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This description of kenophobia explains that “filling voids gives the phobic personality the feeling that they are placing boundaries around themselves. hair electricity dance moms For them, an open space can mean emptiness and being alone, and this phobia is closely associated with the fear of solitude. Sufferers would stay in the small cramped room and not leave their own residence.”

I think Advent (as a liturgical season) is one of our favorites because it most closely matches our actual day-to-day experience. We are, in a sense, living in an extended Advent at this point in God’s story. We are waiting for restoration, for all to be made new, for Jesus to come again. gas questions And oh do we know it. We feel it. We long for it. electricity song omd And God in His mercy lets us feel this longing, and sometimes emptiness, because He wants us to hope. If He didn’t allow those things, then we would become full like those Isaiah describes in chapter 2, vs 6-8 of our reading today. Full of superstitions, full of silver and gold and treasures, full of chariots and horses, “full of idols.” When we cling to this kind of fullness, we become like the kenophobic — cooped up in their cramped, overstuffed room, afraid to leave their home. Prizing their “safety” and denying the beautiful wide world that awaits them outside of it.

It is a risk to admit that what we’ve filled our lives with doesn’t actually fill us. That the things we’ve strived for and packed into our houses and our souls to keep us safe aren’t doing any such thing at all. electricity wikipedia simple english We are empty vessels needing to be filled, but not by more money, or more competence, or more time, or a romantic relationship, or a better job, or even the right spiritual disciplines… but by the Spirit Himself. Emptiness might feel at first like loss, but it is the path to freedom and glory. It isn’t loss, it is victory and life. electricity lesson plans 8th grade What God offers us, what He fills us with, is so much greater. God says in Psalm 81, “ I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. electricity vs magnetism venn diagram Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” This asks us to take a risk, to “open wide your mouth,” but it is also a promise. “I will.” And it is a promise that has a firm foundation in God’s character and in what He has already done, in bringing us up out of Egypt, and out of the bondage of sin and death. Look at Isaiah chapter 2 again: “The mountain of the LORD’s temple WILL be established…All nations WILL stream to it… He WILL teach us His ways.” Even now we open our hands and our mouths wide at the table of the Lord each week, tasting over and over the love of God in Christ, and He holds nothing back from us. This is the feast that will never grow stale or old, and we will only taste it more fully when all is made right and all is made new and heaven and earth are reunited forever.

Sometimes I am afraid to open my mouth and my hands. gas density at stp Afraid of disappointment. Afraid that it is too good to be true. But Christ beckons us to come, and He offers us Himself. As certain as the sun rises each day, as certain as a child who waits and watches in eager anticipation, knowing that Christmas will come again this year, He is coming and is with us even now.