fundamental reforms he promised us. 76 gas station hours The ONLY way to get them now is ti #VoteLeave.’

In a further blow to the Prime Minister, his friend and Justice Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed he will campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

‘Of course, I’m disappointed that we’re not going to be on the same side as we have this vital argument about our country’s future – I’m disappointed but I’m not surprised.’

Mr Cameron has previously promised to suspend the principle of collective responsibility after the meeting, giving a green light to Eurosceptic ministers like Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling to go out and campaign for Britain to leave Europe without having to quit their jobs.

The deal came after behind-the-scenes talks which stretched through Thursday night and most of Friday, as Mr Cameron and Tusk struggled to keep Britain’s renegotiation on track.

The 28 leaders had initially been due to gather early in the morning for an ‘English breakfast’ meeting to approve a package of reforms to the UK’s membership, but breakfast became brunch, lunch, high tea and then dinner as opponents of the deal dug in their heels.

Mr Cameron had faced concerns from eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia over his call for an ’emergency brake’ on in-work benefits for migrant EU workers to extend for as long as 13 years.

And the same nations put up stiff resistance to the UK’s demand to impose cuts in child benefits for offspring living abroad on 34,000 existing claimants as well as future migrants.

Meanwhile, France and Austria voiced anxiety that the protections for non-euro states sought by Mr Cameron might effectively grant special status to the City of London and allow Britain to hobble future deepening of the eurozone.

1.20am At the end of the dinner, Tusk emerges and warns: ‘A lot remains to be done.’ In a room on the fifth floor, that resembles a police interview room, he and Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker sit down at a desk opposite Cameron, who asks: ‘Do you want to start with the French issue?’ Through the night, Tusk holds meetings with Hollande to discuss his opposition to protections for the City, with Sobotka to talk about migrant benefit curbs and with Michel to go through resistance to clarifying ‘an ever closer union’.

5.40am A bleary eyed Cameron finally leaves the building after holding two further meetings with Tusk, between which he sat in the British delegation rooms snacking on Haribo sweets and wine gums. K gas oroville He is driven to the British embassy for three hours’ sleep. Gas efficient suv 2010 Tusk postpones the ‘English breakfast’ scheduled for 11am, and says it will instead be a lunch at 1.30pm.

10am Arriving back at the summit, Cameron says: ‘I’m going to get in there, do some more work, and do all I can.’ He tells Tusk: ‘I’m happy to stay until Sunday. Gas city indiana post office I’ve told the wife and children.’

12 noon After sitting down again with Hollande and Sobotka, Tusk warns that the lunch will not start until 2.30pm. E gaskell north and south An aide tells British reporters Tusk has been sustaining himself of croissants, adding: ‘I hope that doesn’t offend you.’

1.20pm Leaders not involved in the one-to-one crisis talks walk the corridors as the lunch is postponed to 3.30pm. Electricity video ks1 A candid Grybauskaite says: ‘The timing, it all depends on the deepness of the drama some countries would like to perform. Wireless electricity how it works We would like to help the British make their decision, but no matter what we do here, no matter what face lifting or face saving we perform, it’s up to the British people to decide.’

2.20pm The planned lunch is pushed back to 4pm, before aides announce an hour later it will be a dinner. Zyklon b gas effects Cameron holds two meetings with the Polish PM as aides reveal the eastern Europeans are fiercely resisting a deal. Electricity history united states One minister says: ‘There’s still some way to go, we need some more hours.’

5.30pm After further talks, Cameron tweets that he will not hold a Cabinet meeting that evening. Electricity 1 7 pdf ‘English breakfast’ is delayed for a seventh time, to 8pm.

8.30pm All 28 leaders join together for aperitifs before finally sitting down to a dinner of crown of artichoke with goat’s cheese and rocket, fillet of veal with tarragon jus, wilted spinach and polenta, and passion fruit bavarois.

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