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We spent 4 nights in the Pointe Wolfe Campground at Fundy National Park and 3 days exploring its beautiful hiking trails. We ended up switching campsites after our first 2 nights in the park because the one we started out at was a 5 minute walk from any kind of washroom. We were wondering why there were port-a-potties outside the permanent washrooms instead of in between them, which would have made washrooms closer for more people! We were also surprised to find that we had to pay the day use fee for the park in addition to our camping fees. Anyway, after moving to a site with a little more privacy and closer to a washroom, we were basically happy electricity per kwh with where we were staying. I have to say, though, that the campsites were very close together with little privacy and some of them were just gravel, out in the sun with no shade — it looked like a parking lot! So glad I didn’t have to sleep in a tent on that. Exploring the park was a wonderful experience. We hiked 5 trails over 3 days. Dickson Falls was a beautiful and fairly easy trail that was mostly along a very well maintained boardwalk, through forest and past a waterfall. Laverty Falls was gorgeous as well. There were 4 waterfalls to be seen when this trail was combined with the Moosehorn Trail to form a 7.3km loop. Fair warning on this one though, you should probably start with the Moosehorn trail if you’re going to do the loop as doing it the other way involves a very steep uphill at the end of your hike! The Coppermine trail gave us some stunning coastal views and some more time in the gorgeous verdant forests. Mathew’s Head trail was also quite lovely and afforded some beautiful coastal views. The trails were all very well maintained and a joy to hike. We loved the red Parks Canada chairs that had been placed at scenic spots! There were wild blueberries along several of the trails and these were a welcome treat as we walked along. The staff at the electricity omd park and at the visitor centre were friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend visiting this park if you’re in the area.

Fundy National Park is a vast, natural park with much to do and see. We went to the visitor center on the first day to get information and gas vs electric oven temperature to get a “lay of the land”. I would recommend this to all visitors. The staff there are very knowledgeable and there is wifi to get connected, if you feel so inclined. There are several campgrounds at the park and we were camped at Point Wolfe Campground, which is the most remote of the lot. You have to drive about 7km to get to the main gate where the visitor center and saltwater pool are. At Point Wolfe Campground, sites 147-124 seem to have been just added or perhaps refurbished and are appropriate for trailers and RVs with water and electricity. There didn’t seem to be any real huge ‘big rigs’, probably as the covered bridge at the entrance of the campground prevents access to them. We had previously selected site 136 as it was the only RV site available for the four nights that we were visiting. The site was flat enough, on newly spread white gravel, however, we did need to lay down one layer of levellers to get perfectly level. The sites are quite close together, but perhaps due to the absence of the monster rigs, you never feel on top of one another. The shower building is fairly new and the boys’ showers were nice and clean while the females in our family reported a lack of cleanliness in the girls’ showers. It is convenient that there are trash receptacles everywhere and they emptied regularly. The campground is very quiet. We often play our radio at the trailer and we were conscious that ours was the only one, so we kept it low. At night there was just quiet talking at campfires and the odd dog bark. There was no partying at all. The firewood sold at the camp gate cost $6.80, but it is a solid bagful and is very, very dry. It splits nicely and burns very well. Fundy has activities for every type of outdoorsy person and at many levels. There is hiking from simple trails walk to some heavy-duty climbs. There is biking, although some of the trails were closed for maintenance. There are incredible views of the Bay of Fundy and gas tracker it’s famous tides. We enjoyed the heated saltwater pool. We used Fundy as a home base to sally out on day trips to Cape Enrage, Alma, and the Hopewell Rocks. Warning! Do not let your gas tank get low! The nearby towns of Alma and Albert have only one gas station each and they both ran out of gas for several days while we were there! As for the downside of Fundy, there are presently renovations going on, so be aware that features might be closed or limited. The Goose River Trail was closed to bikes for maintenance and the Point Wolf dump station was out of service. During our last day at Fundy, there was a problem with the water supply at Point Wolfe. Although one public faucet continued to work, all the site faucets and one of the two bathrooms/showers were not functional. The remaining washroom was quickly overwhelmed and was pretty disgusting. The bad part was that the staff didn’t communicate to the campers very well as to what was going on or when the water might be turned back on, however the good gas stoichiometry problems part was that they refunded us a night for our trouble.

Stayed for 3 nights and it was not enough!!! There’s so many things to do, feel, touch… Explore! There’s not a lot of bugs either. And there’s plenty of park rangers to help you. Try the swimming pool. You can stay for more than a week and still not see everything. There’s so many beautiful trails and some that you just want to keep going back. The night sky is gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to hike at night and star gaze. Bring lots of fruits and vegetables if you can because it’s hard power outage houston report to get fresh produce. The city of Alma only has the basics. Also, if you’re going for restaurant, go to Alma lobster shop. Colin Lobster Shop is good too but the restaurant closer is not the best. Explore a bit more to find the gem! There’s only one gas station and at one point they ran out of gas. There are 2 general stores , and they also ran out of supplies at times like ice. I guess that’s part of the appeal of being far far far away! Eat lobster under the stars! Don’t worry about black bears like I did because on a busy summer. There’s always someone passing by… Cheers!