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Hey there! New to the club, but not to the forum. gas vs electric oven You guys helped me change my timing belt and install a stereo into my ’02 xterra (4wd, auto, VG33ER), and gave me some good laughs reading about the horror stories of changing spark plugs. Btw, it’s not that bad ?. Wait until you have to remove a portion of your supercharger, and fuel injection system to get to #4 …that one is tricky.

My topic today is about installing a DC motor into my xterra in place of its V6. I love my little truck, its the perfect size for everything and sits high enough in the air to not blind you with headlights in the rear view, and its just so rugged and solid. gas in texas My particular xterra has 160,000 on the Odo and I found out what a timing belt failure was the hard way. I’ve since replaced it (thank you on the awesome write ups).

But, I’m willing to bet on single handedly funding the middle east oil economy with its downright atrocious gas mileage. The supercharged models require premium, *especially* after yours truly installed an aftermarket pulley on it’s eaton m62. I despise it’s 14mpg average. Maybe that’s just my X but it’s hard to justify when I traded a 2000 mountaineer (5.0 V8) that gave back 22mpg at 55mph.

I’ve been looking into DC motors for a long time for their simplicity and economy, I’ve compared the pro’s and con’s on using DC over AC, and I’ve used the calculators (provided on most EV forums) to find out how much motor I need. Fabricating a backing plate isn’t a concern for me- my big hang up is the transmission. 5 hours of a Google search gave me the name of my X’s auto (Jatco) but no searching yielded me the answer as to whether or not it shares the engines ecm or if its a standalone. I’d love to keep the transmission and driveline intact. If keeping my auto/Tcase is out of the question i’ll hang a pair of DC motors under the truck, and mount one to each drive axle (front and rear).

I’m aiming to go at least to work and back. electricity outage chicago I can plug a charger in at my shop and recharge the batteries at the very least. That would be about 35-40 miles one way with no highway driving and some rolling hills (not great big ones, but enough for my X to have drop out of overdrive to climb). I drive at 55 normally, so that’s really all I’d need. 75 would be great for the times I do take trips into grand rapids but in all reality my driving just takes me into town to get pellets for the stove and sometimes a burger. gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost Since I’ve been researching for this the VG33ER in my truck has started to rattle really bad and I’m not going to put the money down to replace it with another ICE that gets atrocious mileage, for an exorbitant price. Jasper wants something around $4,500 for a brand new motor. No thank you. Thats more than I paid for the vehicle. 76 gas card payment During the last week I ended up staring at this air compressor motor at my shop, its a large 440v 3 phase industrial AC motor. The casing is easily 13" across, and almost 2′ long. An eBay search yielded its clone for a meager $170. My thoughts were that, at 500 amps that motor would make more horsepower and far more torque than my v6. Could likely get away with 250-300 amps and save some money for the controller (netgain has a 360v, 1400 amp beast that can feed 700hp…for $4,500). o goshi technique I’m still in my research phase, and learning about how a home built EV gets put together. My goals are 1) Make my daily commute on a charge. 2) Do the speed limit at the very least. 3) Use an auto & T-case (likely a Chevrolet or ford driveline) 4) Document the build so that it can be replicated for the next guy.