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There have been reports of attempted burglaries of seniors homes. In order to gain access to the houses, teams of men pose as utility workers. These men usually work in teams of two or three. electricity facts ks2 Once inside, one will distract the resident while the other(s) goes around the house looking for items to steal. If someone comes to your door saying they are from a city department or utility company, always ask for identification. If they refuse to show it, close your door and call 911 immediately. Try to provide a detailed description of the people, including a description of their car. If they do show you identification, but you still do not feel comfortable letting these people inside, call 911 as well.

-Never provide social security or personal information to anyone initiating contact with you claiming to be a utility representative or requesting you to send money to another person or entity other than your local utility providers. -Always ask to see a company photo ID before allowing any utility worker into your home or business. -Employees should not be wearing clothing with old or defaced company logos. If you have any doubts, ask to see a company photo ID. -Never make payment for services to anyone coming to the door. -Call your utility about the possible scam

Corporate Scam Alert— A firm called Corporate Records Service is contacting Illinois businesses in an attempt to collect a $125 fee to fill out a corporation’s “Annual Minutes Records Form.” The Illinois Business Corporation Act does not require corporations to file a “Minutes Records Form” or pay such a fee with the state or any private entity. Please contact the Illinois Attorney General’s Office Consumer Fraud Division at 800-243-0618 to file a complaint regarding this scam solicitation.

The Internal Revenue Service today issued an alert to payroll and human resources professionals to beware of an emerging phishing email scheme that purports to be from company executives and requests personal information on employees. gas meter car The IRS has learned this scheme already has claimed several victims as payroll and human resources offices mistakenly email payroll data including Forms W-2 that contain Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information to cybercriminals posing as company executives. If your CEO appears to be emailing you for a list of company employees, check it out before you respond. Everyone has a responsibility to remain diligent about confirming the identity of people requesting personal information about employees.

BACP urges consumers to file a complaint when defrauded or scammed. Begin: File your complaint online at, by calling 311 (outside Chicago: 312.744.5000) or by texting 311311. Action: Depending on your complaint type, our department or another City department will follow-up by requesting additional information. Cite: With the info you provide, the department may issue citations against the individual or company. Protect: We track the number and pattern of complaints to ensure a fair marketplace for all consumers.

Many consumers in Northern Illinois are reporting that they are receiving automated messages stating that their MasterCard has been compromised. electricity outage sacramento The consumer is instructed to call and verify their information in order to get a new card. The Better Business Bureau warns that if an automated system calls asking for credit card information it is probably a scam. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is offering tips on what consumers need to know to protect themselves. If you should receive one of these calls you should: Not return a call from a pre-recorded message. If speaking to a live "operator" ask for his/or her name, department and extension. Then hang up call the number on the back of your card and ask for that person. Never provide personal or financial information to someone you do not know. Feel free to just hang-up. Using the number on the back of your card or on your statement call the credit card company that issued your card if you have security questions or concerns.

ComEd warns of individuals calling ComEd customers and falsely claiming their service will be disconnected unless payment is made. ComED will never call you to ask you for cash or request that you purchase a prepaid credit card to make a payment on your bill. If you have concerns about the status of your account, please call ComEd Customer Service at 800-334-7661. Visit to learn more.

The IRS is continuing to warning to taxpayers not to be fooled by impostors posing as tax agency representatives. us electricity supply voltage These callers may demand money or may say you have a refund due and try to trick you into sharing private information. These con artists can sound convincing when they call. They may know a lot about you, and they usually alter the caller ID to make it look like the IRS is calling. They use fake names and bogus IRS identification badge numbers. If you don’t answer, they often leave an "urgent" callback request. If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and asking for money, here’s what you should do: If you know you owe taxes or think you might owe, call the IRS at 800-829-1040. The IRS workers can help you with a payment issue. c gastritis im antrum If you know you don’t owe taxes or have no reason to believe that you do, report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or at If you’ve been targeted by this scam, also contact the Federal Trade Commission and use their "FTC Complaint Assistant" at Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your complaint. Remember, too, the IRS does not use email, text messages or any social media to discuss your personal tax issue. For more information on reporting tax scams, go to

To help consumers stay safe, BACP has launched a campaign to ensure consumers know their rights when it comes to credit and avoid becoming victims of fraud. "The City of Chicago protects consumers from fraud by resolving complaints and taking action against fraudulent businesses," said Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. "We also take a proactive approach by promoting consumer awareness through educational campaigns to help people protect themselves."